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Monster High Blues by easyesteemer 4 years ago
Sounds like you're getting her off on the right foot!
Onward to Dandi (RTH) by becwil 4 years ago
Very deep and textured (as usual). Impressive use of the percussion. I love the melodies and countermelodies.
Summer Storm (Final MASTER) by georgeptingley 4 years ago
It's really good, George. Sounds like something for a film soundtrack. Is that what you had in mind?
Saturday Night (it's not really me) by JHarley 5 years ago
Kinda nice. If you squeeze your voice a bit more, you'd almost sound like John Lennon! smiley
My Funny Valentine (live) by georgeptingley 6 years ago
Thumbs up, George!
Conversational Ragtime: Missouri Rag arranged for string quartet + by georgeptingley 6 years ago
Hi, George. You did this on your keyboard? Very nice. smiley MB
Happiness (AET) by becwil 6 years ago
I really like this. When I was in high school back in the mid '70s I used to sit alone late at night in my bedroom listening to records I got from the library. This may sound strange, but this reminds me of the time I first heard Kraftwerk. smiley
Chopin on the Bechstein 280 by georgeptingley 6 years ago
Funny how some hear a large room. I hear a room in a house with a hardwood floor. Thanks for sharing, George. smiley

Faller by brnPetra 7 years ago
Sweet and soothing.
TOP LINER RAG on the Steingraeber by georgeptingley 7 years ago
I like this piano sample, George. A little tin-pan, but not too much. I have always thought rags sounded best on an upright. A horizontal grand it just a tad grandiose for ragtime. Great rag and great playing, BTW.

The Girl from Ipanema by georgeptingley 8 years ago
I absolutely love Brazilian music. When I want to chill out, I put on my "Brazil, Baby!" radio channel and enter another world. This version swings, George!

Desert Sunrise by georgeptingley 8 years ago
Rapture Orchestra, huh? A very old school synth sound to me. Nice improv, George.

KUMBAYA (for solo cello) by georgeptingley 8 years ago
Very rich and deep. It drips with sweetness, satisfaction, and most of all, peace. Thanks for sharing. smiley
Follow My Sorrow Home by georgeptingley 8 years ago
Very smooth, George. smiley
Arietta (from Dreamscapes, Book 2) by georgeptingley 8 years ago
Got to love an Alberti bass! I like it, George. smiley
Out There! by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Sweet, George, sweet!

Ambient 101 by georgeptingley 9 years ago
I agree with dirigent, I can hear a little Peer Gynt there too. A very nice experiment, George.

Turnaround by texasfl0od 9 years ago
Yeah, that guitar is pretty funky. I like it!

Star of the County Down by georgeptingley 9 years ago
It has a very authentic feel to it. I like it.

Minuet in G major (11309) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Nice, George. It makes me feel like should wear a frilly shirt with a powdered wig. BTW, I never knew that this was mistakenly credited to J.S. Bach. Thanks for enlightening me.

"Sweet Thoughts Of You" Solo Piano by JodyGrenier 9 years ago
Very nice. I love improvisations. smiley
Ruv Roo by imasnucka 9 years ago
You play a mean mandolin, Luc! Thanks for sharing.
On The Radio by imasnucka 9 years ago
I hope your brother likes it. I do!
Windmill on Steinway B by georgeptingley 9 years ago
You composed this, George? Very enjoyable. smiley
ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE SOUL by savedinstl 9 years ago
I like the way the lyrics flow with your melody. Thanks for sharing.

DANNY BOY by JodyGrenier 9 years ago
So sweet. In my book Danny Boy is tied for first place in the greatest song melodies of all time. The other two are Amazing Grace and Beethoven's Ode to Joy. This arrangement is very peaceful and sometimes soaring too. Very, very nice.

Someone To Watch Over Me ( Gershwin ) by JodyGrenier 9 years ago
Ah, the magic of the Gershwin brothers. Very nice effort. The vocals and piano work well together, however, the vocal is a little too forward in the mix for my tastes. I think it would work much better if you brought the piano up a bit more.
" Who Burned My Chile"? Piano Blues by JodyGrenier 9 years ago
Blues? Perhaps, but its mom and dad are boogie woogie. Very enjoyable. Thanks for posting.

