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Vassala by MrBajen 3 years ago
Thank for commenting Jeff! You are right about the end, I will do a new cut.
Requiem by MrBajen 3 years ago
In this case, pure improvisation.
The devil's isle by MrBajen 3 years ago
Danke schön jolo! En improvisation som kanske skulle må bra av lite putsning, men jag gillar när det är oputsat.
Kom till mig (Eng: Come to me) by MrBajen 3 years ago
Whohoo! Second time I make it to the top-ten-list in nine years of uploading! Thanks all for listening and commenting! smiley
Eleonore Rigby (Beatles) by MrBajen 4 years ago
Lol Leonore.

Actually he composed two different versions of the same opera. The "original" was in three acts and called Leonore. The re-work of the opera has two acts and is called Fidelio. smiley
Eleonore Rigby (Beatles) by MrBajen 4 years ago
Ha ha I'm sure they would. But as a Swedish composer I couldn't avoid throwing in a reference to something more than the actual song being covered. In this case I sneaked in some Beethoven. From his one and only opera. Which is called...
Nisse by MrBajen 5 years ago
Ha ha, yes odd would be an accurate description. Thank you Bec! I got it the first time. And I like your style too. Unfortunately the text is partly a word game in Swedish, so a translation is almost impossible to do if you want to keep the double meanings of some words. But perhaps Jolo can do a translation...? smiley

Have a peaceful holiday Bec!
Nisse by MrBajen 5 years ago
Mange tack!
Sax 6 sex (that). by UvsU 5 years ago
xmas back log by UvsU 5 years ago
Stupidity has nothing to do with it. Either you like it or you don't. This clearly has a major/minor tonality which automatically gives it a harmony. I love it! I would love it even more if it DIDN'T have a harmony.
thi(s) five by UvsU 5 years ago
Great! Reminds me a bit of "Things we like" with Jack Bruce.
Who by MrBajen 5 years ago
Thanks Bec! I'll put words to it, record my raspy voice and eventually upload it here. I love "unique flavor of slightly twisted"!
Blues for a hip king by MrBajen 5 years ago
I've been working as a freelance composer since 1999. I'm not famous. I'm not even rich. And of course I've had both ups and downs in my carrer. But every time the future seem uncertain I always come back to this line of comments. It really fills me with love and some sort of strength. And even though the last comment was made 1 year ago I want to thank you all for leaving a mark! I don't know if anone of you will ever read this, but Thanx a lot!! And keep up your positivism!
Put a peephole in my brain by MrBajen 5 years ago
Wow! After a comment-free-period of 4 years I get 3 new comments in one single day! Thanks a lot!
Why should I fall (Absence) by MrBajen 5 years ago
Yes, the ending is a bit surprising if you don't get the whole picture. The siren marks the end of one scene and the beginning of the next. It would make more sense if you could hear the whole opera.

Thanks for commenting. I know this is strange music in most peoples ears. My next upload might perhaps be a strange cover instead... smiley
Ants by becwil 5 years ago
Great video of a great team work!
Great! A personal approach to... hmm... how many styles? Like it a lot.
Scrambled Sirens by MrBajen 6 years ago
MY MAN! I had completely forgotten! Great! I say thanx and apologies in the same sentence!!
Blue by MrBajen 7 years ago
I have received quite a few reviews as a composer earlier, but none has ever included the word "yummy". I love it! Thx bec!

And as usual, there is a quote inbedded in the song somewhere. Anyone?
Blue by MrBajen 7 years ago
But it's not too short. It's in the nature of the song to leave everyone a bit dis-satisfied. smiley

Seriously, I'm doing a collection of short acoustic pieces called "Small talks" where every song is like a short comment on some topic, like snap-shots or postcards. BLUE is one of those snap-shots.
Patan's partytrick by MrBajen 8 years ago
Thank you guys! He he he...
Blue-live by MrBajen 8 years ago
Thanks all! I will let you know when it's ready, but I will not sell it to you. Drop me a line when it's time and I'll give it away for free. I suppose it will take another 2 weeks or so since I'm presently working on one of my favorite tunes... I'm arranging COVER ME for string quartet and voice to be performed in Jolo's hometown Nov. 16.

