*Everything you find on this profile is either a jam or a work-in-progress : no songs to go on CD, no finished projects, only sketches and ideas, or surprise jams*
Started playing guitar at 15 years of age on a Yamaha electric guitar, formed a band called Hell Heaven in 1994, with influences from Metallica, Manowar, Slayer, Pantera, and other Heavy Metal bands. Got 1 gig at the Jailhouse Rock Cafe in 1995, and finally break the band 6 month later, and changed dramatically my guitar playing : I traded my electric gear for a Classical guitar and a motorcycle. So I went on learning and playing Classical guitar, and got lots of gig (Cegep en spectacle 1995-96-97, open jams and surprise appearances). And it went on until I learned that it was possible to record easily with a computer, near 2000.

I bought a computer in November 2002, and I never stopped recording since then. Been playing guitar for 16 years, bass for 6 years and I was searching for a way to record easily, and I found it with the computer. I use Youtube as a way to trade my musical work with others and show what is possible with a little investment and lots of time...

Here's an example, the video of Anvil of Crom:

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