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Title Genre Released Plays
Third Wheel Alternative Jun 23, 2018 77
We Might Grow Some Ostrich Classical May 13, 2018 166
The Sleepy Port City Of Nautilene Electronica Feb 24, 2018 399
You Just Need To Talk To People Classical Feb 15, 2018 254
This Is Fine Other Jan 13, 2018 389



Ciao ragazzi! I'd like to call myself Zip Zipper. I wish I had a better singing voice to incorporate into my music, but I typically like instrumentals more, so I'm not too bummed about it. I'm 26. I'm young, stubborn, and driven to experience anything that comes my way. My favorite color is a distant skyline in the dark of night and I love the idea of being suspended on wires, floating around people shopping in a mall.

My top three musical inspirations are Francis Poulenc, Imogen Heap, and most importantly Cirque Du Soleil. My biggest dream is composing for Cirque, but I also dream of composing for all types of media as well. I taught myself how to play the keyboard by ear when I was a small child and am now pursuing composition through formal education. I've been songwriting with GarageBand for about seven years now, so it's the only DAW program that I know the ins and outs of. Other talents that I explore include acting and drawing. I've performed in a couple of theatrical productions and I've also been drawing even before I started teaching myself music. Isn't that neat?!

As for my music, everyone says that it's like the kind of work that Danny Elfman
makes for Tim Burton. I've been told that so many times. I love waltzing time signatures. There's something about the emphasis and division in the oom pah pah that make me feel a sense of passionate apathy or joyful despair. I like minimalism, which portrays subtle development in pure simplicity. But it irks me how simple yet captivating minimalism is, not with just music but all forms of art. How come people adore the beauty in things that are painfully plain? And I like beats and electronic music in general. So if you smush that all together then, collectively, that's what my music sounds like.

If anything about this is appealing to you, then I suggest you take a listen to something of mine. If this biography section isn't likable to the point of being totally intolerable...well...goodbye!

- Email: zzipzipperzz@yahoo.com
- Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/zipzipper
- Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheIllusoryGentleman
- Newgrounds page: http://zipzipper.newgrounds.com





Skip Me
Fashion Icon
Celebrity Debutant
Of The Eye In The Beholder
The Garbage Man
Trying To Adapt
Utopia Versus Dystopia
Probably Insatiable

(All album art is by Stephen Archer.)


And here's the rest of my music. This categorization won't always be 100% accurate. Basically, each list starts with the newest and ends with the oldest. If it says it has vocals, then that means my voice is being used in it in some way. A starmeans that I'm making a suggestion, but you may very well ignore them all.



Includes circus music and whatever else has a peculiar, miscellaneous, and haunting vibe.

- Mega Circus!
- ☆To My Cat
- TV Tourist
- No Homo Action
- ☆Automatonophobia
- ☆Pas Clair
- Waiting Room
- The Overworked Elf
- Szalona Kura Polka
- ☆Restless Jester Wants To Pester
- ☆The Mostly Monsters Trail
- Ultrakinetic
- ☆Attention Deficiency
- Bloodthirsty Dolphin
- ☆Lack Of Sleep (has vocals)
- ☆Freddy Fazbear Has Great Pizza (has vocals)
- Balloon Animals
- ☆Fasting's Feastible Funfair
- The Babadook Song (has vocals)
- ☆Germs
- ☆Are You Afraid? (has vocals)
- Miss Flaygy (has vocals)
- Clown Nap
- Sourire Effroyable
- Razing Doll
- ☆The Broken Siren
- Juste Une Blague
- Venomous Child
- ☆Bim Berugmi (has vocals)
- Octonose The Clown (has vocals)
- ☆Ignorance Is Bliss
- Manège Fétide
- ☆Eating Glass (has vocals)
- ☆Walking Carousel
- Quick Playtime
- Circus To My Vanity
- ☆Try Not To Die Today
- Killing Puppies
- Male Masturbation
- ☆The Honey Pixie
- Gift Of Giving Nothing (has vocals)
- ☆Your Life Is Insignificant (has vocals)
- ☆Karnaval Horrifique (has vocals)
- Funeral (has vocals)
- Enfant Gros
- Gallant Gecko's Fugue
- ☆Eileen Is A Monster (has vocals)
- The Lawless Spectacular Chorus Line Mallet Anthem (has vocals)
- ☆Kanuvma (has vocals)
- The Ducky March (has vocals)
- ☆Pierrot
- Battre L'horloge
- ☆Freaky Fantasy (has vocals)
- ☆Doctor Toadsmile (has vocals)
- Enfant Fou
- Quintessential Valse (has vocals)
- The Marathon Of Monkeys
- Kitty Attack
- Pit Of Ignominy (has vocals)
- Scorny Simpleton's Cynical Symphony
- ☆The Cannibal
- ☆Sugar Rush
- Nothing New
- ☆Inflatable Madness (has vocals)
- Pumpkin Polka (has vocals)
- A Frozen Clown (has vocals)
- Tintamarre Assourdissant (has vocals)
- Army Of Clowns
- Computer Cabaret (has vocals)
- Unhelpfullaby (has vocals)
- ☆Cerebrum's Themes
- Fat People On The Beach (has vocals)
- Circus Island
- Intoxicated Parade
- The Copycat
- Tintamarre Convulsif (has vocals)
- ☆Fear Is Wandering Free (has vocals)
- ☆Slender Man Song (has vocals)
- Beetle Door (has vocals)
- ☆Kuchisake-Onna
- Turnstile Trap (has vocals)
- Veel Hoesten
- ☆The Devil On A Bicycle
- Caja De Música
- The Museum Of Deadly Dolls
- Bertram The Bird Watcher (has vocals)
- Nails On A Screech Surface (has vocals)
- Electric Noise Calliope
- The Newt Cottage
- The Quest Of The Witches
- Jungle Gym
- ☆Debacle (has vocals)
- Gasping For Air
- ☆Whistler's Tune (has vocals)
- ☆Volti Prezuma (has vocals)
- Mister Gidds And His Really Weird Farm
- Valse Of The House Pets
- The Clockworks Spectacle
- Merry-Go-Round
- Akumu
- ☆A Tour Through Hell
- Giant Circus (has vocals)
- Creepy Voice Loop (has vocals)
- Disgusting Pig
- Hodgepodge
- Proper Adjustments


