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Agenbite of Inwit, came to, from a being, having finally been convinced by failure: That the Divine Path is taken by trusting instincts.
Left on my own, to repair the damage, of a natural disaster. Here I am: Jaded, Perhaps Strange, but defiantly Passionate, No longer succumbing to being a Citizen, and not giving into death. A successful: self-teaching and aspiring Rhapsodos. Inspired and Influenced by: Dreams, Epic Literature, Impulse, A compelling Desire to understand, and valuing things on Existential worth; rather than material, These tracks are my Cantos.
This album is dedicated to those, that need to know they are not alone.
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Agenbite of Inwyt
Part One: Brambles
Funeral March: Call me, The Beauty of a Falling Sky
Eulogy: For the Grave, Always, Comprehend the Poet
The Wake: Pathe'tique One: Perennial

Part Two: The Age of Hard Iron(Pre-Orchestral Demos)
Apathy: The Angel Became Human
Pretentious: Incense
Deceit: A Candle for Light(My Last Compromise)
Fabrication: To The Republic...
Violence: Pathe'tique Two: Of Passions Starving each others Rage

Part Three: Photosynthesis(Pre-Orchestral Demos)
Process: Why Can I Cry, Only When Dreaming(Narcissus' Mirror)
Carbon Dioxide and Water: Scream Thy Last Scream" by Pink Floyd cover

Ode to Kimahri: My One True Prince

Exiled: Alternate Mixes, B-sides, and Collaborations; outside of Album Projects.

Haus of Blues Collaboration with Axelbreeze
Eulogy-Toveco Mix
The Wake-Mungo Production
One Caress(Depeche Mode Cover) MIDI Completion
One Caress(Depeche Mode cover) Lapskin Mix
Intro Crescendo(When Does a Shadow become Shade?) Music by George Kopf
Creep(Stone Temple Pilot Cover)

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I am a Poem March 28, 2013
I use to joke, that when it came to romances my name should be Vacation. I got clever and evolved to Poem.
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