...to remember the still unseen days by MrBajen 9 years ago
I thank you all!

And yes, to hear this piece as a digital copy sitting inside my apartment is faaar from the experience I had in Capri. The chapel, placed on one of the highest spots of Capri, was over crowded so I had to stand outside for the whole concert. Wether one likes it or not, you just have to implement the surroundings; the distant Italian voices passing by whispering-like, the hundreds (or thousands, what do I know?) of crickets making the sounds crickets tend to make (parts of the concert was totally drowned by their sounds), overlooking the town from high above, a completely starry night, the huge garden (more like a park) in which the chapel was situated (it was a private chapel - no graveyard attached), the heat (like 30 degrees C)...

To me it wasn't film-like. It was more like an everything-is-connected-experience. If I was religious perhaps I would call it a religious experience, but since I'm not I just say call it pretty cool.
Blue (demo 1) by MrBajen 10 years ago
It's finished but not recorded. The instrumentation is:
- guitar
- accordeon (thanks for the idea Dylan)
- marimba
- upright bass
and a trumpet solo.
No drums!

Thanks for asking! It'll be up before the summer (which means in july, perhaps).
Fluctuations by MrBajen 10 years ago
Water it is! Correctomundo!
Thanks for your comments, it's been a while since the last one.
And ciheins, I'm not sure what c.o. is, but feel free to use this piece!
Blue (demo 1) by MrBajen 10 years ago
Thanks folks!
Hmm, I have to do something about the predictable...
I'm thinking distorted vibraphone...
Blues for a hip king by MrBajen 10 years ago
I've made it to the weekly-top-songs-list!
Yeah, finally - after almost 3 years of uploading!

iComp is truly a good place-
Blues for a hip king by MrBajen 10 years ago
Thank you! This will be the final version it seems. I just need to fix some squeks in the clarinet...

becwil: Yes, I did listen to your wish. I spoke the last lines of the lyrics where I wanted them to be sung and then tried to sing them in about 500 different ways. None worked, so when I finally decided to drop them I realized that I kinda liked them being spoken and left it as it was.

Thanks again everyone for taking time to leave comments!
MrBajen's blues (demo2) by MrBajen 10 years ago
Thanks everyone for comments! A final (?) version of this tune can now be found here.

PS. Nope, it's not The long and winding road...
MrBajen's blues (demo2) by MrBajen 11 years ago
Thanks Matt! Love you to.

A little contest: What Beatles' tune is quoted in the string section?
(Yes, I love doing covers and steeling quotes).

The winner will be offered to do a marimba solo as an intro...
You Save Me (Jennie Stearns cover) by Dyl 11 years ago
Yeah, very well done! Can't be more constructive than that. I'd like to download...

Also thanks for letting iComp know about Jennie Stearn! A great artist.
Fluctuations by MrBajen 11 years ago
MrBajen's blues (demo2) by MrBajen 11 years ago
Thanks! The volume issues will be solved when doing the final mix and I will immediately change the labeling to Blues (I've never composed a blues before and didn't think of this tune as one either - despite the title). But I haven't planned on adding any more lyrics. becwil, can you develop your hopes?

My main concern is that I think the strings doesn't fit with the rest. Perhaps I should drop'em?
Cover me (demo) by MrBajen 11 years ago
Thanks folks! I will post an update in a few weeks with an additional double bass, an up-right bass, an accoustic bass or wathever it is you call a kontrabas. Then perhaps a pedal steel...
Alfa Romeo Heartbeat by AnangaRanga 11 years ago
Very nice! I'm not into motors at all, I much more prefer this kind of stuff. This is you-never-know-what-will-happen-kind-of-music which is the kind of music I prefer. Oh, and incidentally I don't have a car, but my girlfriend drives a Huyndai...

PS. Do you know what we used to say as children about what the letters SAAB really stands for?
BLUE WINDOW (5min.song post) by Barretok 11 years ago
Oh man, this is a great 5 minutes blues!
Lost by nadiestar 11 years ago
I agree with etgilles - this is bloody great! I also agree with jdwyer05 - this is in no need of a cello...
Can't Cry Anymore by nadiestar 11 years ago
Oh yes, I wish I could express myself by singing the way you do...
Evil-ution by nadiestar 11 years ago
As everyone already has said! Interesting lyrics and very well sung. I'm glad to have found you.
Bsta vi gjort by jolofsson 11 years ago

Fan va bra! Texten ger mig nästan tårar. Melankoliskt, sentimentalt. "Pratsången" passar skitbra! Otroligt kul att hra. Strålande låt!

