When I'm fortunate enough to have the time, I get out and play locally in a three piece named Sundowner Willy. We perform mostly rock/blues covers with some originals, throw in some weird spacey jams and a little Americana/folksy stuff also. I mostly dig the weird, spacey part!
From my humble home studio (emphasis on humble) here in beautiful North Carolina I enjoy creating original instrumentals and noise. I've also recently started doing field recording of mundane sounds all around me, then warping them with synths and effects to create strange sonic soundscapes.

Hope you enjoy. Peace!

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Glitch Rock Mar 8, 2018 265
Thaumaturgical Forest Orchestral Musing Sound Effects Mar 8, 2018 511
The Sundowner Other Mar 9, 2018 214
Chill Factor 9 Ambient Mar 9, 2018 216
A Little Travesty Rock Apr 6, 2018 184
Forget Alternative Apr 6, 2018 143
Who Will Clean Up After the Oblivion Party? Ambient Apr 10, 2018 150
The Secret Alien Basement Tape Ambient May 5, 2018 110
Drivin', not Cryin' Rock May 5, 2018 143