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Title Genre Released Plays
The New Sincerity Alternative May 14, 2010 1246
We Don't Care featuring JR Dance Dec 2, 2009 584
Girl On Fire featuring Carol Heller Rock Nov 9, 2009 880
Shine [INSTRUMENTAL] Pop Aug 18, 2009 1533
Shine Rock Aug 18, 2009 744
Aquamarine Alternative Jul 15, 2009 1117
Girl On Fire [INSTRUMENTAL] Rock Jun 9, 2009 2773
Starlet Alternative Jun 8, 2009 709


Title Genre Released Plays
shine w/ tres Alternative Sep 8, 2009 731


Muti-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. My music is often inspired by those concepts that are difficult to articulate such as the nostalgic feeling one experiences when viewing old 8mm footage from a bygone era, or the sense of being disconnected from someone famous you don't know, and what you might say to them if you did. My latest tune, The New Sincerity, is inspired by the perverse synergy of social networking and reality television.

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The New Sincerity May 18, 2010
In a perverse synergy, online reality and reality TV mirroring each other reaches a fever pitch. Then I write a song about it.
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There was a time.... July 15, 2009
Yearning for a bygone era
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Guess Who This Song Is About? June 10, 2009
Listen to the song Starlet and see if you can guess what famous person the song is about.
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New to iCompositions June 8, 2009
Need a female vocalist
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