Damn - this tune gives me the shivers of delight!
Trotsky At The Cell Phone Shop by Dyl 11 years ago

This is great!
Sometimes it Rains (records playing backwards) by Matt Granz 11 years ago

Thanks man!
Caravan for a new time by AnnamariaHB 11 years ago

Yes, I agree with your description of Fortunato. One thing that I really appreciate with his music is that you NEVER know what will happen. Your vocals have added another dimension to that feeling, but I still get surprised when I listen to this version. Beautiful! I love it - and I miss Forti!
Doom Despair and Agony on Me by Matt Granz 11 years ago

Welcome back! I suppose you used headphones while recording this? Or perhaps we will see a Lo-Fi Queen in a decade or two?! Energy and humor is what makes this day so special. And your music! This will be another download from your podcast! Ride on, cowboy.
Beast Of Burden by etgilles 11 years ago

Nice is very nice! I like it a lot!
Dear Doctor (Stones) by MrBajen 11 years ago
Holy Macaroni! 60 listens in 14 hours! I'm astounded! Thanks people for your time and comments and talent!

iComp is truly a positive and creative environment. Love to you all!
Every Limb by Lord_Funkalot 11 years ago
This is a lot of music squeezed into 900 k. I hope you finnish it!
What's up, Bob by MrBajen 11 years ago
Oh Lord_ won't you buy me a Merzedes Benz...
The things we do by jolofsson 11 years ago

Oh yeah, you're a very talented music maker. The chorus has a slight resemblance to Paddy McAloon and his Prefab productions from the 80's. I like Paddy - keep it up!
Give it a go! (vx wanted) by MrBajen 12 years ago
He he, I have to check him out, accents or no accents. Hey, maybe I can have him to lay down some vocals...
Agony by jolofsson 12 years ago

Very well produced, I like the build up and agree with yohmar about the vocals (not the "surreal" though, I think this is very concrete and direct). I think you have a strong ear for production. This is great music. Very personal and extrovert in it's inwardness (is that correct english?).
Shapes of things (The Yardbirds) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you both for commenting on this one! And yes, I understand their choice (who wants to be saluted with lines like "Please, don't destroy these lands..." smiley, but I saw my chance to make a statement. However, in the end I went for the money... Now, there's a statement!

Personally I prefer this version.

Tackar för dina ord Mr. O! Jävligt upplyftande!
Allein by MrBajen 12 years ago
dstadther: actually I found the singel inside a LP-sleve of a record I haven't been playing since the mid '80ies...

jdwyer05: where do you keep your hard drive?

etgilles: I simply would love to have you as my house keeper!

JacobWasher: left behind and lonely, yes. But also a bit pissed off since it's been sharing sleve with Olivia Newton-John for 20 years

jolofsson: this was 10 years ahead of Bob Hund, but I would love it to be true that this was an inspiration for them...

For those of you unfamiliar with the Swedish rock group Bob Hund check this http://www.bobhund.com or the English version of the same band Bergman Rock at http://www.bergmanrock.com/.
20 Dwarfs by Lord_Funkalot 12 years ago

Återkommer då och då till den här låten, jäkligt schysst gitarrspel och stämning!
Joob! by Matt Granz 12 years ago

Damn, you're good!
King for a Day by Matt Granz 12 years ago

I like most of your stuff a lot! Keep riding, man!
What's up, Bob by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thanks all of you! You're all very kind and inspiring!
Mercedes Benz (J Joplin) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Funny, you're the first to mention the relationship between my guitar and Blind Faith. Of course there is no such thing as a coincident. I love mixing music in various ways. An even more obvious mixture can be found at http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=21086.

Thanks for comments!
What's up, Bob by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thanks a lot, my friends! I appreciate your supportive comments!