Forever by brnPetra 9 years ago
Sweet, but with subtle edge. Beautiful.

What is a Youth by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Wonderful, as usual, George. Thanks for sharing.
You Don't Know Me (cover) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing, George. Very tender performance and arrangement. I also really like the ambiance of this recording. It sounds very intimate and really enhances the mood of the song.
Divinity by LiquorBox 9 years ago
The vocal at the beginning sounds like Scott H. Biram. Is it?
Its About Time by nlsn 9 years ago
I really like the vibe of this song. Your voice sounds great too, as does the arrangement. Loops? Where are the loops? I can't even tell!

What is a Youth by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Simply beautiful, George. It's probably just me, but in my mind I somehow hear an phantom oboe or english horn in the arrangment too. smiley
Wayward Son (Kansas cover) by ochrestomanci 9 years ago
Very sweet. I'm sure Kerry Livgren would like it. Thanks for sharing.

Telemann's ARIA 6 (Tempo di Minuet) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
George! That pennywhistle is just sublime! You are full of surprises. I assume you played it with your keyboard, right? Or did you really play a real pennywhistle.

Now, if I could just get you play some Schumann. smiley

No More Blue Skies (Rainy Sunday Afternoon Mix) by JanaSaisQuoi 9 years ago

You caught me by surprise. I really like this! Some of the best stuff I've heard on iComp.

Stay With Me (Live) by MessengerBoy 9 years ago
Thanks for the comments everyone. If you like The Marquette Weekend, you might want to check out my other son's band too. They're called Northside's Sweet Revenge.

They've got a couple of YouTube videos embedded at their web site: My son is the lead singer and plays the Telecaster. smiley
The Infinite Campus Olympics by EvilFactman 9 years ago
I think this must be the Kraftwerk Olympics! Great job.

A Dump at the Dome by EvilFactman 9 years ago
Very evil, you fact man! LOL!

Like Music on the Waters... by padowan_learner 9 years ago
Ha! What could be better than 7/8? You really captured the essence of this meter. Reminds me of some stuff I've heard from the band, Iona. It's great as is, but at times it could use a soaring, silvery distorted guitar solo, but that's just me. I hope the St. Louis show went well and I'm sorry I wasn't able to drop by. Perhaps another time, yes?

Hospital Song by BrettChapman 9 years ago
Very nice. I really like the way you captured your guitar. It's the glue that holds it all together through the vocal recording changes and some of the supporting instrumentation. Good work. I hope your girlfriend is OK.

The Meaning to it all ( A love song to my guitar) by Lbarringer 9 years ago
Hey! I really do like the overall sound of this. It's very catchy and has some pleasant harmonic twists and turns. Very rootsy and pure Americana. It may sound strange, but the guitars really reminded me a lot of The Cranberries, but still your own. And the guitar solo reminded my of The Allman Brothers Band, but again, still your own. Thanks for uploading.

Joplin's Reflection Rag (1917) by georgeptingley 9 years ago

Very sweetly played, George. A fitting tribute to one the greatest, if not the greatest, of American composers. I think I like the E section the best, although the B section in a minor key is certainly interesting.
Joplin's WALL STREET RAG (1909) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Thanks, George! Is that commentary Scott Joplin's or yours? Hopefully this time we won't have a depression since the Federal Reserve isn't asleep at the wheel like it was in the '20s.

Holy Holy (For ddball) by MessengerBoy 9 years ago
rschletty, you're making me blush! I don't think I'm that great of guitarist, but thanks just the same. I guess we'll just chalk it up to over 30 years of playing.

You're bound to get one right once in awhile. smiley

Let Your Kingdom Reign by Blearyeyes 9 years ago
I don't know, Blearyeyes, that melody might not be too hard for a congregational song. Perhaps it's because I'm a musician, but sometimes I appreciate a more complicated melody than some of the stuff that passes for worship music these days, don't you? I could definitely see a song like this being done at my church.

