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Arrogante by CsBroncoTdf 4 years ago

really solid smiley
Your Life Is Insignificant by ZipZipper 5 years ago
no comment. smiley
Hit Tha Flo by savedinstl 5 years ago

nose knows knees
Jack_O_Bantor by inyourfaceinterface 5 years ago
I can kick in a vox sample if you wanna msg me your email. smiley
Gold by DB3Beats 5 years ago
your early stages sound as good as any commercial music to my ears. I see it just drops at the end, but who cares. stay cool.
InShe#1 by naboo 5 years ago
kinda quiet but it sounds good from what I can hear. smiley
Bounce Back by jmoo711 5 years ago
pretty chill
What If You Knew (open collab) by grathy 5 years ago
That pic is a touch 'explicit', no? eyes!..haha. Cool piece w/ great lyrics and the mix works over here. yeah! smiley
Gallant Gecko's Fugue by ZipZipper 5 years ago
You must be saving money on your car insurance...
Remember the name by TDCRevolution 6 years ago

I like loud and bright, but I'd tone this one down a little bit. smiley
oven baked by UvsU 6 years ago
weird and
On The Radio Ft WIZDOM OPEN SPOT for Colab by JazenBlunts 6 years ago

check your msgs..heh
Be My Little Baby by RubyDubidoux 6 years ago
neat. smiley
A Different Link by Prototype81 6 years ago
cool...well, if you want, I can bring the volume up like it's easy..already done. This shhh is off the hizplace when it's bumped loud bro. l8
A Different Link by Prototype81 6 years ago

your inner producer isn't taking enough risks, imo. I think you can make it a little louder and brighter. much enjoyed anyway...pretty tight devilry (lol) and flow.
When Mario Lags by DJ_Siatt 6 years ago
In Super Mario 3, when it lags you know there's enough enemies on screen to get a 1up if you kill them all without touching the ground, so I found the lag useful. And this song is neat but it could be longer.
White Christmas by Shadownight5150 6 years ago
pretty neat - I enjoyed it. smiley
Beast-D by Beast_D 6 years ago


You should get a Rockband mic at least - they're like $15 at just about any game shop.
REIGN OF FIYAH use earphones for optimal listening by waipahi 6 years ago
pretty good groove but I could swear I've heard this before...and I have! found it. I like the bigger bass on the other version but this one is ok and more complete overall.
Thuggin Wombat and Saucy Bobcat by Saucecat 6 years ago
URBAN KID by moffFROMyork 6 years ago
personal taste but I wanna hear the beat come in a lot sooner, otherwise it's great.
TK beat. by TomKendall 6 years ago

Happy Birthday JL 23/7/11 by randolf 6 years ago
Count me late too. Happy 90th! lol
Ms. Pacman by 43i 6 years ago


funny stuff and nicely done.
we on another level like by Lapskin 6 years ago
loud. ouch.
A Reason to Be [Demo take 3] by DJ_Siatt 6 years ago
I still like the first version better.
Serpressing Fire Freestyle by mistahfire 6 years ago
".mp3" is a file extension. File extensions are the most common way to differentiate between types of files. If your songs are mp3s then they should have ".mp3" on the end of the file name...they should never end with "."

I'd love to give this a listen but without the file extension my computer won't play it. take it easy
Keif Flow Rough Draft by IcePack 6 years ago
I think you're onto something...good beat and good rap content. Could be longer.
A Reason To Be [Demo. Take 2] by DJ_Siatt 6 years ago
The music is nice but the rap just isn't doin' it for me, sorry, I actually liked the first version better where I could only make out every other word.
Serpressing Fire Freestyle by mistahfire 6 years ago
You need to add the file extension. My system doesn't know what to do with a "." file.
Big Drum in the Sky by AngeloA 6 years ago

Song's got lots of good stuff goin' on....diggin' this...ooh, the end is fantastic. Well done.
Da Club (Beat) by TANNABEATZ 6 years ago
5 sunk my battleship.

"For all my people hookin' up, for my people hookin' up, for all my people hookin' up, for my people, hold my people"
Cali4nia Love by Digital 6 years ago

I'm feelin' it, for sure...nice.
A Reason To Be (demo) by DJ_Siatt 6 years ago
What he said.
Betta Than by Digital 6 years ago

If he does re-record it'll be interesting to hear the difference. That's a tough rap for sure. Well done!

I couldn't come up w/ a good verse so I spit the same as Ganj did, as best I could figure w/o lyrics, so if you wanna hear it shoot me a msg w/ your email, or I can upload it here if you're cool w/ that. The results are similar to my most recent upload..maybe a little rougher since that end part is just crazy-hard and I didn't spend that much time on it since it was for fun. late...and again, well done!
Pencil Test by Digital 6 years ago

Well, accordion to me, this is just excellent.
michigan to texas micpass part #2 chopped & screwed by mistahfire 6 years ago
The file is missing the extension so I couldn't listen to it here. It shows a useless black rectangle instead of the normal quicktime player. I had to download it and add the extension so I could give a listen.
Lady Gaga Fugue Revised by MelodySheppard 6 years ago
There is a little right coming through but it's so faint you really have to strain to hear it. Neat otherwise.
Tonight Im Lovin U (Tribute Remix) by DocSun 6 years ago
Ludacris is a good rapper but I wasn't expecting to hear a commercial artist. Interesting.
Hatred - (Label: ZSSounds) by DocSun 6 years ago

pretty cool. It'd be cooler if you posted the lyrics since I find some parts hard to understand. I think maybe the rap vox could use more bass/depth but I've heard (/done) worse. smiley
Money instrumental by YungBlazeda1 6 years ago
lookin forward to the version w/ lyrics, for sure.
The Oneironaut by IcePack 6 years ago
sounds like game music in a a good way.
Caption Song Writing Entries and Winner by RubyDubidoux 6 years ago what if I gave her a goat!
A locket, your benz, a turntable by URANIUM 6 years ago

pineapple hamster switch
Dead Cold Space by The_Gryson_Orchestra 6 years ago
I love the noise..haha....slick.
Dear Jetlag: Traveller (Open for Collaboration) by olympus 6 years ago
thanks smiley
Dear Jetlag: by olympus 6 years ago
I'm liking this a lot! I added a couple jet sounds and a little vox if I share?..shoot me a message. late
Zelda's Lullaby by Shadownight5150 6 years ago
I'm not a zelda fan but I enjoyed this anyway...pretty cool!
Yesterday (Live cover) by IbanezDude321 6 years ago
I was just thinking about Yesterday, well, yesterday! Good job! smiley
Love Torn (Unfinished-Rap Artist Needed) by Geechi3 6 years ago
I'd add "Reluctant to love anymore" after "But I still see you behind my eyes"....needs more of you. smiley
The Ultimate Censor by nickbeast 6 years ago

Definitely not feeling the stock base line just past the mid-point. Could be louder and hit harder overall. Content and delivery is good but some of your "P" words have too much pop.

Enjoyed several times anyway. smiley