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D minor bossa nova by w1av 8 months ago
I'm studying bossa nova at the moment so I was very curious. The beat is undeniable bossa nova. Sounds great. Guitars sound a bit like Santana but more fluid. The music stopped too soon. Would love to hear more of this.

Love this one. Vocals are ok. Perhaps more balance between instruments. But great sounding overall.
99 Bottles Collaboration by alanatomic 3 years ago
I'm still very very very happy.

Website is off-line but I'm glad it's still on Icomp
SHELTER ME 2 by KCsGROOVE 3 years ago
So this is what you do in your studio. Sound and mix are excellent. Lovely sweet song. Well done my friend!
Cees dude,

Love the voices in this one. Those backing vocals are really cool. Bass and piano are just perfect. Sweet song man!
Make This Party Hot by Axelbreeze 7 years ago
Happy sounds. Good pop song. Make this party hot!
Kyrie by schubertiad 7 years ago
That major/minor interplay is fantastic! I can't say I listen to this kind of music a lot but it's very inspiring and heavenly. Thanks smiley
I Came To Hear The Music by RedthruNthru 7 years ago
Yes great song. Not entirely my cup of tea but anyone can hear the craftsmanship dripping from this song. Well done!
Rollin' and Tumblin' by imadesentana 7 years ago
By reading the title I was indeed expecting more traditional blues. But what I heard is a mindblowing Rock Scratching song with fantastic vocal! Great composition!
touched by eagle 7 years ago
You are a harmony master. No one can deny that. Some parts sound very very difficult. And still you make it sound easy. It's the mark of the master. Guitar volume could be some more I think. The guitar provides a great mood and backing for your vocals. Very nice collab!
Spiritus Mundi by soulima 7 years ago
Yes superb composition. Must have taken a lot of time recording it properly and a job well done I'd say.

Much enjoyed


one rift too many by Lapskin 7 years ago
Hey cool guitar. Could use a bit more volume in my opinion. It also sounds a bit clipped. Must have been fun playing this. It sounds like it anyway. smiley
Robotic Attack (MIX II) by Doctor_Hops 7 years ago
Hi Doc

Sounds like a radio play supported by cool threatening guitars. Did I just hear soundwave (you know the transformer)? I dig robotics and music so I dig this one. The mix is clear and a bit to the left but that didn't bother me at all.

Nice one,

You Are the New Day by dirigent 7 years ago
Hi dirigent how are you these days. I've been away for quite some time and wondered what you were doing lately because I remember great compositions made by you. smiley I still listen to things you made like "weep O mine eyes" and "Vanitas Vanitatum" Those classical voices mixed with modern still grabs and amazes me.

And you didn't let me down. This is again a superb mix of classic and modern. You're quite a composer. I take my hat off and make a deep deep bow.

Greetings from outer space,

Light Circuits by OddEO 7 years ago
Yeah well... I like it. It brings back memories of the roland 303 and 808 modules. I could be very wrong but I reconize a Jamiroquai riff in it (?)
Kiss Me Like You Mean It by pinkyrv 7 years ago
Yes cool sounds. The percussion is very nice and indeed that voice/saw sets the mood. My only negative comment would be that it's too short. I could listen to this for much longer. So I'm just clicking the play button again!
Streets of Zen by pharmakeus 7 years ago
It's like a soundlandscape not just a street but a whole different world. I'm reading people who compare it with other music. I think this is very original and fresh. Not for easy listening but very intresting and well performed!
Need Your Love so Bad version 1 by Vixen 7 years ago
That's a powerful voice you have here. I think it would be nice to listen to this in a smokey bar at 2:oo in the evening with a last beer wanting to go home to my love.

You have some great musicians behind you too. Those horns are spot on I dig that a lot. Bass, guitar, drums all is in place here. composition is traditional but very solid. I enjoyed this one. Hope to hear more in future.

