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I've been writing since I first picked up a guitar at the age of 27 and have been playing catch up ever since. I am really into the art and craft of songwriting and really appreciate constructive feedback on lyrics, melody, hooks, structure, imagery- anything! Tips on recording, production and technical stuff also really appreciated.

I also really enjoy listening critically and am happy to offer my opinion if you want it (and sometimes even if you don't). It helps me in my quest to write a great song to be able to critique others work, as then I often realise what my own work is missing or is strong in... It feels risky to comment on other people's creations sometimes, but my experience is that people really appreciate it.

Current Location: Lake District UK

CADM179 Mic
Lowden S7C
Fender Corrs Special Acoustic
Paracoustic DI Box
Tascam 144mk2 Interface

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Watch for me on the mountain Folk Oct 4, 2014 689
All The Leaves Have Fallen Country Mar 13, 2014 373
A Midsummer Night's Dream Folk Apr 5, 2011 855
I Wish I Could Know Folk Apr 3, 2011 599
Born in the summer of love (work tape) Explicit Rock Apr 1, 2011 425
Seven Years Older Country Mar 30, 2011 593
Make this moment last Rock Mar 9, 2011 607
Sunrise over Sea (dead animal trilogy) Folk Feb 28, 2011 655
Say 'I do' Folk Feb 7, 2011 630
London Cabbie Cowboy Country Dec 24, 2010 1015
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Pop Apr 10, 2009 4728
Neverland Folk Apr 9, 2009 768
A Woman Like You Folk Jan 3, 2009 1065
Take this thorn from my side Pop Aug 21, 2008 679
Into the heart of love Folk Aug 17, 2008 997
The Girl from Verona Folk Aug 15, 2008 860
Lost in the moment Surf Apr 26, 2006 1427