My name is Chad Atkins, but most of you probably already know me by the name of Sky Sentinel. It was under that name that I programmed, mixed, and released a song called "Belfast." As I listened to the track during mixing and finalizing, I realized that this is too far of a departure to be anything close to Sentinel. So I created this new project to capture that sound style. Welcome to the world of Luxeon.

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Goodbye Oceansound July 14, 2010
Yes. This is no joke.
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The Future of Oceansound July 11, 2010
See title.
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7-8-10 July 8, 2010
Updates on TCD and info on the remixes!
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7-4-10 July 4, 2010
Progress update!
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6-30-10 June 30, 2010
The 3rd album!
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Belfast Dance Jun 18, 2011 539


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Io FourOFour Electronica 1226
Wave Supersynth Electronica 518