Greetings, Red
just for your smile by eagle 7 years ago
Amazing song gents! Very relaxed and wonderful. Just guitar and voice it needs nothing else. It sounds like you sung it in one take so easy and full wow. smiley
DEAD MAN WALK by KCsGROOVE 7 years ago
Hi KC!

It sure feels good to be back. This is a great composition. The guitars are flawless with bass and drums together a great song. I never really care for lyrics. But this one strikes me. Lovely.

MARY JANE by KCsGROOVE 9 years ago
In dutch it should be "Marie Johanna" I think the piano gives this song a great drive. I was thinking perhaps a flute would be nice somewhere in this song but Mary intoxicated me so it's a illusion perhaps... Great song man!
Fires in Glendale by Kresling 9 years ago

Ah, another for my favorite playlist. Very nice again!
Dictionary by Kresling 9 years ago

Another great song. Amazing how you arrange everything. I'm listening to your songs a lot and they never bore me at all. In fact they get better every time I listen. In Dutch I would say " ongelooflijk goed!" now look that up in your dictionary... Please keep producing!
The Beast That Swallows Its Young by Kresling 9 years ago

Awesome song! Love the phone part. And you're a ***** on uke man! The production is really far out and clear as crystal. Love it.
I really like the vocals here, worked out pretty nice. That dual singing gives it more depth and feel.
I do not agree with Henno about the guitar. I like it raw, and for this song it adds more emotion and works well with the other instrumentation. Production is really excellent (again smiley )

MADE FOR ME by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I absolutely qualify this song as "pure gold" Wow what a mix and musically so good that I'm downloading this one for my playlist. And if you ever consider making an album, this one should be on it.
SHELTER ME by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
The bass is excellent. At first I would suggest to lower down the vocals a bit but after a while it's actually just right the way it is. Maybe a bit more volume on the organ, it sounds great. Nice lyrics too! Makes me want to hug my wife!
Someday by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Great production. Good balance between the instruments and all very clear. The composition is strong and moody. Nice backing vocals too!

Nice one KC!
It's the rhythm by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I say the drums are excellent and I like the groove and flow in the song. Sounding all very clear in my ears. Lovely song!
Parade of souls by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
For the first time I'm gonna tell you it reminds me of another band... Although most of you're work has definitely you're trademark this reminds me strongly of Focus. But how well performed it is! The guitar is very good and so is the rest of the band. Again outstanding quality and excellent mix.
I guess it's sometimes good to leave a song for a while and have a refreshing look at it later. smiley
I love the piano a lot, and all other instruments seem to fly around the piano, fitting in the piece perfectly. You've done a great job here mixing everything together, the quality is outstanding! It certainly has you're trademark. Another cool KC piece smiley
Great track KC! Smooth guitar and a fine composition. Totally KC style smiley
Here's That Rainy Day (w/vocal) by georgeptingley 10 years ago
Lovely song, Very sweet drum, piano and bass. And add a little eagle magic and a hit is born! smiley Well done! Fine production too.
Wet Seat (redux a) by Tribrix 10 years ago
I agree, It has more depth and separation of sounds which makes it clearer. A major improvement on the mic as well!
I dug the original, I dig this too! (And I still like the bass smiley )
The 7th Bestowal by Justin_Case 10 years ago

