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'Wanted (or not) ~ The Cowboy' CD Sampler Blues Jun 10, 2011 955
Four Short Poems by The Cowboy Spoken Word Sep 25, 2011 855
Lord They Call It Love Blues Feb 19, 2012 550
Chapped Lips Explicit Comedy Dec 17, 2012 498
Mission Girl Explicit Comedy Dec 19, 2012 453
Gender Speak Comedy Dec 23, 2012 424
Hawking and The Cowboy at Beretta Explicit Comedy Jan 12, 2013 464
bell bottom blues ~ guitarra a cappella Blues Jul 9, 2013 601
Fly Me to the Luna (cy ~ of Love) Jazz Nov 6, 2013 693
Fooling Around Jazz Aug 7, 2014 450
I Need My Woman Other Aug 19, 2016 383
Köszönöm New Age Aug 24, 2016 308
Born Under A Bad Sign & Drunk Blues Sep 16, 2016 409
Here Comes My Baby Pop Sep 23, 2016 387
35 DAZE CD Sampler Jazz Aug 3, 2017 435
In a Bad Way Featuring Sarah Matthews Blues Aug 7, 2017 386
Blues Ditty Blues Aug 8, 2017 314
Fly Whooper Fly - Tribute to Turo Jazz Aug 28, 2017 368
i am yours World Sep 1, 2017 286
Everything is Everything Spoken Word Sep 13, 2017 266
Mean Old Frisco (ain't talkin' 'bout no ******* train) Blues Sep 14, 2017 256
I Shot The Sheriff Blues Sep 22, 2017 255
Drama Spoken Word Sep 24, 2017 239
My Cheatin' Heart Country Sep 30, 2017 240
I'm So Glad Blues Oct 18, 2017 286
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Blues Oct 26, 2017 241
Strange Brew Blues Nov 4, 2017 194
Goodbye featuring Georgia Spiritual/Gospel Nov 10, 2017 238
Landslide ~ Cowboy Style Blues Nov 14, 2017 314
Cocaine Blues Nov 25, 2017 175
Thorn Tree In The Garden Blues Dec 4, 2017 165
You Are So Beautiful Other Dec 9, 2017 232
What A Wonderful World Other Dec 11, 2017 164
My Emotional Support Animal, Sarah Comedy Feb 25, 2018 146
Not Alone Spoken Word Mar 13, 2018 131


Ruby-throated Hummingbird

... as part of their migration, they must fly across the Gulf of Mexico ...


Now ~ The Cowboy

"Got me a Rock 'n' Roll Heart wrapped around The Blues ~ Peppered with Folk, Jazz, and Country Twang."


Bio preface:

In regards to this realm (that is, life as we know it) I am very cognizant that the preponderance of other beings are less fortunate and are dealing with much greater difficulties and much worse conditions than I. Some of my actions and many of my thoughts and prayers are for them.

Otherwise, I'm kind of old and rather irrelevant.


I, Allison Barton Rice (aka: The Cowboy) started flirting with the guitar around the age of 11 (Beatles, Stones, British Invasion, and all that rot). One day, whilst on summer break from the first college I attended and under the influence of some fantastic mushrooms I picked, I played a friend's electric guitar that was plugged into a wah-wah pedal and an amplifier. Playing it while manipulating the wah led to a major epiphany! That is, figuratively speaking, I sonically wah-wahed myself into some sort of out-of-body experience in which the intricacies of the Universe were revealed to me. As I went past Ursa Minor, I said to myself: "Damn! I got to play the gee-tar more often, maybe all the time.". Needless to say, I became quite enamored with this particular madness and began to pursue music in most ways, shapes, and forms.

To be sure, I love music.

That being said, over the years I've come to learn that 'Variety is the Spice of Life'. So, I try not to get too carried away in any one area. I guess the word would be 'Balance' and the thought would be 'Holism'.

Anyway, a bit later I worked as a hospital corpsman (medic) in the U.S. Navy. This lasted a bit more than 3 years, half of which with the U.S. Marines. The beginning of the end of my military career came in December of '77 when I, objectively (western perspective), had a psychotic episode. Subjectively (eastern perspective), I had an 'Epiphany' or, a more accurate and complete description, an 'Episode of Unitive Consciousness' (Samadhi) in which I experienced a total and completely overwhelming sense of Oneness with Everything - God, The Universe - Everything, in some form or another of a Unified Oneness.


Sometimes it is described as "Connectedness" by people who've had the experience, such as astronaut Edgar Mitchell (In Memoriam: " ... he was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness.") -

For more on this subject, consider the discussion at this link -


The love, truth, peace, comfort, clarity, and beauty I experienced (and the experience itself) was, and is, ineffable and unfathomable. Perhaps it was my 'Road to Damascus'. Then again, maybe it was nothing but insanity. Maybe it was both, or something else entirely. Regardless, to me it was the birth or awakening or revitalization of my spirit, or (simply) enlightenment. However, I was deemed a lunatic, stigmatized, and traumatically maltreated (such be the nature of the western perspective).

