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Love You and Love You by teddyelliot 3 years ago
I'm so glad you all like it so much smiley Thank you

And glenn, I'm glad you like the lyrics. It's all very genuine - I wrote it for someone special I recently got together with. Normally I exaggerate in my lyrics, but I honestly didn't have to for this song.
Coming Home by teddyelliot 5 years ago
@pete, yes, I always anticipate this response from someone. Truth be told I rushed the vocals a bit. I may give them more attention at a later date if I decide to do something official with the song... but for now I'm just doing what I enjoy and trying to be prolific without getting too hung up on the details (as it seems when i get too perfectionist i get bored and stop producing music full stop!). But yes, I agree.

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments! It's always so lovely to get so much feedback smiley
Did Me Wrong by teddyelliot 6 years ago
[quote="Mosaica"]P.S. Heard this played on Radio Gloucestershire yesterday, and immediately thought "I've heard that before!!" and voila, here's where I heard it!! smiley
Take Me Home by teddyelliot 7 years ago
smiley You are so very sweet Elaine, thank you!
Glass Half Full by teddyelliot 7 years ago
@hiphopmoses I find it such a challenge to write songs about good relationships, it's weird. I've been with my current girlfriend over 4 years (don't do the maths you may get confused smiley) and we're awesome, and there are a million things that I adore about the relationship. But as soon as I try to put that into a song it suddenly becomes corny and unoriginal (case in point: http://soundcloud.com/tessbeighton/two-of-a-kind). I can't seem to find a way of writing a love song about a great relationship that will stick out of all the tacky love songs that have been written in the past.

What specifically were you requesting though? I wasn't really clear on that one
Glass Half Full by teddyelliot 7 years ago
@hiphopmoses thanks for your thoughts smiley it's nice to hear your opinion - i like it when people really think about stuff. I agree with your sentiments, and I think that in general I'm never as *****y as this song might come across - and that might actually be to do with writing songs like this. Songwriting is a great outlet for pain, and ugly emotions. This song is one of many that was written in a moment of emotional intensity. This one in particular I'd just been dumped and was beginning to realise how I'd been manipulated... and instead of directing my anger at her I poured it into a song because I knew that doing the former would be immature and I'd regret it.

I'm not sure if you understood what I was getting at with the "glass half full" thing... it should be a simple metaphor for optimism, and how this reflects my moods.
Big Sur by teddyelliot 7 years ago
@pharmakeus If I wasn't clear in the description, this is not my song... I'm quite surprised you've not heard it to be honest, but here's the original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1fGNCvZL_w

It is good to hear that you think I made it my own though smiley
Glass Half Full by teddyelliot 7 years ago
[quote="nlsn"]Great talent and taste smiley Really liked the mix of instruments and dynamics
Very unusual that one person in your depth can handle all the aspects so expressively!
Thanks for posting smiley

Hmm, what an interesting comment - what do you mean by someone in my depth?
Straight to my heart by teddyelliot 8 years ago
Re: DarryIM

The guitar? I just put a mic on it I think... no effects really, just a bit of compression and reverb probably. There's effects on the piano though, maybe that's what you mean? Used reason piano sounds and it's got delay and reverb on it... it's annoyingly out of tune though...
Fun In The Making: The Greatest Way x4!!! by musika 9 years ago
OMG i used that same piano sample from garage band in my song "to do with love"

weird hearing it again
She Doesn't Need That by musika 9 years ago
Really strong start. Your sequencing is good smiley

was starting to feel a need for a key change at "who needs you" or earlier infact. i have to say i started skipping after that point sorry dude.

the riff and the shakers kinda feel like they're building to a drum fill but we never get that.

if the reason you didnt put a new section in was because you didn't feel like you could write a new chord sequence.. or whatever, just shift it up a tone at your chorus it will lift the song perfectly and all you have to worry about is dynamics (tension release etc)

By the way, the reason i ended up taking a look at your stuff was because of what you said in your little blurb on the front page. It sounded like you knew what you were talking about - it's the same advice as i got at a lecture a few weeks ago.