I expected firework, Andreas with daughter and Justin! Wow! It could be very explosive stuff. And it is absolutely superb! I almost turn religious listening to this smiley Heavenly and at the same time dramatic. Although I expected a grand finale, it ends a bit sudden, leaving me, hungry for more.
Great collab! Thank you!
Wet Seat by Tribrix 10 years ago
Cool song, I certainly dig the lyrics and the pumpin (bumpin?) style of playing.
Sisyphus (un fragment) by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Pink Floyd never grabbed me, but this is nice. Dramatic strings flowing nicely in time.
A Rose in Winter by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Lovely piece, made with much feeling. My condolences too.
20XX: A New Year by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Yes, this is why I like you're style so much. Really interesting piece, very creative and enjoyable. I think I already called you a sound magician and if not, I made my statement here.
Protest for Peace by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Excellent timing, when I finished all the commentaries the music came to an end, amazing. Btw, great harpsichord.
I'm here for the music not for the politics but I appreciated the whole discussion though. All I want to say is Stop ALL wars! There are men who make lots of money by making war and don't give a $#!t about other people's life. And they call themself politician... So be democratic and vote for the one @$$ that makes lots of money by destroying others or.... choose the other @$$ that makes lots of money by destroying others. Who will it be? Democracy only works if there is something to choose... Finally let me repeat you're own words cause I feel the same way: start by loving yourself, your family, and your neighbors. (And, I add, you're enemy's and all living souls in this universe!) LOVE is the power, greater than fear, aggression and sadness!
ZOO: Logical Warfare by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Very pretty my friend. When you do things like this, I immediately think about the game American McGee's Alice and the soundtrack done by Nine Inch Nails (I think it was them) It's those amazing strings and bells and all those sounds used to get such a beautiful sound scape. Very moody and as usual a top production.
Symphony 3 Movement 4 by Beethoven by Tribrix 10 years ago
Beethoven on speed and some LSD. Amazing stuff my man! I like this chaotic and yet structured style. It's wild and far away. It's like an energy boost that gets you up in the morning and gets you through the day. Very cool.
Techne One by Tribrix 10 years ago
I like it, I really like how everything is playing together if you know what I mean. There's a good vibe going through the song. And I'm glad you didn't add any drums and stuff cause it's rhythmic enough as it is. A golden oldie! smiley
Gravity by Tribrix 10 years ago

Excellent work! Bass is awesome and I definitely like the vocals and lyrics. The variety is very good and pleasant. Can we get more please?
Time to change by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago

Despite the hardware problems a great production. The raw guitar sounds excellent in the composition. Personally I would like to hear the song without the synth. Good work men!
You never know by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Cool tune. Great work on the keys! Love this.
LIGHT OF LOVE by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I can hear the work you had in mixing it, excellent production. The song itself is lovely, Clapton? Yeah some elements but it's a KC song and I like that better. smiley
SUGAR MAMA by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Great performance here by all! I'm rockin along man!
GROOVIN' WITH MR. C by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I see they even block my freedom of speech nowadays....
GROOVIN' WITH MR. C by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Oooh explicit rated? why? because you say: "****ed up"? childish...
Anyway I like the swing in the song and the guitars are great! I agree with most that the production isn't bad at all. One day you'l be groovin with MR_R too! Till that day, keep groovin these songs!
WE"VE CHANGED by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago

Hey, how are you long time no see... It could be about me though I've not been down smiley
Do I hear a progression in your singing? I believe so. Nice composition. I especially like the piano/keyboard. Nice one!
The night I tried to kill myself by Mr_Red 10 years ago
Maybe I should explain the way I see the lyrics....
It's about a very depressed man who, on one night, decides to end his missery. His wife however shows how much he means to others and thus he realizes that killing yourself is a selfish act. Therefore he decides to let his light shine upon all who care about him and so giving his life a new positive meaning.

A big change in his life, he was always busy with himself and now he expands his view to the world around him. It's a dramatic tune I know, but the message is very positive, at least in my opinion. I never expected people reacting this heavy on this song... I hope this clears it all a bit.

