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"DIE BY THE SWORD" by PaulOwenMusic 3 months ago
Feeling the love here! Thanks everyone 😀
"All is Hell That Ends Well" Two Steps From Hell cover by PaulOwenMusic 9 months ago
sprkymrt wrote:
Enjoyed. So I'm not the only one who likes Two Steps From Hell ! smiley


Nope! There's two of us on here 😀. Thanks for listening, I appreciate it.
becwil wrote:
Great big huge very happening composition!

Good luck!

Oh yeah! What a compliment, thank you very much! Paul
Narananda wrote:
Great music ! Much enjoyed ! smiley

I'm glad you like the piece, the ks for commenting! Paul
toveco wrote:
Lovely piece! really great!
Good luck!


Thanks Tom! All the best mate, Paul
"REUNION OF HEARTS" by PaulOwenMusic 1 year ago
Hey, thanks for the comments, the sub was mainly used to add atmosphere but I appreciate your input. Cheers, Paul
'STRENGTH OF A THOUSAND MEN' by PaulOwenMusic 1 year ago
Nice comments guys, thanks a lot!
The Pacific Theme cover by PaulOwenMusic 2 years ago
Joe, thanks very much! I appreciate that you made the effort to comment. All the best, Paul
For The Love of a Princess- Braveheart Theme by PaulOwenMusic 2 years ago
Thank you.
"Silence All Fear" by PaulOwenMusic 3 years ago
Just a drop Paul. Didn't use east west on this one. Was Soundiron Olympus Choir. Thanks for the comment as always. 😁
Shreddage2 Demo- Lil' Terrors by PaulOwenMusic 5 years ago
Cheers Paul! nice of you to say so. The drums are Studio Drummer (good guess! or ears....) I've used a few loops from Ez Drummer also and some of the add ons like MEtal MAchine and then put them into Studio Drummer. I think Studio drummer sounds the most polished with very little work. Take it easy mate.
Lost Souls by PaulWilkins 5 years ago
Sh*t this is good. Loving the orchestration and do I, by any chance, hear a bit of Evolve being used in there? Amazing stuff as always.
Marching To the Colosseum (Film Score) by PaulWilkins 5 years ago

Love it! Really awesome. Get your CV off to Two Steps From Hell NOW!
Z1 by olympus 5 years ago

Awesome work, really loving the build up of tension in the percussion. Getting a great sound from Garageband too!
Running Up That Hill by PaulOwenMusic 5 years ago
Thanks for all the comments guys really appreciate it. Paul, its my mate harry who's singing. Little duo project that we started. Project GREENFLY on YouTube if you fancy it.
Stupid Half Wit by PaulOwenMusic 6 years ago
Thanks for the kind words everyone. I haven't been on here lately but I'll be checking out and catching up with all your new tracks.

Peace out from England!


Ps my stuff is mainly instrumental, no vox smiley
Dawn Follows (Extended) by olympus 6 years ago

Great track....awesome playing on both sides.

Will be checking out Jayesskerr.

Preston really loving the diversity in your music. I look forward to hearing more of this stuff from you.

Red October by JoelGoffin 7 years ago

Really nice piece..... for me it has a hint of Hans Zimmer to it which is right up my street.
The Chase by olympus 8 years ago

Hey Preston,

I really like this, great theme going n and nice build up to the end climax!

good work!

Sands of Time by olympus 8 years ago


really great piece here mate! Love the drums and the choir! reminds of one of my favourite tracks called "Play Dead" by Bjork really powerful, driving themes. Great stuff!

p.s. Where did you get those vocals from? Been trying to find some decent vocal plugins and failing miserably!
Star Trek Trailer Music (Unofficial) by JoelGoffin 8 years ago

Wow, really really good. What sort of software instruments are you using? I love the new Star Trek and you have nailed that music.

nice one.

01 Desire (Theme of Olympus) by olympus 9 years ago

Outstanding. great use of dynamics. I actually love it.

Tartan Grud Fantasy by PaulOwenMusic 9 years ago
Yeah might re-do it in Logic as it has a better production quality. Stay tuned.
I Can't Get This Machine Out of My Head by olympus 9 years ago


you are a bad***! nice work here. I'm starting to get into some electronica so I'll have a listen to your other stuff too.

Soul 'Reborn' by roshan 9 years ago
Hey Roshan,

like this piece mate nice use of the loops. I will say though, try to keep it short(er) that way it keeps people interested.

other than that, like it.

Tartan Grud Fantasy by PaulOwenMusic 9 years ago
Yeah I was on this track but I'm using Logic now. Thanks for the kind words! Riffworks using Guitarport interface.
Tartan Grud Fantasy by PaulOwenMusic 9 years ago
I was using a little program called was ok, but then I upgraded to Logic which was from a production point of view alot more successful. This trakc is about a year old now.
The Flame by Henno 9 years ago

Good work, feels like it stays at the same place thoughout though. Needs a bit of tweaking in the production so that "gels " a little more. Also, be careful not to let the bass guitar clip. Other than that nice stuff.
Tartan Grud Fantasy by PaulOwenMusic 9 years ago
It's your cloth ears.
The Paths of Swanannoa by LarryPattis 9 years ago

Great playing on here. Very reminiscent of Cavatina by John Williams. Really like it.

Comfortably Numb by alexkoepp 9 years ago
Great cover, I love Pink Floyd. The only criticism would be that the guitar sometimes intrudes on the vox. Other than that love it. DO Wish you Were Here!!!!!!
On and on II by Narananda 9 years ago

Hey man,

I would have a given some star ratings for concept but I don't know too much behind the track and what drove you to write. But, I really like it....some great use of synths, reminds me of early Michael Mann films- Heat, Last of the Mohicans.

Really like it

No Good (Start the Dance) [Prodigy Cover] by progect 9 years ago

Very cool production, how the **** did you get the drums to sounds like the record??? sounds great.
Shadow of the Day (Linkin Park Cover) by CronicFortune 9 years ago
Great job, kinda like Ryan Adams meets Linkin Park here. Like it alot!
Given Up / Linkin Park (Cover) by bucchimoni 9 years ago
Good job there! smiley
Piano Improv.2009-21 by telo12 9 years ago

brilliant......real passion in your playing
Bolting Horses by MonikaEvans 9 years ago

Brilliant song, great piano too. Loved every second!

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover) by jasper 9 years ago

One of the greatest tracks ever and you've done it justice! lovely sound, production and musicianship.

All the best

Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi cover) by ochrestomanci 9 years ago
Hey ochrestomanci,

I'm a Bon Jovi fan and I think this is great. It's like Feist doing a cover! As for the hissing, you'll find that, that is clipping which means that the signal is overloading.....just ease off the mic or take down the output volume of the vocal track, should sort you right out. All the best

Piano improv.2009-18 by telo12 9 years ago
Really great composition. You really capture the essence of your inlfuences. Great work.
The Place In Your Heart by Naaji 9 years ago
Hey Ramonaji,

really love this piece it reminds me of Bjork somewhow. I'm going to check out Vanessa Daou now! great production and a really great voice.
Stop War - Plague by dirigent 9 years ago
Hey Dirigent,
really great work here, not entirely sure if this was your idea, but it really reminded of Pink Floyd work especially on albums like The Wall. Excellent stuff.
p.s many thanks for listening to my track I really appreciate your comments. keep in touch