Moving on, throughout my life I've had a fascination with mechanical things, small and large. Even though we live in an Electronic-Information age (that's been moving into a Nonsensical-Idiotic-Orwellian Age of Extensive Avarice & Duplicity), something about cogs, springs, wheels, and gears captures my attention, especially when they're spinning around. Such, that I spent a great deal of time wrenching on cars and motorcycles during my twenties for fun and profit - as I continued to work in the medical field, albeit sporadically.

And, I was something of a professional student - attending day and evening classes around my work schedule - studying music, photography, art, humanities, social & environmental studies, along with general education requirements.

At the age of 29 ...

while feeling restless and struggling with severe/disabling depression (a significant issue in my life), and uncertain and/or ignorant and/or not understanding and/or not recognizing and/or not accepting of my spiritual-emotional-mental-psychological need/s and/or condition/s, and striving to cope with some of life's harsher realities

... I became so overly concerned about long term issues (career, earning potential, etc.) that I thought it a good idea to earn a B.S. degree in business administration. So I did.

Thereafter, I worked at a lot of business type jobs of no particular interest to me other than a paycheck. And, even though the work and experiences were (and continue to be) beneficial for me, I did not care for most of it.

Additionally, having a weak understanding of “happiness” and turning away from the little I had in pursuit of what I thought it was (i.e. doing things for the sake of "money" or "something" or "someone" and not being true to myself), I drank a lot of alcohol, consumed ever increasing amounts of drugs (especially cocaine), behaved quite badly & quite poorly, and ended up being very unhappy.

Underpinning my thoughts, feelings, and behavior is that much of the guidance and treatment I received as a child (as well as through my formative years and thereafter) was inappropriate, incorrect, misdirected, dishonest, abusive, and damaging. Hence, I wasn’t very happy to begin with and I wasn't inclined to ask for guidance nor accept it when offered. Consequently, I found myself on the road to ruin (and a run-in with the law, which was a blessing and likely saved me from a very bad ending).

When I came to and started picking up the pieces of the wreckage known as me and my life, I became inclined. That is, inclined to seek out and accept appropriate and correct guidance for me, myself, and I. Additionally, further contemplation led me to realize and understand that my passion(s) is my happiness - as well as my direction, path, and purpose. Thus, If I'm going to work something out, that's what I should work out - as best I can.

Fortunately, happily, and thankfully, I was (eventually) able to reclaim my soul and my passion(s) for playing the guitar, music, life, and love. Essentially, I stopped chasing my dreams and started living my dreams - as best I can.

Thus, I preach: Live the life and be the person you honestly love (as best you can) and (likely) you'll love your life and you'll love yourself.

Circumstances can and do play a part in this (that is, be realistic about your passion/s vis-à-vis your finances, vocation, hobbies, etc.). Nonetheless, involve yourself with the people, activities, endeavors, etc. that you truly care about - as best you can.

If you need to make changes, internally and/or externally, make them - as best you can. Don't waste any part of your life being phony and/or fake and/or miserable and/or in denial, it's no way to live. And, regarding "Toxic", get rid of it or away from it or clean it up (be it within or be it without).

The result(s) you seek will take some time and effort (likely some pain, too), nonetheless, continue the pursuit - you and your life are worth it.

I hope that if there is anything you take away from reading this, it is this:

Life is for living, and the most important and worthwhile life you can live is your life - to the fullest. So, do and be everything you can and want to do and be - as best you can.


Remember - be yourself, your HONEST self (in thought, word, and deed) - all the time. Yup, all the time. That's the standard. Can't do it? YES YOU CAN - little hummingbird.

Realize, If YOU ARE your HONEST self, you will naturally BE YOUR BEST self. AKA: Self Realization.

Slip, stumble, or fall? That's just part of it all. You know, live and learn. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on (i.e. come clean and make amends - to others AND to yourself).

A little insight: The more honest you are the mo' better you feel - about yourself. Some now, more later. And, to the extent that you're honest will be the extent of yourself and your life that you can be proud of. Pretty much anything and everything else that you're dishonest about will eventually and ultimately be something you regret and are ashamed of. Additionally, being honest is not stupid and/or unsophisticated and/or foolish - fact is, it's quite the opposite of those things.


I wish to comment on two facets of whatever it is we are in whatever this realm is.

This is, of course, with the acceptance of existence (i.e. I exist, you exist, the universe exists) and that the totality of existence is beyond our knowledge and (perhaps) beyond our comprehension - at least for now. And, without regard to quantum theory.

