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This Dysfunction by Stephen 3 years ago
thsantac wrote:
Using Windows to do music leads naturally to dysfunctions smiley Sorry smiley

I've used both Mac and Windows extensively, and they both have their ups and downs! I get more "dysfunctions" on Windows, it's true smiley but I also get more free plugins, compatibility, and the ability to repair my machine when it breaks down! Cheers.
Brick by Brick by teddyelliot 4 years ago

Hah! cool! I have a song called Brick By Brick also! Totally different though. Youre vocals rock!
**** You (Cover) by DrumMan710 7 years ago

why skip part of the lyrics?
"just thought you should know *****" is fine for white women to sing!
otherwise, good cover!
Last Call by GregDavies 8 years ago

i love to hear jazz that rocks. not enough jazz music with so much attitude behind it
Another Day by pharmakeus 8 years ago
excellent vocals and slide guitar!
Forgotten Face of Yesterday's Hero by juzcook 10 years ago

hell yeah man. this will kick live.
i hope you use a real bass live though smiley
Naive Melody (Talking Heads Cover) by feedrosie 10 years ago

Throw Me Away v.1 by Stephen 11 years ago
i'm not a vocalist =[
Rhyme and Reason by PurePerversity 11 years ago

this reminds me of the arcade fire except much more creative and exciting.
Slowlife (2007) by toddmchenry 11 years ago

really cool song. reminds me a bit of Unwound.

Here It Comes Again by TurserTunes 11 years ago

this is cool jam. add another part, to fill it up and out, is my suggestion.
Phone Booth (Robert Cray cover) by blues69 11 years ago

very solid.
The More We Talk by psanders 11 years ago

This is really cool.

Was the wah effect added in garage band or did you do it with a pedal?
Louie Louie by Stephen 12 years ago
as a note, i'm trying to imitate the singing in the Kingsmen version. I dont sing like that regularly.
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies Cover) by Stephen 12 years ago
thanks for the comment
Where Is My Mind by bradleygene 12 years ago

this is a great cover, it should have more comments =. great great vocals, great job micing.

i searched for this because i did a cover of the same song, lol. check it out, tell me if you like it.
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin Cover) by SebastienGabriel 12 years ago

great cover! wow.
you hit everything o.o
what did you use for the drums?

wow. i may download this, (first download ever)
When the Glass Breaks by Stephen 12 years ago
thanks. I was thinking about the regular drums too, more of a mixing of styles i was going for there. thanks for the comments. glass breaks at the cymbal crash.
not on the agenda by greensun 12 years ago

I always hated it when people didn't comment on good songs.

It would be great if you posted the lyrics.

My reaction to the song: its seems wistful and pensive, and it has a lot of feeling.

I really liked it.
King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 by Stephen 12 years ago
Somebody post a commeeennntttt
Intentionally Bad! or What were you thinking? by acousticalheart 13 years ago
see what would make it really bad is bad mixing. pretentious folk will consider this genius. a genuinely bad song is not one that has random notes. have something obviously off tempo and screw around with the volume and stuff like that.
Brown's Island, high tide by pete 13 years ago

thats a really cool effect on the lead guitar
Two Quarters by Stephen 13 years ago
the spring is two quarters that i rubbed together and then i added a flange. I revealed my secret. dang.
Machine Room by Stephen 13 years ago
and the pic is a pic of my piano that i took. whoo. the pics for dirtbag and old man's grave i drew.
Old Man's Grave by Stephen 13 years ago
yeah i'll post them. there are two reasons the lyrics are faint 1)embarrassment at singing for the first time 2) not singing loud enough.
I actually consider this my best guitar performance, oddly. the lead guitar is improv.
Walked in the rain,
Took a few pills
And to my shame
Saw an old man get killed. (repeat)

In an alley way dark,
she pulled out a knife
with a stab to the heart
she took the old man's life. (repeat)

Alley way dark, stab to the heart
and to shame, i saw the old man's grave.

walked in the rain, walked in the rain
the old man's grave, the old man's grave
(solo starts)

walked in the rain, took a few pills
and to my shame, saw the old man's grave

the old man's grave, on top of the hill.

In the alley way dark, a cat looks at me
with its piercing eyes, what does it tell me?
It tells me, the old man's grave on top of the hill,
is to your shame. the old man's grave is to your shame.
Dirtbag by Stephen 13 years ago
Well i bug my friends constantly to go listen....
Anyway, yeah i used a dunlop "jimi hendrix" wah wah pedal on that, its not a garage band effect.
If you want to hear talking guitar listen to Peter Frampton's "Do you feel like I do." He uses some effect where he talks into a mic and plays guitar and his voice is at the frequency of the strings or something. it seems like his guitar talks.
Shallow by awaef 13 years ago

I usually don't stay and listen to the whole song, but i really liked this one.
I thought the bass was a little too loud. Not a big problem.
Machine Room by Stephen 13 years ago
Dirtbag by Stephen 13 years ago
comments would be appreciated
Old Man's Grave by Stephen 13 years ago
any comments would be appreciated
Two Quarters by Stephen 13 years ago
any comments would be appreciated
Flight 5951 by Stephen 13 years ago
I'm Gonna Hurt You by Stephen 13 years ago
thank you