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Wallace_Landreth's 100 Most Recent Comments

When The Circus Comes To Town by Dyl 3 months ago
So very nice, Dyl. I really loved this record when it came out, and this is such a cool cover. Lovely work, my friend.
The Leonard Cohen Fan Club's 'FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT' featuring lilichi by Wallace_Landreth 2 years ago
Just a clever ruse, I'm afraid, Carla.
The Super-Unremarkable Man is in Exile by JHarley 2 years ago
This is great!
Such wonderful pop sensibilities. The bridge breakdown was a surprise; very cinematic. Ear food for me.

I really like this track!
Smooth 6 by kpenson 2 years ago
Quite tasty. As always. Great playing, King!
Forgotten Evenings (Four In The Morning) by dantematas 3 years ago
Nicely done..
The Jacket by musicbybruce 3 years ago
Under Pressure by etgilles 3 years ago
You nailed this one, E.T!
A great collaboration...
Don't Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon cover) by Dyl 3 years ago
Such a wonderful songwriter he was. I miss Warren Zevon.

You nailed it as usual, Dyl. Nicely done.
Doctone Blues (For Kenny Kirkland) by FranEstein 3 years ago
Very nice indeed.
Hold On by Dyl 3 years ago
Great cover, Dyl!
Time After Time by AlanStarkie 3 years ago
Great recording! Nice clean production and tight arrangement.
Teach Your Children by RMG_Music 4 years ago
924 by kpenson 4 years ago
Swingin' hard, as always.
This is a great track!
I LUV HER (BEAT) by TANNABEATZ 4 years ago
A very cool track..
Night of the Telecaster by alterimage1 4 years ago

Gotta love a Tele...
Blind by klasside 4 years ago
Cool track. The drummer sounds like he's having a ball!
Diggin' it..
Dead of Night by You by Rayjoy 4 years ago
This is quite trippy, I must say. Echos of The Blue Nile..

Imperial. He's right.
The Fear by klasside 4 years ago
Nicely done. A great voice, and a great song!
The Travel Bugg by kpenson 4 years ago
This I like. Yep.

Totally digging this.
Chatter by kpenson 4 years ago
Awesomely funky! Funkily Awesome! Another gem for sure.
The clav line creates all kinds of tension, and your soloing is amazing as usual.
Cool turnaround out of the 'B' section, too.
No Mas Mermaids by Bonecage 4 years ago

'Sweet fish love'.....
Deeply disturbing and very entertaining. You're nut's , but I guess you already know that.
Thanks for the belly laughs!

Intoxicated by Sleet 4 years ago
Cool. Nicely done..
Goodbye by Acousticfingers 4 years ago
Very nicely done. I'm totally digging your guitar playing.
Without You by Acousticfingers 4 years ago
Wow. So nicely played. A great guitar melody and so much space and restraint. Perfect.

I love it.
If You Were A Bluebird by Dyl 4 years ago
There's nothing like that lonesome sound. And it sounds so good.
Monster High Blues by easyesteemer 4 years ago
Wow! She speaks french, too!
Funky Somethin by kpenson 4 years ago
Kinda Lost Tribe meets Weather Report. Very groovy..
Reflecting Light by Dyl 4 years ago
Nicely done...
Moonlight Everlasting by foolschaos 5 years ago
Well done! Very professional sounding...
Cajun Moon by Dyl 5 years ago
Ya gotta love JJ Cale...
Nice collab!
Side By Side with Dadai by Joanna 5 years ago
Nicely done!
Still Point (Chris Whitley cover) by Dyl 5 years ago
I miss Chris Whitley...
Rain by Dyl 5 years ago
Dyl, my hero, my pal. You are so good, so pure and so real. I love this tune, I really do.

It's like you dip your brush in the pot and perfection flows off your brush.
Run Through The Jungle (CCR cover) by Dyl 5 years ago
Way past cool. You did rock this thing, Dyl. Because you can, which is as awesome as are you. Maybe more awesomer...
Human Garbage by pharmakeus 5 years ago
Very cool. Nice and groovy and dark at the same time.

Parasites! Parasites!
Ill Jill by Jacalore 5 years ago
I love it!!
Because (Beatles cover) by Beatle128 5 years ago
Gorgeous harmonies, wonderful song...
Flashlight by kpenson 5 years ago
Awesome playing as always!
La Noye (Serge Gainsbourg) by Dyl 5 years ago
Absolutely perfect!
Time to Upgrade the old Mac.. by woodguy32 5 years ago
Nicely done, Kirk! MAC should you have on it's design team...
Organ by kpenson 5 years ago
Very nice..
People Make the World Go Round (Instrumental) by kpenson 5 years ago
Everything you do is so well done it's scary. Your chops, your feel, the sounds, the mix; incredible. I always look forward to your tracks, King.

