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Title Genre Released Plays
Save For Today (Taken For Granted) [w/ lyrics] Rock Mar 11, 2011 324
The Good Left Behind Us Rock Dec 4, 2010 459
Blank Page Array Rock Jun 18, 2010 432
She Burnt My Breakfast Alternative Feb 10, 2010 665
Midnight Serenade Alternative Feb 10, 2010 426


It all started with a shattered glass patio door. Jason was aimlessly swiping at small rocks with one of his dads golf clubs in his backyard in 2001 when, much to his surprise, he actually caught one when he wasn't intending to. Sending the rock into the sliding glass door, the door shattered instantaneously. His parents were furious but later his mom asked if he'd prefer golf lessons to guitar lessons for his birthday. Jason chose guitar but the rest isn't history.

Several weeks of lessons, a lesson hiatus, then a few more weeks of lessons were all the training Jason had in music theory and guitar fretting. Before starting his sophomore year in high school he came to his buddy Antwan ( who also played guitar for about the same time as Jason, asked if he wanted to jam, and thus a collaboration exploded that still works together to this day. Nothing Special was born out of Jason and Antwan's jam sessions, alongside Jason's buddy Matt Odle on bass. They recruited a few drummers through Nothing Special's reign in Mesa, AZ, seeing a rotation that never was met full-time. Several shows at the now defunct Big Benny's Pizzeria, a show at the Starlight Room in Fountain Hills, and the Mesa High Battle of the Bands helped NS's popularity, alongside a demo EP titled 'Death By Charity', but inevitably could not keep the band together, leaving the members to decide a break up as the best mode of action.

Jason and Antwan continued writing music together, only to keep their friendship intact. Antwan went on to Tempe's Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, followed an internship to LA, and came back with a head full of knowledge in recording and live audio. Jason found work to earn money for continued college education-striving for an English degree-while also buying a Mac and finding personal joy in recording his music to show others what he's doing to pass the time.

Jason is now an independent artist/musician "doing music on the side -as a hobby- to my life." For what he does, he does it well, adeptly constructing melodies into the voice of guitar work and vocal work. Jason is a musician of guitar, both acoustic and electric, bass, piano, harmonica, and vocals.

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