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Proparanoid's 100 Most Recent Comments

Unbound -- Monsanto Company by pharmakeus 5 years ago
Hi, Pharmakus. I noted that you had given me a nice review for NWO Anthem. Appreciado. Found the link to your new song here and kudos back to you, Sir! Shared with 3,000 of my FB friends. Play on.
BAGPIPING your way to CHRISTMAS by telo12 6 years ago

So fun it reminded me of all those Lemmings songs.
From Beyond by Narananda 6 years ago
Kubrik would be proud. I have similar ambients you might want to compare against. 12 Tomes of Time might be esp. interesting to you. Covert Sin X, perhaps. This is good length, would be useful as background music for a video. Let me know if I can use it for that (non commercial) - probably a video on mind control topic. I note you have zero quiet sections until the end. Not always a great idea but you made it work well and are still able to impart a sense of varied intensity.
Lost In Paradise Gorge by AcidArachnid 6 years ago

Does Wes Craven know about you? Perfect for his films. Perhaps for my own current screen play for the matter (Lion Dance - propwranoid.wordpress.com) You might like my 12 Tombs of Time done for a sci-fi screenplay promo vid.
A Farewell by ihussain 6 years ago

I'd like to see a movie score based on that. For some reason I see your waterway flowing from the Alps to feed Roman lands in the time of Nero or Pompeii. I'm writing a screen play (done several, none in production). Did a piece for a sci fi screenplay promo vid 12 Tombs of Time you might like. Two versions, one with narrative from the actual vid and one without on icompositions.
Smoking up a melodrama by Slothsmolder 6 years ago

Schizophrenic hesitancy confronted and derailed!

Thanks for your long ago commentary on my work. I've been away and did not get a chance to thank you then. The song you suggested I listen to is no longer up, but I found this one close to your description. You may like my 12 Tomes of Time or Covert SinsX. Thanks again.