Sorry that was so long. keep it up, it's good to see people as young as you writing their own music.

you know I think of you by nlsn 9 years ago
beautifully quiet... love that ending chord
Forever [Studio Recording] by teddyelliot 9 years ago
huh? the production was rubbish. they had an entire proffesional recording studio to use and they couldnt even put compression on the drums properly.

anyway, thanks for listening

Peeping Toms by teddyelliot 9 years ago
thanks zallaz, i don't mind that its late at all. gave me a nice surprise when i came on the website

just thought id let you know that im recording this song again with all my fancy new software! smiley

its going to be called pupeteers

Cutting the tension by teddyelliot 9 years ago
I used to have a saga megadrive... and a saturn! woop

i like the old school synth sounds smiley
Stranger by teddyelliot 9 years ago
whats a vocal glitch?
Forever [Studio Recording] by teddyelliot 10 years ago
This is quite bizarre, I kind of expected them to do a good job. I met them on several occasions and they really seemed to know what they were doing. I was actually quite impressed to be working with them. They're on a 2nd year degree course of a pretty famous college, they should be pretty good. But.. for some reason, they did a bit of a bodge job lol. I get the feeling they were just like "THATL DO" coz they were stressed with all the work and just submitted a fairly unfinished mix.

As for getting hold of the tracks, that will be difficult. Its hard enough getting into the studio when you're not a tech student so i really dont know how id go about doing it. . . anyway, i hope you all see what i was getting at even if the magic was a bit lost in that recording. Have you all heard my first recording (done in my bedroom)?

Self Reliant by mevsme 10 years ago
iv decided this is my favorite alex, you got any idea for lyrics? ill give it a go and tell you my suggestions

- tess
Stranger by teddyelliot 10 years ago
hey thanks for all your comments, i think i will give the lead vocal another go, some of the 1st part doesnt really sound as good as it could do... but i just had to upload this one even if it wasn't quite finished [actualy lucy made me do it hehe] i will post it on my news page when its finnished... [even though iv not updated that for aaaaaaages]


thanks for all your interesting thoughts on this piece...

Anti-Virtual Whistles by musika 10 years ago
thought id return the favour since you posted such an amusing comment on my song.

and you said you like long comments smiley

lovely chords, and if it was tidied up a little better it would be a perfect base for a gorgeous song. i love the banjo is it? or ukulele? i do adore your perfect strat sound. while listning to this i've been seriously contemplating buying myself a fender strat.

i know when i say this you're gunna say that the melody is in the guitar part... but im a guitarist - and to me thats just what i do when im doodling to chords, its just improvising. if i were doing this song i would have cut that introduction section to 1 or two bars and let it build nicely into that chord progression. voice is really needed for this tune, i get the feeling you're not a fan of your voice lol do you struggle to write lyrics?

basicaly i think this song would be gorgeous if it had a vocal line with a nice melody, if you thought about the dynamics and movement of the song and maybe made it a bit shorter.

sorry for all the criticism, that besides this has a really lovely feel to it.
Open Your Mind by teddyelliot 10 years ago
response to ckrohm:
"Just curious: What sort of recording equipment do you use?"

for all my audio recording i do at home i use Cool edit pro 2 [Adobe Audition] for vocals and electric guitar i use a sm58, my amp is a peavey bandit 100 watt i think. it's about 20 years old i think, it has a nicer bluesy crunch sound than the newer version of the amp. for acoustic guitar i have a tanglewood electro acoustic which i DI into my live drive most of the time, occasionaly i mic it up if i wanna double track sometimes i do one miced and one DI. Bass - DI, always. Some of my tracks have piano and drums added to them - i have used logic pro on the macs at my old college, using soft synths, but i no longer have access to that, but for my electronica stuff i use Logic on my PC using the plug-in audio instruments... thats about it

Also i'd like to say how truely greatful i am for everyone's sweet comments on all my songs. i don't believe i've had 1 spitefull comment. It's nice to have such a big fanbase, it always amazes me that I get about 20 comments within 12 hours of posting a song. Incredible. I know some of you may have asked for a CD of mine. I've recently been looking into a website called cdbaby.com which specialises in making CDS for indipendant artists. Currently i make CDs at home using my printer and buying my own raw materials but this means that if anyone from outside my area wants to get one i would have to post it which i've not tried before... So.. if the quality of the CDs are good from this website then i will start to sell, but if not i will look further into posting from home and maybe start a shop on ebay to sell them.

thanks again for getting me to #1. couldn't do it without you.

