OK so where did it all begin. Well i picked up the guitar when i was 13 after deciding to ditch playing trombone in an orchestra. I thought that playing guitar would be fairly easy as hell, it looked easy enough on TV, but that soon stopped and i found out how hard it was. It wasn't until i turned15 that I really started to pick things up and started a small group with my brother and a few friends. We just played covers, the first song we did was Sweet Child O Mine. Looking back on it it probably sucked, but we thought it was good and after playing for a few people we thought it was great.
Then the band disbanded and my brother and I formed another group which was eventually became known as Passion & Warfare. On vocals was someone called Robbie Perry, on drums was Gavin Pring and my brother Dominic and I played guitar. Again we started off playing covers, but then went on to playing our own songs. We played quite a few pubs and clubs around Liverpool and built up a small fan base. We even played in some small hall in the middle of nowhere and about 150 people turned up just to see us. Though things all went a bit rock n roll and people smashed windows, set grass on fire, smashed a fence, and threw stones at someone driving. There was even someone who said they would kill themselves if our singer wouldn't date them. It was all teenage madness, which was crazy at the time, but funny to look back at now. We kept playing for a few years and had a couple of different singers in that time one being my second cousin Warren and someone else called Tom. We also had a female singer for a while called Katie which brought a new edge to the music and also made us gain a few new male fans. We still played covers mixed in with some of our own material. In the end we went our separate ways due to everyone wanting to play different music. My brother Dominic went on to form the band Section 47B who played gigs in the north west. I went on to play with the drummer Gavin Pring and singer Tom, though things never went as far as gigs for us.

After a while I started looking for new bands and found one that was already formed but had no name and hadn't played a gig yet. They were mainly a cover band but when I joined we started to also play some songs that i had written. The band became known as Orleans, with me on lead guitar, Tommy on vocals, Ronnie on drums and Rob on bass who was eventually replaced by someone called Cliff. We played a couple of gigs after many months on rehearsal but never really took it any further. Our own music was a mix between rock and funk, an influence i gained from the music I was listening to at the time.
Once Orleans came to an end myself and the bassist hooked up with a drummer called Ian and we formed a band called Schizophonic.The name came to be as when I was booking a practice room the person asked me our band name and I had in my hand a CD by an Artist called Nuno Bettencourt called Schizophonic and i said that and it just stuck from there. We only played our own songs though in the band and it had more of a rock/ punk feel to it. Unfortunately due to some unfortunate incidents the band had to split.
After Schizophonic ended I was looking around Liverpool music shops for adverts for guitarist. It was then when I answered one advert that i became involved in a band called Kelso. Kelso had been going for a little while and was fronted by Andy Holland who was the singer in the band Magic Carpets. After hearing an early demo I knew that the music was different to anything out there and had great potential. Andys mix of social commentary and his huge choruses made something new, plus with using samples it was a new direction for me. We worked a lot with the line up and had a number of drummers and bassists and by the time we recorded our first album "Eat The Evidence" we no longer used a DJ. When we had played live we always found there to be a lot of problems with using a DJ as the equipment never really handled it that well, so we went it alone. Once we had a settled lineup we played a number of gigs including a support for JJ72 on their first UK tour. Once to album was recorded it was sent out to shops and reviewers and gained positive feedback, the album was released in April 2002. Unfortunately due to a lack of support from our label we were unable to capitalize and the album never really got the support it needed. We then went on to record the "Shiver, shiver" EP which was recorded and produced by Andy Holland. He decided to take a back seat on the guitar playing and focused on the singing on the EP as well as recording and producing it. The EP was never released, but did make it to various radio stations who picked up on it. If you look around the net on sites like amazon you should probally be able to find a copy of Kelsos album "Eat The Evidence", if you do it would be worth picking up as it has some great tunes on it.
Kelso seemed to runs its course with the members all going off to different projects. Andy then put me in touch with an up coming band he was managing called Malorie. He knew the singer through a college and set me up with a jam. I could tell from an early practise that the band had potential. It was a very raw punk sound with an edgey female vocalist, in some ways its comparable to the distillers. The band really just needed to get its line up sorted as none of the musicians really gelled. After months of auditiong we finally sorted out our lineup and recorded our first demo with Andy Holland recording all our material. We did quite a number of gigs around liverpool and always picked up quite a reaction, it was a case of love it or hate it. Our singer Kerrie Brookes was always exciting too watch live but not everyone got it. Things came to a head after a number of demos though when the band was split over if they should stay with Candy Productions. I decided to stay and the singer and drummer didn't.
The fall of Malorie then led me to setting up Pincushion with Katie Evans. I was joined by the bassist from Malorie Paul McCay. We then Auditioned a few drummers and played our first gig in Halton with a temp drummer. This gig wasnt what we hoped it would be and we werent ready without a perminant drummer. We then found our drummer in September 2004, his name was George Hitchmough. He was a drummer who loved his music and always wrote his drum parts out in music. We played a number of gigs and recorded a number of demos, though our first radio demo was recorded before George joined the band. We built up quite a following in Liverpool and Manchester and played live acoustic sets on various radio stations. Our early demo song "Baby Is A Psycho", gained quite a lot of radio airplay and was actually on some radio stations A lists ahead of some mainstream artists like Green Day. We left Candy Productions late 2005 as some band members wanted to try it alone and in the December we recorded our first EP called "Open Heart" The EP was recorded over a number of days and was ready to be sent to be mastered when our singer Katie left the band to persue other interests. Looking for a new singer led us to the conclusion that I was best suited. We became a 3 piece with me on vocals and the bassist at the time Julian Roberts doing some backing vocals. We played a number of gigs as a three piece but then George left the band to focus on his work. We struggled to find a suitable replacement which then left to Julian leaving for other projects. I then carried on solo trying to find other members which i did indeed find. I hooked up with bassist Dan Stevenson who i had known as he was nearly in the badn instead of Julian when he joined. We then has our drummer called Dan Ryder, and eventually a second guitarist Adam Wareing. We played a number of gigs around Liverpool including a support slot for Fair To Middle who are from the US. We gained very good feedback from the gigs and started building up a fanbase, but then things went wrong when the bassist DanStevenson left the band. We couldnt find a good enough replacement and the band ended. That was in May 2008 and since then i have been working on my solo work and decided to set up this site and the linked myspace with my new music and new direction. Mixing up rock, funk, pop and punk up with some cover versions.

