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After a long break, I have finally returned, and I am currently in the process of sorting out all my music. Let's just say I'm not particularly proud of anything I've uploaded, all of it written quite a long time ago!

Thanks for listening smiley

I've decided to hide my favorite artists and songs, simply in an effort to make this page smaller.

If you wish to see the music in the 'Music' box, instead of with my notes, just scroll down smiley


I thought it might be easier if I list all my music below, or at least point you to some pieces I would advise you listen to.


This is an electronica piece, and my personal favourite of all my pieces. It's all loops and completely different to my usual style of composition.


This is a pop(ish) song, with vocals. It's quite synthy, and I really like the lyrics! LeeYohn has really taken this song to a new level, and his version can be found here.

The Evil Lair

This song seems to be very popular on here (or it was!), and so I have decided not to take it down. It was in the Top 10 at some point, although I think there are other works of mine that are much better. It's classical (filmy!) and very dark, as the title suggests.



This was a song me and Jacob made. I did the melodies and he did all the mixing and things.

Intertwined Fates

This piece is essentially cinematic. The three of us each did our own parts, and I mixed them together. Jankorteweg added his own bits to this after upload, and his version is here.

Rocky Plains

This was my first stab at a rock song. Northpoint kindly sang on it.


This is another electropop song, which Northpoint again kindly sang on. I think I may revisit this in the future...WhiteRaven also sang on this, using Northpoint's lyrics. Her version is here.


This song was an entrant into the Invisible Dyad competition. Everyone who entered the competition was paired randomly with someone else, and the entries were all uploaded anonymously. People then had to vote for a winner, and great fun was had in deciding who the collaborators were on each entry! I was with the incredibly talented JoolsOakland.

During my time on this site I have also been involved in some large scale collaborations, these are shown below.

The Electronica Cadavre
The Electronica Cadavre 3

I always think composing with a goal in mind makes me try new things and be more productive than just composing for myself. Jacob set up the Electronica Cadavre series, and it's amazing to see the variety of music on display within them. I have been a part of the first and third.

New Year Rock Cadavre

Uplink had the idea to do a New Year Rock Cadavre, similar to the others, and I decided to submit a part to this also!

Halloween Cadavre

I decided to try and set up my own, and do a Halloween Cadavre. I thought lots of spooky/ethereal music would be fun, and it certainly was!

99 Bottles

A massive iComp collab! Everyone submitted their own numbers. Listen to it all!

I hope this has been of some use to you, in guiding you as to what to listen to. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Please message me for any info smiley

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Free (Tobz + NorthPoint) Collab Pop Jun 24, 2007 3008
Intertwined Fates (Tobz + Biddup + ThePondermatic) Collab Classical May 29, 2007 1307
The Evil Lair Classical Mar 18, 2007 3580
Elektra Electronica Mar 4, 2007 1248
Rocky Plains (Tobz + Northpoint) Collab Rock Mar 4, 2007 1959
Skarlet (Tobz + Jacob) Collab Electronica Mar 4, 2007 1781
Sometimes Pop Feb 4, 2007 2482
Halloween Cadavre Collab Holiday Nov 4, 2006 2427


Title Genre Released Plays
Danza Classical Apr 11, 2010 1074
99 Bottles Collaboration Other Oct 8, 2007 12341
Intertwined adapted Classical Jun 9, 2007 1138
The Electronica Cadavre 3 Electronica Jun 3, 2007 2583
Sometimes Pop Feb 18, 2007 1941
Invisible Dyad #16 Other Jan 29, 2007 2351
The Electronica Cadavre Electronica Jan 28, 2007 2568