Pieces that are a bit more conventional. A few are more oriented to a certain part of the world.

- ☆Goodbye Cafe!
- Just Like Normal
- Words Can Destroy Lives
- ☆Laudamus Te
- ☆Skhug Smoothie
- ☆Holy Crappuccino!
- Ice Cream Carousel
- ☆Naptime Near The Forest Floor
- Piedistallo
- CloverHouse Inn
- ☆Propter Bonus Mundi
- ☆Scattered Papers (solo piano)
- ☆Hindering Hindsight
- The Especially Cancelled Birthday
- Maybe I'm Just Supporting The Cause
- ☆Little Bit Of A Crush
- ☆The Nervous Date
- Alarming Grace (Tribal)
- ☆See You Later Incubator
- ☆After Awhile In A Junk Pile
- Puny Prelude
- Zizbartdheph
- ☆Gentilhomme Vertueux
- Pockets
- ☆Moi (solo accordion)
- ☆Glum (Jazzy)
- Horrible Wafers
- ☆Glitchio Inventio
- ☆Wonderfullaby
- ☆Jambon Froid Jeté Sous La Pluie
- The Children Must Go
- Atrocite In A Minor
- The Jump
- ☆Through Twists And Turns
- Many Beginnings (solo piano)
- ☆Puck's Waltz
- Prelude Saraswati (Fusion)
- Dublin Sneeze Terrier
- The Sea
- Vanish (solo piano)
- ☆Elegant Elephant
- Roadkill (Tribal)
- New York! Can You Imagine? (Jazzy)
- The Vast Court (solo organ)
- ☆Glass
- Get Away From Here!
- The Shadow's Flight
- Metaphor
- ☆Marion Ette
- Afternoon
- Evil Thoughts
- ☆A Lonely Goblin (Jazzy)
- The Textile
- (East Asian)
- ☆The Procession Into The Lough (Celtic)
- Overpopulation
- ☆Piranha King
- Phantom Of Flowers (solo piano)
- ☆George The Guru (Fusion)
- The Blackmail
- The Blackmail With No Evidence
- Softspoken (solo piano)
- ☆Envelope
- Parisian Walk (French)
- The Last Newscast
- Justice By Destruction
- You Wanna Kill? (Jazzy)
- Crystal Waltz
- Weeping Angels
- ☆Ombrello
- Dark Resplendence (solo piano)
- ☆Swing
- Warfare
- Warfare With No Gunfire
- ☆March Of The Leprechauns (Irish)
- ☆Goin' Up (Jazzy)
- ☆Lisa Estrella
- Dance Of The Abducted (solo piano)
- The Odd Festival (Medieval)
- Ninjas (East Asian)
- ☆Pipe Organ Dream
- ☆The Hatching Egg
- L'araignée Est Le Seul Ami
- ☆The King Of Playgrounds
- A Serenade For Whom Doth Suffer
- Tango Tantrum (Fusion)
- Emily's Palace
- Plus De Souffrance
- ☆Neddy Bear
- Attractions (solo organ)
- ☆Run While You Still Can (solo piano)
- Fancy
- The Terrible Tale
- Strange Rain
- ☆Ferris Wheel Forever
- Harmonious Farting
- Chaos Loop
- ☆The Goodbye Waltz
- Insanitease (solo organ)


Pieces more about beats and synths. There's also a bunch of alternative pop songs with my voice.