Yes We Can by kpenson 5 years ago
What a great cover! Allen Toussaint is one of my all time favourite songwriters, and you definitely brought the funk to this classic track....

I love it.
Valerie Knows by BossHook 5 years ago
Great track, Boss! The melody supports the lyric really well; you make it sound so easy and effortless.
Jealous me...
Cameleon ll by kpenson 5 years ago
Great playing as always, King. Killer arrangement, too!
It's Yo Thang by kpenson 5 years ago
very cool...
MARIA ZEZA by RiGee 5 years ago
Nicely done, Richie.
ITSNOTUNUSUAL by Kings 5 years ago
Very trippy. I remember a night like this many, many years ago...
Tropicalia by Dyl 5 years ago
Nicely done, Dyl. It's always a good day when you post a new song!
Thanks pal...
I Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight by gsharp 5 years ago
Ooooh. JT. Gotta love his stuff!

Nice job, man...
That's All by gsharp 5 years ago
So nicely done. You have a great voice..
Fly Me To The Moon by gsharp 5 years ago
Great track! Is that your arrangement? It's brilliant..
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by gsharp 5 years ago
Easily one of my favorite holiday songs. This is such a beautiful arrangement.

Everything To Me by gsharp 5 years ago
Making Memories Of Us by gsharp 5 years ago
The recording is GREAT! Such a transparent mix and a perfect balance.

It's a great song, too. Such sweet sentiments. ..
Poison & Wine Remix by gsharp 5 years ago
Simply gorgeous.
Monsters by C_Man 5 years ago
Very cool track. It's great to hear lili, too....
You Haven't Done Nothin by kpenson 5 years ago
Funky as always.

No one does it better, King
How Can I Apply ? by Dyl 6 years ago
I could dig a hole for myself if I thought it might make good conversation, but I'll just gush instead!
Fabulous work, lads! Moving us to smiles and the memories of agnst filled youth. Never knowing the right words to say, but going for it anyway.....
Brilliant, subversive, and, frankly perfect.
Santa yn Glos (Pure Porn) - Playfully by Kings 6 years ago
This is fun...
Normally, I hate christmas, but It would be more fun if all carols sounded like this. More fun to watch, too!
WHO BE THE REEFER MAN? by Wallace_Landreth 6 years ago
My 17 year old turns 25 next week....Time flies at iComp!
Champion of the World by Baboon 6 years ago
This kicks ***, Babs. The vocal production is top notch....
Good Times by fromano 6 years ago

What a wonderfully positive song! It's nice to know life is treating you well and I'm very happy for you and the woman who who brings it to you.
LIfe is sweet.
Tell the world....
left hand muzak.. 5 years ago my life changed.... by woodguy32 6 years ago

This is a wonderful track. The slow build is so cool and overall effect is powerful. Quite moving, in fact.
As a wood guy myself, I've been inspired by your designs and your builds. I can't imagine losing a hand, let alone facing cancer again, so your tenacity is inspiring me now. Thanks for posting, Kirk. We're all behind you here at iComp, sending out love and good vibes to you and your family.
RAGE AGAINST THE TPP by zarizarikun 6 years ago
It would seem that the corporations and their lobbyist's are out to destroy the idea that government serves the people.

This track reflects the anxiety of watching it happen at home.
I dig it...
North little town by zarizarikun 6 years ago
Nicely done. The mix is very spacious and well recorded and I love the slow build...

I Walk The Line by Dyl 6 years ago
The Man in Black would be proud...
Star Cloud Bath by zarizarikun 6 years ago
This is a very cool track. The mix is perfect, the vibe is chill; I love it!
Save Me From Mylsef by alessiakaylee 6 years ago
I like this song a lot. Simple arrangement, expertly played and right to the point.
Ready Go (headphone mix only) by theSonsofBeatrice 6 years ago
I didn't think I was, but I guess I am READY!! I love the 2/4 ska feel and this is a perfect example. A nice tight mix, and loads of energy.
God Forbid and Don't Bother by brewchugger 6 years ago
I love the crowd noise. They're lovin' you guys.
Kinda sad song, though.
Whiskey Neat, Water Back by UncletupeloFan 6 years ago
Back for a visit. This song is such a gem. Everything is perfect. Perfect support, arrangement, what's not to love?
thanks for this...
Creep (wRex) by RubyDubidoux 6 years ago
This is too much!
I LOVE THIS SONG!! Why isn't this the original? Why didn't Radio Head do it with ukeleles?
This is obviously the correct way to play this song. Thanks for enlightening me.