First: At any and every single point in time, each one of us is what we is and each one of us can not be anything else at that moment. Within accepting/embracing/recognizing one's self (existence) as one is (i.e. I am), love of one's self blooms, and contentment and peace prevail - more so than anywhere else, perhaps entirely so.

In that regard, I accept/embrace/recognize what I be (my existence) - even if nobody else does.

Second: Life is dynamic. Just as a seed sprouts, becomes a seedling, then a tree - the life each of us has is metamorphic.

In that regard, I accept/embrace/recognize where I've been and what I was, where I am and what I am, how I grow and proceed, and what I and my fate will be.

I accept/embrace/recognize for my and everyone's benefit - I accept/embrace/recognize as I hope everyone does or will.

From acceptance/embracing/recognition comes love and growth. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven/God and all things shall be added unto you." - especially on the inside.

That is, the Kingdom of Heaven/God is within you. Seeking it first is simply realizing and/or recognizing the existence of the spiritual realm and that you exist in that realm and it exists in you (a living being does not live by bread alone ... ).

Accept/embrace/recognize and love ... "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you."

And, what of that other person (good, bad, or otherwise)? In a way, that's pretty much you (or your mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter), in another pair of boots on another trail. Or, at least it could be and/or will be someday. Or, perhaps, it was at an earlier time.

Thus, consider: LOVE without prejudice.

Furthermore, death (maybe the ultimate transition) will come to each of us, and then ??? I ask: What meaning is there to our existence and/or what we have or don't have and/or what we are doing or not doing? What will it mean when we die and/or thereafter?

Anyway, in my opinion, all parts of the world are screwed-up at one time or another. And, to the extent you're happy and well and upright, will essentially be the extent to which the screwed-up part of the world will not like you, maybe even hate you - especially if you're forthright, too. However, the good and worthwhile part of the world will love you dearly and you will find kindness, solace, and a respite there.

These days, when love comes over me, I will say "I love you" when it's honest, appropriate, and right to do so. I say "honest, appropriate, and right" because it seems to me that too many people are way too careless with these three little words, rendering them meaningless and often times hurtful and/or harmful. Especially when someone says 'em without being ready or willing to back 'em up, or, worse, when he/she is lying.

And, one thing for sure, what a person does or doesn't do, most often means much more than what a person says. Obviously, the two should be congruent (honest and good is implied, little hummingbird).

In any case, I do have a natural enthusiasm for life and love. When I can, I like to let others know that I care about them and I think of them. However, I have no interest in being too much or too little of anything to anybody. And, I have no interest in anybody being too much or too little of anything to me. But, sometimes it happens, one way or another and/or for one reason or another.

So, (likely the most meaningful, significant, and/or important thing I have to say for myself) I'm sorry and I apologize for any instance(s) I failed or let someone down that I should not have, for anytime I was not there when I should have been (or vice-versa), and for any harm I've done that I should not have - past, present, and future. Not only in the general sense, but in each and every case. And, not just in word, also in deed. If there's something I can do to make up for my transgression(s), I do it. (So should you, in addition to apologizing. A word about people that are unwilling to apologize and make amends when they should, I've got no use for such people and I don't want any of them in my life).

And, of course, I deeply regret and I apologize for any and all lying, cheating, stealing, and deceitful behavior I did and/or had a part in.

Additionally, when it is correct and right, I am very forgiving.

However, if and when I'm able to determine someone is lying to me and/or trying to get one over on me and/or is non compos mentis, mendacious, or malicious - or any combination thereof - I'll likely (that is, at my discretion) tell him/her to get some help and/or to go to hell (or something even worse). For that, I do not apologize.

Should my preceding paragraph offend you or bring rise to any negative feeling(s) and/or thought(s) within you about me and/or concerning me, I'll tell you what:

If I ever lie to you and/or try to get one over on you and/or you find me to be non compos mentis, mendacious, or malicious - or any combination thereof - please tell me to get some help and/or to go to hell (or something even worse). I thank you and I apologize in advance, should it occur.

Tell me something truthful, valid, and sound - I will respect it. If it's funny, I'll laugh. If it's sad, I'll cry. Et cetera. And, I'll respect you.

Accordingly - Love & Truth (Honesty) is my Faith; Any & All Dimensions my Realm (not that I entirely know my way around, yet); and Jehovah/God/Whatever my Maker I can't say I'm in a position to define what God is or isn't, but I tend to think it(?) is everything in totality - whatever that is.

Besides by word and deed, I like to express my beliefs/thoughts/feelings, and enjoy life with and through music.

As Bobby Whitlock said on a live recording: "Life is what you make it. So, take it and make it beautiful." - I add, as best you can.

Whenever you have the blues, play 'em - as best you can.

Have a wonderful day, everyday - as best you can.

I love you, little hummingbird.