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Transylvania (Iced Earth Cover) by Volothamp 11 years ago
Yes, it's a live performance (there is a grazie = "thanks" smiley at the end of the song. smiley We can collaborate on anything you want, let's talk via P.M.!
Funked UpJB by kpenson 11 years ago

Very Very funk!
Trip In San Francisco by cbisegni 11 years ago

I like it smiley
YOU TOUCH ME!!! by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Jul Jul Strålande Jul by Janna 11 years ago

Very good! smiley
BOWLING ALLEY by Wallace_Landreth 11 years ago

Your son is great! Great song too smiley
She's Thinkin' What She's Thinkin' by WRG 11 years ago

Great vocals here smiley
Blue Bossa - Incomplete by Volothamp 11 years ago
Do you want to send me the part? I will love to hear that! smiley
Raktified Covers "The 3 Little Pigs" (Green Jelly cover) by Surak 11 years ago

Soundtrack #10 by Volothamp 11 years ago
No loops, all my stuff played with keyboard using GPO.

Thanks! smiley
barreta by gracko 11 years ago

Love it smiley
XuilliuX - Hall Of XuilliuX by MoorNoki 11 years ago

Beautiful. Needles to say...

...very ethnic smiley
Short Cut #02 by Bashibuzuk 11 years ago

Cool, a little bit static...
Copper Spoon by CarlsmenFisher 11 years ago

Very cool. Sounds a litte unnatural, maybe you use quantize too much? smiley I won't give you a 5 in performance because of this. If you teel me you haven't used quantize I will change to a five smiley
Dublah! by Shred 11 years ago

Very rock. You should work on the solo and timing.

Very cool bridge! (the one with clean guitar) smiley
Cu tte o senz' e te (U2 cover) by fromano 11 years ago

Ottimo! smiley Divertentissimo!
The Delta of Venus (asupersexyfunkysonicspacetrip) by JD 11 years ago

Void by JaymzTM 11 years ago

Yeah, very interesting work! Swing in metal is very difficult to play. Next? Some solos on it, or harmonic variation. You are on the right path!
Crown Royal by Volothamp 11 years ago
I thank you all, ringrazio tutti per i commenti. smiley

Most of the work is cicero's, thank you too!
Searchlight by Tadashi 11 years ago

Bravo! Wonderful. I wish you could tell your opinion on my comp. Bye smiley
trua by ikamy wolf 11 years ago

Wow! I feel some '80s in it smiley

I give you 4 in "concept" because I can't feel the "jazz" feeling! But it's so great. smiley
Here comes the hunger by JacobWasher 11 years ago

Wonderful! smiley Grandissimi!
SoundTrack by Folken3it 11 years ago

Elettronica. Comunque te l'avevo già detto, magnifico smiley
JeSuisFou by RAMZAR 11 years ago

Mangnifico! Ma sei tu che suoni il piano e il contrabasso? smiley
Giustamente by melicent 11 years ago

Great! Very original, bravo smiley
Soundtrack #14 by Volothamp 11 years ago
Thanks to all for your comments. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think iComp is a site where people compose, and produce. But first compose, and then produce. I know there are a lot of click and hums and various noises but in this moment in my life and in this place, I concetrate myself on composing side, rather than production. I know that outiside there are a lot of people who can mix and master better than me, and I will be happy one day to let them produce myself. smiley

Grazie a tutti per i commenti. Probabilmente mi sbaglio, ma sono sempre più dell'idea che iCompositions sia un sito dove la gente prima compone, e poi produce. In questo momento della mia vita e in questo posto preferisco molto di più dedicarmi al primo aspetto, so che là fuori ci sono moltissime persone che sono in grando di fare un "mix" o un "mastering" molto meglio di quanto io potrei mai fare, e sarò contento un giorno di lasciare a loro questo aspetto del "far musica". Ciao e grazie di nuovo. smiley
un pensiero by Folken3it 11 years ago

Ottimo smiley
E X E R - C I T A T I O N by RAMZAR 11 years ago

Grandissimi! smiley
Requiem di un amore perduto (Requiem of a lost love) by GmGasTer 12 years ago

Carina, ma devi stare attento a non rimanere inquadrato troppo negli accordi. Se decidi di cambiare sempre gli stessi due accordi sta anche a te non fare sentire il cambio, così da renderla più fluida, sopratutto se parliamo della sesta napoletana, un accordo così particolare.
Forse dovresti pensare di cambiare sulle note guida (3° e 7° dell'accordo), sempre per la continuità del pezzo.
Mi piace molto quando entrano gli archi, molto intensa.

Panda Maledetta by archjerry 12 years ago

Grandissima! smiley
Bye Bye Lucy by cbisegni 12 years ago

Great solo and playing. I would like it more with a well-defined structure.

Ciaps smiley
Blue Monk by Volothamp 12 years ago
heheheh, è uno standard jazz, non so se ha un testo smiley Ci sono pezzi molto più cantabili, non preoccuparti che ne sto guardando smileyD
August Guitar by AnangaRanga 12 years ago

Fascinating. But I would have made a Two Acustic Guitar Version. No keyboard would be better!

Bye smiley
Aliens by raisin427 12 years ago

Cool. It's not my style, but I've appreciated it smiley

Maybe you should collaborate for some vocals.

HipHop Multi-Style MiX by Janmark 12 years ago

I like it very, very much! Great smiley)

Have you used loop? O is that you, playing guitar smiley
My Butterfly (Journey pt.II) by raisin427 12 years ago

I don't know why this piece is classified as "jazz". It doesn't have any articulation, swing, o "jazzy" sounds. Harmony is pretty limited, and sometimes the drums seems not in time. Are you a drummer? I would work on timing and harmony.

Bye smiley
Snake Charmer by snailshel 12 years ago

Pretty good, but without vocals doesn't mean pretty much anything. Please add the vocals! smiley))

However, it's quite light and fresh, it has quite a potential!

Garry Get by sreaubourg 12 years ago

Do you consider putting a drum with swing feeling? The drum in these song is not very jazzy, and is very repetetive as also the piano. You should vary more the song, especially the bass line.

Soundtrack #9 by Volothamp 12 years ago
Thank you again smiley Maybe with some solos on it smiley
Soundtrack #3 by Volothamp 12 years ago
Man, thanks a lot! First comment ever in icomposition! smiley This is the kind of song you create and cannot bring further. It has got some atmoshpere, but sometime I feel like it is a drum programming exercise!
Harvester of Puppets by megastep 12 years ago

I heard the song. I think that in Heavy Metal you can do better.
The song is in Metallica, style, but is far from being varied! Technically is ok, but you should consider playing different notes on solos.
Production can be improved too, the guitar sometimes seems overdistorted (clipped), have you checked levels?
Bye! smiley
Pushing Through February by AnangaRanga 12 years ago

Cool! Guitar solos are tecnhically excellent, but maybe less notes could be better! Just my two eurocents smiley Great atmosphere!