I'm changed...
Not Too Sure by theironsaul 6 years ago
Number 43 is a good one! Nicely played and sung, Jeff..
No More by theironsaul 6 years ago
A great rockin' tune. Nicely done, fellas..
Funny how time slips away (W Nelson Cover) by jibes 6 years ago
This is such a great version of this song. I love the vocal and the laid back feel...
I Figured It Out by brewchugger 6 years ago
A nice laid back trip through this one...
Everyone is enlightened and content.

Teach Your Children by jl 6 years ago
What a lovely collaboration. Graham Nash would be proud..
Pyramid Of Tears by Dyl 6 years ago
Dyl, you mad man! I've seen Alejandro play a few times over the last twenty years and he and his band are fabulous. From Rank And File on up, he rocks so hard....
You totally nailed this one. You sound like him, the guitars are perfectly trashy, and the drum track is a very snug fit.

You rule, Eric.
I'm following all of your bullets to the sun by AdamStolterman 6 years ago
I'm with bec. This is tragic and so beautiful at the same time, and I love it. You are a gifted lad, Adam...
Seven Deadly Sins by DaveM 6 years ago
What a well written song, Dave. You really nailed it with this one. A good song stands up all by itself, and this one doesn't need any help. You could do it with a full blown production, or stripped down like this, and either way it will be great.
I really like this version. The vocal harmonies were well sung, the guitars sounded good and there was a nice solo. A tight arrangement kept it right to the point.
The Boys of Summer by DaveM 6 years ago
What a great cover! I would agree that it's better at this slower tempo, and I like Led Zeplin too....
Peaceful Minute by enicholsIC 6 years ago
Gorgeous,A perfect lullaby....
Nice to see you again, Ed
WORLDMIX 2012 by RiGee 6 years ago
Nice afternoon music, getting chores done, wondering where the guitars are..
Very cool
Oooh, I'm So ****ing Epic by shavingronaldscar 6 years ago
Very trippy. I love the way it constantly evolves into something even more....
WHO BE THE REEFER MAN? by Wallace_Landreth 6 years ago
You're right OMNICELL, the guitar needs to panned to the middle. It was an oversight on my part. I'm glad you like the vocal sound; there is a bit of compression but no EQ. I'm am preparing for a new CD, so this is just a demo I can live with to decide final tempos, instrumentation and the like.
Thanks for the critical listen, I appreciate the input.
E.S. Was Here by Auriemma 6 years ago
Nothing like a road song..
Nicely done.
Reincarnation jam by zarizarikun 6 years ago
Very trippy. Very trippy indeed...
Ode to Billy Joe by Vixen 6 years ago
What a fine cover of such a classic. You guys totally caught the vibe.
I love it...
On a Sunny Day by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Cool track, Seminoles. I dig the line 'my heart is not a computer on which can delete the files.'
Hello (acoustic Lionel Richie cover) by artist08 6 years ago
What a great cover! NIcely done..
Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Fioretti 6 years ago
Very nicely done! What a great recording...
Choices by Fioretti 6 years ago
Cool track. A little bit of everything. LOVE the solo...
Farewell Ballad by Fioretti 6 years ago
Great playing and great tone, too..
Feelin' Alright (Traffic Cover) by Baboon 6 years ago
What a gas! It sounds like it was a good party...
All the Young Dooods (David Bowie Cover) by Baboon 6 years ago
One of greatest songs ever produced. Bowie gave Mott their 15 minutes in the sun, and what a fabulous 15 minutes it was. I LOVE this song and I've always wanted to cover it, but lacked the both the sand and the choir...
Great work Babs Matt and Borris
Sunny Afternoon (Kinks Cover) by Baboon 6 years ago
Bab's and Matt, you guys knocked this right out of the park. Ray and Dave would be proud...
Lights of Gomorrah (2010) by jtkattner 6 years ago
I found this today. What a great song, jt. I haven't been doing much listening here in a long time, and then I hear this......
Guitars and Cadillacs by Shadownight5150 6 years ago
Dwight would be proud! The Bakerfield sound lives on.....
Cold Wind by theironsaul 6 years ago
What a great song! It stands up fine all by itself. I would agree that a good song doesn't need much more than a guitar to support it....