I think it flows very well and makes sense both from a music and message standpoint. I also admire your arrangement and your technical recording skills. Perhaps one day, I can get to your level.

Thanks for sharing!

I Will Rest In You by Blearyeyes 9 years ago
Now this is pleasant surprise. I like this! Very well executed and performed. You have a very interesting voice, and that's a good thing.
HFH Mvmt 3: Knock Upon Your Door by rschletty 9 years ago
"Grace and truth in the eyes of the mute
Lift the gate, unlock the door,
throw the bolt, shine the light,
approach the approachable.

I tried, I prayed,
I sighed, I cried."

I love this passage from your lyrics, especially the last two lines. I think that's really all we need to do to find that love that is near, or as Mark Heard calls it, a "strong hand of love hidden in the shadows."

Very nice, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Rainbow Connection (cover) by Geechi3 9 years ago
One of my most favorite songs. I love to find covers of this song. I will add yours to my collection! I love how you sing this song. It's very sweet and very gentle. I think you believe in the Rainbow Connection, don't you? For some reason your voice here reminds me very much of Zooey Deschanel. (I hope you take that as a compliment, it's meant that way.)

Thanks for sharing. smiley

Holy, Holy by georgeptingley 9 years ago
I really like what you added George!

Believe it or not, before I uploaded my version, I was playing around with adding piano and a synth pad and it was actually very similar to what you've added. I'm glad you took the next step. Now, you've got me thinking about doing some more songs from this era. I'm gonna have to find my old book of lead sheets. Thanks!

Angel Convention by magnatone 9 years ago
Wonderfully wonderful! So perfect. So enchanting. Something about it just reaches out, grabs your attention, and then before you know it it grabs your heart and draws you in to something special. Thanks for sharing!

Goodbye Charlie by BossHook 9 years ago
Wow! Whatever Charlie did, I hope nobody ever does it again to you. I have to admit there are probably a couple of Charlies in my life. Great song, great vocals, and great production.

Utilityman by w1av 9 years ago
Sounds like a party's goin' on! I like your guitar licks. This is your strat? Very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

My Peaceful Place by easyesteemer 9 years ago
There is nothing wrong with being a bit of loner. I have that tendency myself.

Joplin's SEARCHLIGHT RAG (1907) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Hmmm. First let's talk about the rag itself. To me it's very competent, but it's not up to the level of what I consider his best work (e.g. Maple Leaf Rag, Easy Winners, Solace, Pine Apple Rag, Bethena, etc.). But saying a Scott Joplin rag is "competent" still puts it head and shoulders above his contemporaries, so anything by Joplin is worth getting played and heard, IMHO.

Of course, it goes without saying that your performance and playing are more than competent, George. Great work, as usual.

Joplin's ROSE LEAF RAG (1907) by georgeptingley 9 years ago
Great piece by Joplin. I'm not sure I've heard it before. I think your recording sounds very good. In my monitor speakers (Roland MA-8) it has a "just right" live sound that reminds me of a medium sized room with a hardwood floor and very little furniture -- kind of like the piano room at the Scott Joplin House in St. Louis. Is that what you were shooting for? Oh, and great playing and interpretation, by the way!

COMING BACK by Barretok 9 years ago
Are you channeling Bob Dylan by any chance? Very good, B. I think it's one of your best.