- ☆Nothing To Hide
- ☆Nice Guy
- The Polluted Sky (has vocals)
- ☆Waltz For Gamers
- ☆Crash Landing (has vocals)
- Kevin's Raffle
- ☆The Romantic Waltz (has vocals)
- A Whole New Year (has vocals)
- ☆One And Only One (has vocals)
- Echolocation (has vocals)
- ☆Rainfall (has vocals)
- Feisty Heisty
- ☆Impulse
- Learn To Keep Track
- ☆Piece (has vocals)
- ☆I Don't Want To (has vocals)
- Treatment
- There's A Time For That
- Crumble And Shatter (has vocals)
- ☆Make A Scene (has vocals)
- Chagrin Within
- What Have You Done? (has vocals)
- ☆Swing These Castles
- ☆The Fetish (has vocals)
- ☆Go Beyond (has vocals)
- Through The Blue (has vocals)
- ☆Fall Asleep (has vocals)
- The Future In Front Of You
- Millenarianism (has vocals)
- ☆I'm Late For My Love (has vocals)
- ☆Skeletal Condition (has vocals)
- ☆Dreams Of Splendor (has vocals)
- Chemistry
- 8-Bit Symphony
- ☆Once Upon A Time (has vocals)
- Objective
- A Wish Away
- Magic Gallery
- ☆Level Of Luck (has vocals)
- Hopping Snails
- Air-Born
- ☆Brilliant Balcony (has vocals)
- Ineptitude (has vocals)
- Reason Y (Redo) (has vocals)
- ☆Brave Enough (has vocals)
- Actually Airborne
- Hard Point
- Flawless Folding Rooms (has vocals)
- ☆Love Before Death
- How We Won (has vocals)
- ☆The Beach And The City (has vocals)
- I Desire
- ☆Ice Skating In Solitude
- Winter Of Ice Cream
- ☆Sex Robots
- Vowel Monster (has vocals)
- Make A Move (has vocals)
- Journey Of The Techno Mice
- Vague (has vocals)
- ☆The Battleground (has vocals)
- Defy Them All (has vocals)
- Lugubrious
- All Day With Some Night


Pieces originally made by others that I liked enough to interpret in my own way.

- Cry Baby (Cover) (Melanie Martinez)
- Voices In My Head (Pixar's Inside Out)
- Die No Uta (Pikmin)
- Mystery Jam At Spear Pillar! (Pokémon)
- Saria's Fairy-Go-Round (The Legend Of Zelda)
- Créature De Siam (Remix) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- The Coven's Creed (American Horror Story)
- Le Poison (Cover) (Kokusyoku Sumire)
- Noi (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Pageant (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Still Doll (Cover) (Kanon Wakeshima)
- Il Sogno Di Volare (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Isaac's Carnival (The Binding Of Isaac)
- Acrophelia's Lament (Cover) (Circus Contraption)
- The Despair Of Marquis
- The Only Friend (Remix) (Brave Fencer Musashi)
- Vai Vedrai (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- The Walking Dead (Opening Theme Remix)
- Havi Vahlia (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- We Wish You Abnormal Christmas
- Turret Wife Serenade (Remix) (Portal 2)
- The Thenardier Waltz Of Treachery (Remix) (Les Miserables)
- Candyman Theme (Cover)
- Marelle (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Aha! (Cover) (Imogen Heap)
- Pavane Opus 50 (Cover) (Gabriel Faure)
- Gohdan (Cover) (The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker)
- Calliope (Cover) (Nox Arcana)
- Grosse Femme (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Perplexing Pool (Remix) (Pikmin 2)
- Star-Spangled Waltzer
- 8mm (Cover) (Yann Tiersen)
- In Stiller Nacht (Cover) (Johannes Brahms)
- Simple Gifts (Remix)
- Mirko (Remix) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- Propel (Cover) (Cirque Du Soleil)
- La Valse Des Monstres (Cover) (Yann Tiersen)
- Dark Woods Circus (Cover) (Vocaloids)


Most of these have my voice in them.

- The Face Off
- Last Time
- A War With Me
- I See Stars
- Die Another Day
- Don't Run Away
- On The High Sea
- Calrow Street
- Spiritually
- You And Me
- Orange And Black
- Orange And Black II
- Envy
- Crushed (Cover)
- These Moments
- It's Not Too Late
- Mimes
- Spotlight City
- Paradise Party
- Shame Is Bliss
- Kuchisake-Onna (Remix)
- Stay Strong
- We Change It
- Dangerous Rumors
- Neddy Bear (The Story)
- The Stowaway


None of these have my voice in them.

- Epic Story Warrior
- The Circle Of Difference
- Bad Guy Gang
- Zeugma
- Cruise Ship
- Super Retro Camel Street Race
- Putrid Humor
- Highland Rave
- Modern Day
- Praise Da Lawd
- Ignoring Pleasures
- The Night Of The Toys


I secretly aspire to be a voice actor.

- A Knight To Remember
- Marriage Counselor
- Dublin Sneeze Terrier (The Story)
- Zipper's Amateur Voice Demo
- Pathfinding Robot
- Metaphor (The Story)
- Recording #9