I wanted to find out whether I could compose a pop-tune of my own or not, instead of "stealing" the music from others smiley And perhaps, Johan, there will be more... But first I have a bunch of covers to post. He he.

Thanks both of you!
Slightly Unkempt Sylvia by Matt Granz 12 years ago
My second download in just a few days from you! Thanks! This reminds me of the time when punk was PUNK, when stuff like this was released as a singel with the same tune on the B-side but without vocals. Punk was never dangerous, it was (is) a brilliant mixure of popmelodies and great lyrics (ironic and/or angry) performed in a rather aggressive way. At least that's my definition. For some reason I thought of the Vibrators... I've said it before, but... Garage will never die! Ride on, compadre!
Yeah Yeah Yeah! by Matt Granz 12 years ago
I love this kind of old time rock'n'roll! I hear The Stooges, I hear MC5...
Garage will never die!
Ugly American by chuckesleeze 12 years ago

You're banging the biiig drum - I like that! Political, o'yeah, but where is the fun of it I wonder? A more aggressive (angry) vocal would make this an anthem of mine! Downloaded. Thank you!
purpleski hazeka by ponkey 12 years ago

Absolutely my kind of approach!
If I had Seventy-Six Trombones by Euphoria 12 years ago

YEAH MAN! I agree totally with Ponkey 13 comments above...
Fluctuations by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you Fortunato! It's an honour to be mentioned among those names!
Fluctuations by MrBajen 12 years ago
Visst, det är ok! Jag gillar dina kommentarer, de är lite mer informativa än de flesta andras... Och avsaknaden av stjärnor är bara befriande, det är trots allt ingen jävla tävling. Din koppling till det visuella kan jag förstå, men det är en miss att jag inte kunnat förmedla VAD jag vill visa. Jag ville försöka göra musik som beskriver vatten i olika former, och att man hör vattnet porla utan att först få ledtrådar. Hör man inte det har jag nog misslyckats, men eftersom det tog mig ett halvår att skriva så får det nog vara som det är smiley

Lite kortfattat så skriver jag noter direkt efter att först ha skissat upp musiken i ett slags schema. Ungefär som när en arkitekt först gör en plan över hur huset är konstruerat och därefter bygger det. Jag sitter ALDRIG vid pianot, har allt i skallen. Och till sist så håller jag inte riktigt med dig om "riktig" kompositör. I min värld så är alla som skriver musik en kompositör. Basta. Vad skulle annars motsatsen till "riktig" vara? Men tack igen för dina reflektioner! De är possitiva att höra!

I need a bath (or a drink) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thanks a lot!! I don't think I could compose smoth jazz even if I worked hard trying...
(I can't get no) Satisfaction (Stones) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you very much, Bob!
Well, I thank all of you for appreciative comments!
She's Down (on herself) by rhonie 12 years ago

This song spoke directly to me... drums or no drums... music is communication... an instant favorite!
Nature's Simplicity by etgilles 12 years ago

Very well done!
Find Me on the Back Roads by jobu 12 years ago

very nice to have made your acquaintance! This song works just as well as it is! A favorite and a download.
Chiquitita (ABBA) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Vad är det för fel på min nuna smiley
Tackar för kommentaren, bättre än ABBA smakar gott!
Mercedes Benz (J Joplin) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Yes, it's amazing! Production is bad but Life is good...
HIT THE STREETS by camiller18 12 years ago

Nice groove! I can hear influences from police movies from the 70's. A bit repetitive though. And mostly loops? Nicely put together! Into my favorites with this one.
mr.bungle by mort_en_vie 12 years ago

This was very nice! The voice sounded like a speaker from a game of soccer. That made me lika the song even more. Thank you!
Peace ain't a word (it's a state of mind) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Hi Didier,
This is my own piece. Fresh from the oven.
Peace ain't a word (it's a state of mind) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Yeah, you might be right about the bass drum. I'll take it under consideration. The off tempo though is actually the sampled hi-hat that for some reason sliped a little to the side. I'll correct that. Thanks!
Pearls from swine by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you! There is actually a story behind the "Big bang". I had for various reasons to stop composing at a certain time a certain day, and when the deadline appeared I simply closed the piano lid.
Pearls from swine by MrBajen 12 years ago
Sorry Fortunato, I didn't answer your question because I didn't really understand it.
Pearls from swine by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you, compadre! I kinda guessed you would like this. This piece is perhaps a little closer to your adorable music than my ABBA-covers smiley

Ah, the microphones. I don't have a clue since I didn't record this. I was conducting it.