Furry Fury by padowan_learner 9 years ago
Very cool. I understand about how something sounds different played through different systems. I use an old pair of Roland MA-8 monitor speakers connected to my PowerBook. They aren't too expensive and it is a bit easier to mixdown using them instead of headphones. (I'm not sure whether Roland still sells these, but I'm sure the probably have something similar. If not, you could probably find some on eBay.)
It's Starbucks Time! by MessengerBoy 9 years ago
Hi tadk. I don't recall the loops that I used. This was done in Acid, but when my PC crashed I switched to a Mac and I don't have access to the native application any longer -- because Sony won't release a Mac version of Acid. Fortunately, I was able to save an MP3 of the song from a web site I used to have. I'm sure some of them came from a couple of loop CDs I have or downloaded from the internet, but it would take a long time to track them down -- even though I still have the hard drive from the crashed PC. The vocal "what time is it" comes from the old "Howdey Doodey" show from the '50s. You've probably heard that before.
My Peaceful Place by easyesteemer 9 years ago
Hi, EE. I just listened to this and I like it. It's very close to how I feel when I listen to it myself. I really like the idea of how your melody works with the chords. Very simple, just like the instrumentation. Thanks for taking the time to add to something I created. I'm humbled you felt touched enough to do so. (I apologize that it took me so long to listen to it.)

THE SEARCH by EvilFactman 10 years ago
I can relate. I know less and less every day, but I think we should just go ahead and let it show. Good job guys! smiley
Cataract Rag (1914) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Nice, George. Do you know if Horowitz ever played rags -- if so, my admiration of him would be even higher than it is now. smiley
Harlem Rag (1897) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Hmmm. Thanks for the education, George. I've never heard of Tom Turpin before. I guess if he raised his piano off the floor, he didn't use the sustain pedal. I'll have to pay more attention. This is a nice little rag. Excellent recording and performance. Thanks for sharing!
Dill Pickles Rag (1906) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
I think we need a "Ragtime" category. Sweet, as usual, George.
Lazy Afternoon (improv) by kassia 10 years ago
I love improvs! This one is a keeper, kassia!
St. Louis Tickle (1904) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
I would have absolutely loved to go to the St. Louis World's Fair. It had to be the best by far from what I've seen, with the possible exception of the New York World's Fair held in the '30s. I love to visit Forest Park and visit the area around the Art Museum and try to imagine what it was like in 1904.

Very nice, George!
Black and White Rag by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Now that *was* fun, George. If it weren't for you and iComp I would never have heard these little gems. Thanks!

P.S. I love the avatar you used for this. smiley
Reverie (piano and orchestra) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
George, very soothing. I disagree with the comment above about the flutes (sorry soulima!). For some reason I'm not sure about the ending. If it were me, I'd probably end it with a long swell and fade by the orchestra just after the little solo piano bit near the end starting on the last note of the piano. Everything after that seems to be unnecessary to me. Just my opinion, however. I like it!
Song for a Cowboy.. by brnPetra 10 years ago
Sweet, in the original sense of the word. smiley
Come To Me by TripFandango 10 years ago
An honest expression of faith. Good job! Thanks for sharing.

Satie's First Nocturne (1919) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
I think I need to listen to more Satie. I'm familiar, of course, with the Gymnopedies works but not much more than that. This nocturne is very intriguing. Strangely relaxing and disturbing at the same time. (Is that possible?)

A fine performance again, George. Thank you for sharing.


P.S. If you take requests, based on how you handled this Satie work, I'd kind of like to hear your interpretation of some Schumann. smiley
I'll Be Your Friend by MessengerBoy 10 years ago
Even I still listen to it every so often. I wish I made more time to work on songs.

Fhananova's Theme (Orchestral & Techno Versions) by padowan_learner 10 years ago
I admit I was a little startled at the difference in feel between the two versions. The first version was kind of pastoral and relaxing "background music." The second version, however, reaches out and grabs you by the collar and says, "Pay attention to me!" Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Swipsey Cake Walk (1900) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Great playing, as usual, George. Scott Joplin was brilliant and yet, he's still overlooked by the masses. [sigh]
What'll I Do (1924) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
I don't know the song, George, but you took me to a nice place. Thank you.
The Cascades (1904) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
BTW, if you want to see what the Cascades area looks like today, visit the following link to my blog. I took this photo a couple of years ago. The basin which the Cascades flowed into has been restored. The Cascades ran down from the top of the hill you see in the photo into the basin. This hill is now a very popular sledding slope when it snows.
The Easy Winners (1901) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Hooray! This is my favorite Joplin rag. I would prefer it at a tiny bit faster tempo, but this is kind of relaxing. Great job as always.
The Cascades (1904) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
George, I don't know if you live in the St. Louis area, but if you've never been to the Scott Joplin house it's worth the visit. The best part (when I went anyway) is that the tour guides are pianists and play one or two Joplin rags "the way the are supposed to be played." This means with lots of added improvisations and tempo changes. Very interesting. The man who played for us was very accomplished and great fun to listen to.