- Tess
Slowly by teddyelliot 10 years ago
Just replying to scott here, i don't think its hard work - when i write im in my element ... of course its frustrating at times when i cant write but when i get on a roll its so much fun, the most rewarding part is when i have the song completely finished with all the parts i hear in my head as im writing on the finished track. this one isnt quite what id call a finished recording to be honest, there's still more id like to do with it. when i have the right gear im going to do a piano version with some nice guitar lines behind it. a nice smooth sound.

thanks everyone for your kind comments

- Tess
Open Your Mind by teddyelliot 10 years ago
Barretok: 6 hours solid for 1 song isn't much some artists spend a few days in a studio doing a song. but its probably different if your using a home studio and no drum micing involved.

4arms: is it really my accent? makes sense that you say northern english since im from that area lol. born in manchester lived in lincolnshire ages. MOVING TO LEEDS WOOP [ahem...]

my girlfriend also said it doesnt need drums, it has plenty of rhythm she said, but i love putting drums on my best songs its always a fulfilling process. i think this is one of my most innovative - lots of ghosts in it, would like to re-record it with lots of expensive equipment smiley

thanks for all your kind comments. im really proud of this tune
Open Your Mind by teddyelliot 10 years ago
thanks that's sweet, i'm hoping to get recognised when i get to leeds, i'm doing a degree in popular music starting a month today. i live in the middle of nowhere at the moment. the music industry is a dodgey one though, its not always about the actual music some artists are more about image and getting as many people buying their record as possible... and thats the end of my rant lol.
Open Your Mind by teddyelliot 10 years ago
yeh i wish i could put drums on it. it has lots of bass if you cant hear that you need to get some better speakers or somet lol.

thanks for listening
The Puzzle (version.2) by teddyelliot 11 years ago
thankyou fulvio... i think i had a few ideas in mind while producing this version - the original sounded a little bit blurry becuase of the different rhythms going on in the guitar and bass. so i cleared that up, i also immediately made it a little more funky with the drums - which i had a lot of fun playing smiley, then i decided that the 2nd verse should have more dynamic changes and ideas came for guitar parts and such like while i was recording that particular section.

thanks again for your compliments, its always rewarding to find my music moves people, especialy as the main reason i make it is because i enjoy doing it

- tess
Lighter Shade by teddyelliot 11 years ago
yeah i noticed that tobz, made me laugh
Everybody by teddyelliot 11 years ago
well no, drums are looped... hence "some loops"
Presents and Promises by MichaelThuy 11 years ago
mmmm this is nnice! lovin the groove, and that key change works soo well! lovin the harmonies. we should do something like this together, ill do a nice bluesy solo smiley

hope to chat soon
- tess
Babylon by etgilles 11 years ago
hey et, your voice really suits this tune
maybe we could do something like this in a colab. work out some swarve harmonies smiley
- tess x
Lighter Shade by teddyelliot 11 years ago
thanks peeps, you think i should keep it like this or add more instruments?
- tess
The Puzzle (version.2) by teddyelliot 11 years ago
Quote: "is that you playing all the guitar?"

yeh, its all my playing, vox, bvox, drums, bass, acu guitar, electric guitar... i like to do it all myself - it saves hassle

- tess
Never coming back by teddyelliot 12 years ago
hmm... yeah maybe it's jazz influenced pop - i duno jus thought it sounded jazzy lol smiley

cheers for all the great comments folks
- Tess