Walking Iris by guitar55 10 years ago

I always enjoy your music, especially the guitar works. And what speed! Technically outstanding! But played with feeling too, which makes it so very good!
Lux aeterna (for SATB choir) by schubertiad 10 years ago
Finally, I'm satisfied with the length smiley Or is it still too short? I'm gonna use my repeat button on this one as it is as enjoyable as ever. Very pretty again and it's nice to read your thoughts and technical details of the song. I would give it a try... after a few years practicing... smiley
Serial Bowl (for RAMZAR and Jasali) by feenixx 10 years ago
I can surely dig this! I like it all the way. Those drums and bass are excellent! As are the melody lines. Cool! Oh and I agree with Heightened it is too short... smiley
HOTEL ROOM #13 by Barretok 10 years ago

I really like the sliding guitar parts. Very enjoyable track. And the production is different somehow, very clear and a good balance between the instruments. Good job man!
Gnossienne No. 1 by feenixx 10 years ago
I agree with Heightened. Lovely arrangements and very good production! Outstanding work!
Three Christmas Motets by dirigent 10 years ago

I love it when you two do something. Andreas really knows how to lay down those hard harmony's from Scott. This is very impressive. And I know I'm gonna put this on during the Christmas celebrations.
I however do not agree with Moses. A higher level then most? There ain't none higher I'd say smiley
Royal Brackla by Xolv 10 years ago

I don't like whiskey myself, but this leaves a nice taste. The guitar is great as is the whole composition. Enjoy your gathering smiley
Deja Vu by guitar55 10 years ago

Very pretty song. I love the arrangements and the used effects. Great job!
Good King Wenceslas by Tribrix 10 years ago
A very creative song, and I enjoyed it a lot! The drums are very cool and the bass and the guitar and all the sounds. So it's actually overall excellent!
Gnossienne No. 3 by feenixx 10 years ago
Very, very good! Love everything about it. It's simply amazing.
InFlight by Guitar55 by SoulSurvivor 10 years ago

Wow, great production. Those drums are kicking and the guitar part is outstanding. Excellent stuff gents!
No more Bourbon by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I had the same feeling as Tribrix, hard to press the play button... I'm sorry for the tragic end of your friend. I expected a said blues song but got this great raw rock song. Absolutely like it and indeed a great way to honor a friend. May he rest in peace.
Cees, I wish you the best in these hard times.
Two to tango by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
I'm telling ya, the captain knows how to play guitar! Love his work. You're doing alright yourself on the keys here. And I liked you're vocals too. Sounds great all together. The question is who does bass?
Sleeps in Heaven by Justin_Case 10 years ago

It really grabbed me, and enjoyed it a lot. Nice to hear you're voice too! You should be doing more vox. It's a very nice concept and as always the production is outstanding. Finally the girl understands; Space is the place! smiley
First snow falling by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Wow I almost missed this one, glad I didn't.
It kinda feels like a mix of blues and happy tunes at the same time. It's not you're kind of season, but then again if it brings out this kind of feeling it's not so bad after all..
Lodo No Nada by vegetal 10 years ago

Pompompompompom Going out of my head with this one!
What Child Is This by Tribrix 10 years ago
Rockin around the Christmas tree!
Fex-Intro by dirigent 10 years ago

Very diverse and indeed fun to listen! Good mixing!
ABC Brass by Xolv 10 years ago

Sounds good to me!
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded by schubertiad 10 years ago
Vocals should be easy, just follow the tune? Wow it doesn't sound easy to me.... I certainly hope someone gives it a try as the melody's are very pretty!
Gloria (For SSAA Choir) by schubertiad 10 years ago
Angels, yes. A heavenly choir should perform this, great composition!
Seven Chesley Bonestell Paintings by feenixx 10 years ago
Wow, great pictures! I said it before, Space is the place!
none yet by irok 10 years ago

It's all pretty heavy, but I like it!
Sing We Now of Christmas by Tribrix 10 years ago
Very cool bass and the cheering in the mix gives it a nice effect. Good for any Christmas party.
mother by jankorteweg 10 years ago

Simply a wonderful addition to this already great song.
Bay Of Bengal by guitar55 10 years ago

Love the sounds and production. Especially the drum parts. Well done man!
A LADY WITH CLASS (collaboration) by Barretok 10 years ago

Maximum stars for both of you. smiley
Great track and Arends vocal goes very well with it. Very cool collab! Really enjoyed it!
Beautiful Eyes (orchestrated) by georgeptingley 10 years ago