One sweet moment by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I understand. It's been almost 10 years since my Dad left us. "Wailing wind of Gabriel, blow soon upon these hollow bones." (Mark Heard)
Midnight Commuter Train by feenixx 10 years ago
Sounds like maybe you've listened to a lot of Kraftwerk! Oh, yeah! Very interesting.
CINDERELLA'S MURDER by Barretok 10 years ago
Is this a true story, B? smiley Your stuff is some of the most creative I hear anywhere. Thanks, man.

What->If? by AshleyBeanHead 10 years ago
Interesting! Nice production work, it sounds really good.
Minimalist Paradox by MessengerBoy 10 years ago
Thanks for the kind words everyone. smiley
Minimus Maximus by DjDetski 10 years ago
Nice. For some reason it sometimes reminds of Novus from the Mod/tracking era. Probably the siren.
Minimalist Paradox by MessengerBoy 10 years ago
Thanks, Jamo. I've always thought a hard-core rap would be kind of cool too. Unfortunately, I don't understand rap music.
Scaling the Mountain by SomethingGreen 10 years ago
This really has some potential. Very nice structure and changes. Are you open to a friendly suggestion? If not, I apologize, but I would suggest that you find some different drum loops. The bass drum and crash cymbal are just too busy for my taste and I think it distracts from what you're trying to create here. Just my opinion, however, so take it or leave it. smiley

P.S. Here's a little tip from a drummer. Whenever you crash a cymbal at the end of a drum fill, be sure to add a kick drum under it. That will make it sound more natural. When drummers hit a cymbal at the end of a fill, we almost always kick the bass drum along with it.
Waltz Again by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Sweet, in the original sense of the word. smiley Gives me an early 20th Century feel. I know it's not ragtime, but to me it has the same kind of feel that Marvin Hamlisch gave Scott Joplin's music in the film "The Sting." Yes, it would be nice to hear some "real" strings, but until then, we have our imaginations. Great work!
Believe In Me by Sweet_T 10 years ago
Great job and yeah, I can hear the "Hey Jude" homage too.
Every Cliché in the Book by padowan_learner 10 years ago
Very cute! I actually listened to the whole thing, and that's saying something for me. smiley
Walking Iris by guitar55 10 years ago
I agree with all the comments about your performance, but I really like the overall sound of the guitar you captured with your recording. Really very nice.
Misty (cover) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
One word. Sweet!
The New Jerusalem by FrankAxtell 10 years ago
Very nice. Under your hardware list you only listed your guitar gear. What else are you using?
Another Small Piano Piece by MiddleAgedWhiteGuy 10 years ago
Quite nice. Was it improvised?
starship trooper (cover Yes) by ScottCarmichael 10 years ago
One of my favorite Yes songs. Great job. I'm very impressed!
Let it go by pete 10 years ago
Very cool sound. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Ice Skating by MessengerBoy 10 years ago
Thanks, k6. I could have played it better -- the right hand was a little on the heavy side, but it was difficult to really get the feel of the midi keyboard controller I have. Someday I may try recording it with a real acoustic piano.
Yesus Messiah by messian_dread 10 years ago
Hey, I like this. Sometimes a reggae tune it just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for sharing.
I'VE BEEN DOWN (Mikee's Blues) by Barretok 10 years ago
There's nothing like a slow boogie-woogie! Very nice piano and good job on the vocals, B!

BTW, I know exactly how you feel, only I ain't got no family in florida. smiley smiley
She's Leaving Home (Beatles cover) by nadiestar 10 years ago
Very nice!