Mike Marino is an American composer and musician. From his film scores and music for media to his percussion ensemble compositions and arrangements, Mike’s musical works are premiering all over the world. In 2012 Mike co-composed the score to Guinness World Record holding film, The Owner, to which they earned a Jerry Goldsmith Award Finalist nomination at the Cordoba International Film Music Festival. In addition to his film and media composition projects, Mike also worked with 7-time WGI Percussion World Class ensemble INFINITY Percussion, serving as Battery Coordinator for three years and Ensemble Composer/Arranger for an additional three years.

As a professional musician Mike is well-versed in many forms of world, orchestral, electronic, and marching/rudimental percussion. Having served as a musician for The Walt Disney Company, SeaWorld Orlando, the Orlando Magic’s “Rhythm ‘N Blue” drumline, the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps, and many other ensembles, Mike is a proud endorser of Vic Firth Sticks & Mallets,, and Pageantry Arts Concepts. He is also a Dynasty Drums Performing Artist.

Mike currently resides in Orlando, Fl. with his wife and two children.

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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Starbrite (Pop EDM) Electronica Mar 9, 2018 159
Indigenous Perspectives (World Underscore) World Sep 23, 2017 319
Magnificence (Inspirational Guitar Underscore) Inspirational Aug 17, 2017 312
Slow Motion Barrel (Chill Post Rock) Ambient Jun 28, 2017 176
Between Happiness (post rock down tempo) Ambient Mar 23, 2017 354
Cloudless Skies (Post Indie Rock) Rock Mar 19, 2017 234
Changing Levels (Post Indie Rock) Rock Mar 19, 2017 252
Destiny Reigns (guitar underscore) Inspirational Dec 29, 2016 293
Miraculous Things (minimal guitar underscore) Ambient Nov 21, 2016 340
Changing Moments (guitar underscore) Ambient Oct 31, 2016 480
Arrival of Holiday Cheer (holiday orchestral) Holiday Oct 21, 2016 455
Desolate Road (guitar underscore) Ambient Oct 14, 2016 260
Illustrious Journey (guitar underscore) Ambient Oct 13, 2016 373
Momentum Unfolded (guitar underscore) Ambient Oct 12, 2016 304
Stars Point North (guitar underscore) Ambient Sep 16, 2016 358
Nebular Lights (guitar underscore) Ambient Sep 16, 2016 250
Orbital Exit (guitar underscore) Ambient Sep 16, 2016 254
Greener Pastures (orchestral underscore) Other Aug 24, 2016 265
Opportune Existence (atmospheric underscore) Ambient Aug 24, 2016 312
Hope is Found (atmospheric underscore) Ambient Jul 3, 2016 226
Dawn Arrives (atmospheric underscore) Ambient Jun 29, 2016 316
Bittersweet Beginnings (guitar underscore) Ambient Jun 8, 2016 377
Rasa (theatrical promotion music) Other May 23, 2016 578
Lost But Found (guitar underscore) Ambient May 21, 2016 402
Beautiful Splendor (guitar underscore) Ambient May 20, 2016 612