ATOMIC JIHAD---ATOMIC for the age we live in. JIHAD is a holy war to end all wars. Thats what I am waging on all religions of the world. A challange to end all wars. A challange of tolerance and acceptance of others. We can do it. We will do it. One way or another.

Me, I'm TJ. I have been writing music for two decades now. Started on guitar and piano and only recently (since I aquired a couple of older synth's, microKorg, Yamaha DX11, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha QY20) did I start into the electro-music. And I have always used analog equipment like mixer and a reel to reel recorder, tube amps etc... now I use my MacBook Pro, still with my old equipment. I appreciate any input you give me in regards to my music.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Ma Jolie Louise A Cappella Jun 23, 2007 725
Mull of Kintyre A Cappella Jun 23, 2007 634
Sam Hall A Cappella Jun 23, 2007 802
Lonely Star Electronica Dec 27, 2006 501
Quasar Electronica Dec 27, 2006 496
Cosmos Electronica Nov 27, 2006 567
Backseat Driver Other Nov 26, 2006 782
Infinity Squared (Nevenka's Heartbeat) Electronica Nov 26, 2006 709
worry Electronica Nov 26, 2006 697
Addiction Folk Nov 25, 2006 679
shiny rainy day Jazz Nov 25, 2006 1128
el Latinomica Latin Nov 25, 2006 686
Quark Electronica Nov 25, 2006 547
Atomica Electronica Nov 25, 2006 547
Island in Space-by Atomic Jihad Electronica Nov 25, 2006 589


Title Genre Released Plays
Gone Away Pop Jul 3, 2007 446


Title Artist Genre Plays
ELVEDA STEB Hip Hop/Rap 2366