Tribrix, the Tale of an Accidental Musician

I never thought I'd be heading up a music operation. I began making music in 1989 with a drum machine, a casio synth, two tape decks and a cheap mixer that a friend of mine lent me. It was crude, and the sound was terrible. Soon I got an electric guitar, a 4-track and later a PC based midi setup. I took each technology to the limits of my talent, and always found the results lacking. My instrumental music at that time was interesting, for sure, but it wasn't mainstream and I didn't pursue or expect it to find an audience.

Building on a love of metal, punk, classical, and dance music, I began to develop the musical idea that would become Tribrix and even began the painstaking work of building the first tracks in that style. But I got frustrated with myriad difficulties in realizing my intentions and the project lay dormant for a few years.

In 2005, I took it back up. By then, technological advances had streamlined the process of recording, and the first demo of TechNoel, a Rocktronica Christmas album, was completed in a few months. It was a personal project, an album I made purely because I wanted to listen to it. Once the demo was complete, though, it seemed silly not to share it with others so I passed a few copies out to friends. They played it at Christmas parties that year and word came back that people really liked what they heard.

My hobby had an audience!

With the TechNoel demo finished, I went back into the audio lab and began to record other material—some based on Beethoven's work, some completely original, but all instrumental. I shared this with my sister, who has no idea what to make of instrumental music. Figuring she probably represented a lot of people, given the popularity of songs with words, I thought to take a stab at making some music with lyrics. It was just about then that some muse decided to reach out to me and before I really knew it, a song called "I Don't Wanna' Fight" sprang into my head—words and music, all at once. I rushed into the studio to record a demo version.

At that moment, laying down the vocal tracks, things took a turn. Almost without realizing it, my hobby morphed into a calling. What had been an amusement was suddenly a passion. Soon, through this community, I found myself very busy making music with other people as well as on my own.

It never occurred to me I'd be making a career of my love of music, but thinking about all that’s happened since I first began my little analog sound experiments. But I think I bring a fanboy's perspective to the music- making process, which isn't such a common thing, at least, I don't think so.

* Gear. As you'll see, I'm one who never bothers to replace my starter gear even after I get really into it** (there's so many other instruments to buy first). Here's the list: Squire Affinity Strat by Frender, Squire Affinity J Bass by Fender, Shure SM 58, Ion Digital Drum Station, Synsonics Drums, Roland U-220, M Audio Keystation 49e, Casio MT-540, Casio VL-1, Sound Gizmo, MacBook Pro, two octave glockenspiel, Alesis Micro, Hercules DJ 4 set, Korg Kaossilator, Korg Kaos Pad, Korg Monotribe, and various acoustic rhythm devices.

**The guitar is actually my second guitar. I originally had a Sears Harmony electric, though it's gone, I think I still have some scars from playing it smiley.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Stealing the Code Electronica Mar 1, 2017 654
Ecstasy Express Dance Feb 25, 2015 1096
Let the Sound Flow House Oct 10, 2014 1280
Here All Night Collab House Sep 18, 2014 1184
Don't Stop Dancing Pop Oct 30, 2013 1523
722 Miles Pop Aug 13, 2013 1239
Lies We Believed Pop Jul 21, 2013 1227
Plastic Lips and Metal Bones (nEW Bass REMIX) Collab Electronica Jun 10, 2013 925
Plastic Lips and Metal Bones Pop Apr 7, 2013 1162
I Need More Quarters (G mix) Pop Feb 26, 2013 1208
Death Valley Girl Trip (inst) Pop Feb 13, 2013 1501
I Need More Quarters Pop Jan 25, 2013 1194
Climbing to Get Down (put some vox on this) Pop Oct 18, 2012 788
Huis Clois de le 'Embelage Collab Rock Aug 23, 2012 912
I See You (I am Empty) videoSong Music Videos Jul 24, 2012 1002
I See You (I am Empty) Pop Jun 8, 2012 1258
My Nerd Girl (fixed) Pop Oct 20, 2011 1837
Rainy Day Rock Jun 10, 2010 1380
Save Me From It (winter mix) Alternative Dec 17, 2009 1225
Crush Rock Nov 30, 2009 1183
Free Of You (bye frenemy mix) Alternative Nov 3, 2009 1369
(no subject) (a remix) Alternative Oct 13, 2009 1125
Rather Watch You Die Explicit Rock Sep 10, 2009 1412
Mondai To (問題と) (ultimix) Collab Rock May 28, 2009 1506
Dynomite Collab Rock Apr 14, 2009 1795
Save Me From It Rock Mar 12, 2009 1415
Techne One (the video) Music Videos Jul 31, 2008 1750
Vice (music video) Music Videos Jul 14, 2008 1214
I Know I Made Them Go (Bourrée) Collab Rock Apr 29, 2008 2147
Brewstew Jazz Apr 18, 2008 1694
(no subject) Rock Apr 2, 2008 1496
Mental Groove Explicit Collab Jazz Mar 17, 2008 1612
Ashtray Make Dog Bark Collab Metal Mar 14, 2008 1659
Wet Seat (redux a) Explicit Pop Feb 1, 2008 1376
Gravity Collab Pop Jan 22, 2008 1687
Techne One Classical Jan 18, 2008 1263
Symphony 3 Movement 4 by Beethoven Electronica Jan 11, 2008 2328
Exploring Inches Other Dec 28, 2007 934
HarK! Electronica Dec 21, 2007 955
Don't Rest Ye Merry Dancing Kids Electronica Dec 20, 2007 859
Joy! Electronica Dec 19, 2007 839
Oh Holy Night Electronica Dec 17, 2007 1292
Metal Underhorts Collab Metal Dec 14, 2007 1274
He Hates Industrial Dec 14, 2007 1209
3 KINGS Electronica Dec 14, 2007 789
Little Town of Bethlehem Electronica Dec 11, 2007 1172
Good King Wenceslas Electronica Dec 7, 2007 1089
Sing We Now of Christmas Electronica Dec 5, 2007 969
What Child Is This Electronica Dec 3, 2007 1131
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Electronica Nov 28, 2007 1055
Angels We Have Heard Electronica Nov 26, 2007 1259
Alexi Plays Classical Nov 20, 2007 875
Vice Explicit Other Nov 14, 2007 1038
Symphony 7 Movement 4 by Beethoven Electronica Nov 12, 2007 1558
Counting Edges on a Sphere Classical Nov 7, 2007 958
Round March Collab Electronica Nov 5, 2007 1026
Whddah' You Want Rock Oct 30, 2007 1091
Symphony 5 movt. 1 by Beethoven Electronica Oct 23, 2007 1624
Piano Sonata 23 "Appassionata" 3rd Movt by Beethoven Electronica Oct 18, 2007 1659
autofire Rock Oct 12, 2007 862
Piano Sonata no.8 "Pathetique" movt.1 by Beethoven Electronica Oct 4, 2007 1267
I Don't Wanna' Fight Explicit Rock Sep 26, 2007 1225


Title Genre Released Plays
Apocalyptictronica Electronica Jan 6, 2008 1993
The Electronica Cadavre 5 Electronica Oct 28, 2007 2372

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