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We're Not Gonna Die Rock Dec 4, 2017 497
Perfect Rock Nov 28, 2017 199
What's The Point? Other Mar 21, 2017 355
Trash Rock Apr 10, 2014 606
Get Away Rock Oct 30, 2011 968
The Fallout Rock Oct 8, 2011 889
What Have I Told You? Country Oct 1, 2011 745
She's Not Dead Rock Sep 10, 2011 852
New Sensation Rock Sep 4, 2011 640
The End (Is Just The start) Pop Jul 10, 2011 1012
Get Free Funk Jun 25, 2011 954
Dangerous Rock May 28, 2011 886
Any Other Way Rock Mar 19, 2011 772
Boom Rock Feb 12, 2011 1160
Sticks And Stones Rock Feb 5, 2011 826
Hit & Miss Rock Jan 29, 2011 807
Jaded (New Mix) Rock Jan 21, 2011 584
Jaded Rock Jan 18, 2011 922
TV Generation Rock Jan 10, 2011 1014
Goodbye Other Nov 8, 2010 608
Fight (To Stay Alive) Rock Oct 30, 2010 733
Na Na (vox mix) Rock Oct 26, 2010 795
Na Na Rock Oct 23, 2010 1000
Suffocate Rock Oct 4, 2010 740
Do You Wanna Be My Girl Mix 2 Rock Sep 19, 2010 2598
Do you wanna be my girl Rock Sep 2, 2010 761
Fake It ! Rock Aug 20, 2010 1757
Lost Classical Aug 18, 2010 682
Ready, Aim You're Fired Rock Aug 11, 2010 776
Everybody Crazy Rock Aug 11, 2010 740

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