I already liked the original version. You enhanced it quit a bit and I think made it more dramatic. And the good thing is that it's not to much but adds just enough to make it richer and give it more depth. Very good job!
Bite the dust by bingsolex 10 years ago

More techno then I expected. But very well executed. Great sound and great guitar playing as usual. Have a save trip Captain, may the weathergods be with you.
O magnum mysterium by schubertiad 10 years ago
Pretty as always and longer too this time! Great piece!
A new dawn by b3yond 10 years ago

Very nice start, and cool sounds throughout the song. Love the bass lines. It has a very open structure I think, this could go on for hours and never getting boring. I know you're a VJ, would love to see the images with this song. Good producing!
DRIVIN' by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago

Great performance and very good production. I love this song. As my brother used to say: "Keep it simple en slaag met vlag en wimpel" smiley
Just Bangin' (Flash Mix) by LaDiabla 10 years ago
Techno is really not my thing, but I think this is quite creative. smiley
Stastic tastic by Lapskin 10 years ago

What you get is something really nice! Something very creative. Cool.
Futuristic World by RAVENS 10 years ago
Yes Mars would do, or Venus... Any galaxy..
Nice concept and a good use of space sounds blended with more familiar instruments. I like it!
Floating away by dirigent 10 years ago

Great lovesong, very pretty. Music's great vocals too, wonderful!
Everything Goes Around by vegetal 10 years ago

To think I almost missed this one...
Great song! Great vocal and I like the guitar too man! Great one!
home by b3yond 10 years ago

It's very cool. I loved the jazzy feeling on this one, makes it more alive. Goed werk!
Pure Joy by guitar55 10 years ago

Oh so pretty, lovely mood and as always great guitar playing. I'm glad the download button is back smiley Does that mean you finished your cd? You promised us a link to purchase. And I'm buying man! smiley
digital disconnect by b3yond 10 years ago

So, another Dutchman enters the stage! Welcome to Icomp man!
It sure got me up and dancing. Now, I am really curious about the application used.. Anyway cool mixing and good producing!
I SEE THE PIECES by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago

Cool guitar sound! No FX you say? incredible. Cool blues tune and nicely sung too! I really dig that organ, fits well with the piece. Nice job again Cees!
NIGHT MAN'S FUNK by Barretok 10 years ago

I dig your funk you know, and I really like how you use you're voice on this one. Very cool! I'm groovin man!
Wistful Thinking by Justin_Case 10 years ago

A masterpiece my friend. I love you're pianoplaying. One might think that it's out of rhythm or melody, but you're always doing it right. And then when I got sucked in, the vortex arrives. It displays another quality of you, the mixing of sounds into great atmospheres. No wonder you make game music, you're a true wizzard in greating moods and settings. I enjoyed this one very much and I thank you for that!
Night in Tunisia (And the Melody Lingers On....) by grathy 10 years ago

Yes, very, very cool interpretation. Great vocals, sounds awesome!
FOOL TO CRY II (cover) by Barretok 10 years ago

Nice midi file man! It's a more bluesy version and I like it! Thank you both for making me remember this song.
The Appertizer ( yosL's razbug#2) by Xolv 10 years ago

It gives me a holiday feeling. Love the rhythm and vocals! Nice one!
Vice by Tribrix 10 years ago
I'll speak my mind, I think the drums are a bit overloaded or something, it made it hard for me to follow the lyrics. The voices could use a little extra volume in my opinion.
I do like the concept of the song, it doesn't bother me at all that the vocals are going from start to finish. And there is enough variation to keep the song interesting. I'd say I like it!
Killing in a Finnish School by bennieb 10 years ago

Thanks for the mail! Now everyone can understand what you're saying. The song was and is great, I already gave a comment on the original and I'll stand by that. Still I like the original a bit more. The creative way you use the dutch language is more appealing to me. But as a Dutchman it's easy for me to say. Again, good job!