Hi! i'm Nina. i'm 14 years old. uhm, i don't really know where to start. i love singing and playing the piano. when i was 10, my parents bought an old piano. i loved it, because it had a really nice sound, full and classic, not like those modern piano's. i had always loved playing the piano, and i really wanted to learn more, so took piano lessons for two years. after that i kept playing, and i still play every day. i love to play pieces of Yann Tiersen and Eric Satie. and ofcourse, to make my own music. i'm still learning and hope to get better. a week or two ago, my dad heard me playing the song 'hurt' by Johnny Cash. He told me before he would like me to record a song. so he asked if i would like to cover this song. so a few days ago we gave it a shot, and it didn't turn out that bad. My dad already had an account on iComp (he is 'ohlanda' @ iComp) and he asked if i wanted to put my song on iComp too. So i made an account, curious about what people would think of my song. everone here is very nice to me, and i am looking forward to recorden another song. i'd love to make a cover of 'Eleneaor put your boots back on' by Franz Ferdinand, and maby, if a manage to finnish one for once, some of my own songs.
so, about my taste of music; i listen to almost everything, from Techno to Heavy Metal, from R&B to Punk. some of my favourite artists/bands are: Damien Rice, Gorillaz, Muse, Placebo, Anti-flag, Amy Winehouse and Kaiser Chiefs.
i'm also in a little Project: Emerald Green.
just me and Harry (a good friend), Piano and Vocals, nothing else, and we don't care. check our song on iComp: the stars are missing

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
The Stars Are Missing Other Aug 26, 2007 2400
La Dispute Other Aug 4, 2007 1768
Hurt (Johnny Cash cover) Other Jul 31, 2007 2928