The fugato at the end is actually what is left of the fuge I posted here sometime ago (you know the Game-Boy piece). I trashed the fuge and used the leftovers here. The ensemble is called The Pearls before Swïne Experience, hence the titel.
When I kissed the teacher (ABBA) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Watch your language Mr! You might suffer from a suspension smiley!!
Thank you so much etgilles! Yes, I like the idea of twisting the roles. It does become something else, for better or worse. (In a way it is a shame, but that's another discussion.)
QAA: Julie (KDMan cover) by ponkey 12 years ago

Great ponkey! I love when people turn covers into something personal. This is an excellent strip of the song leaving just the core heart of the words and the instrumentation. Very strong. The original is also a very highly appreciated, but a bit to much 80ies for my personal taste. Your version is timeless. And inspirational...
Tomorrow never knows (Beatles) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you people!
To me The Beatles are THE Popgroup, and I wasn't really sure if it would be "accepted" or not to turn one of their best tunes into something... well, ehm... something else.
BBF:09 Summertime by ponkey 12 years ago
"I just wanted to do it that way!"

That's what counts! If you do it your own way and put your soul into it, you really can't do a poor version, uptempo or downtempo. There are no such thing as bad music. It's only a question of presenting the music in the right context. Your version would make it great on the dance floor. Mine wouldn't. Consequently you should consider changing your PS in the info. That's my humble opinion.
BBF:09 Summertime by ponkey 12 years ago

Hi ponkey! A very different version from the one I have presented, but comparison is rather uninteresting. I'm happy over your comments on my version. I find Summertime too melancholy to make it uptempo though. To me it's more of a slow blues. Your singing is great, as your production. I actually have a bit of a hang up on Summertime, I have a collection of 89 versions of the song (including yours, mine and the ones you mention above). It's a beautiful song and this is a great version! Thanks.
Psalm 210 (revised) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you!
I couldn't have said it better (in English).
Invention by MrBajen 12 years ago
Stairway to the Summertime (George Zeppelin) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Somewhere over my blue suede shoes sounds like an interesting title...
I had no idea that covers weren't allowed here! If that's the case I have to erase most of what I've posted. Or wait till I get thrown out. Anyhow, a cover collab sounds interesting. Or maybe that'll get us both thrown out of here?
Thank you both for comments!!
Psalm 210 (revised) by MrBajen 12 years ago
"Psalm" is Swedish for Hymn or Chorale. 210 stands for the number of the Hymn/Chorale. In other words this is hymn no 210 in the Swedish Book of Chorales.
Ge mig by jolofsson 12 years ago

Bueno compadre! Apart from the lack of some VERY FAT guitars and a more distinguished, distorted and howling synth towards the end I think this is great! Beeing a Swede I give you an extra + for the words. Into the favs with this.
Invention by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you damris! I'm very fond of this little darling.
Tomorrow never knows (Beatles) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Slothsmolder, I'll let you know when I post an update.
Mercedes Benz (J Joplin) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Thank you very much for your comments! They're quite a statement!
Psalm 210 by MrBajen 12 years ago
100 listeners. Thank you people! I celebrate by posting a revised version which can be found at:
Chiquitita (ABBA) by MrBajen 12 years ago
I thank you all!!
New Jazz Hustler by deputydoofy 12 years ago

The first in my Fav' collection! Apart from the repeat-til-fade ending, I danced on the table!
Mercedes Benz (J Joplin) by MrBajen 12 years ago
100 listeners! I am truly amazed. Thanks to all you stop-byers!!
(I can't get no) Satisfaction (Stones) by MrBajen 12 years ago
Yeah, or sue me... smiley

Thanks for your comments!
Objects by bughouse 12 years ago

Sorry, forgot the rating.
Objects by bughouse 12 years ago
Heard this on MUGradio, like it a lot! I especially find the drumming more interesting than most other electronica. Great music!