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I've been away for a while but would love your opinion on my latest offering.

Amanda Chapman has three obsessions; cats, chocolate and music. She owned her first cat when she was 19, discovered chocolate when she was 3 and wrote her first song when she was 12.

Amanda was born, raised and still lives in Yorkshire. She grew up in South Kirkby, a small, close-knit village, with her incredibly supportive parents Alice and Frank. At 13 Amanda sang live for the first time and amazed her friends and family with a vocal maturity way beyond her years. From that moment, she knew that her future was to be in music.

The album: ‘Goodbye Youth’ is Amanda’s life condensed into 17 heartfelt, truthful and beautiful songs. “It has been a hard, passionate and exhilarating 3 year project, and though I’m glad to have reached the next stage, I’m already missing the unspeakably, rewarding process” Though she has loved every minute of the recording process she believes that where the songs truly belong is on stage, performed live, given the chance to breathe.

Her lyrics are triggered by emotions, words and experiences, giving her songs a real-life, real-world inspirational beauty. She feels that writing about actual events and believable sentiment are the key to producing great songs, both for the listener and the performer.

Amanda Chapman is the latest in a long line of Yorkshire contemporary songwriters, joining such esteemed company as Joe Cocker, Pulp and, most recently, the Kaiser Chiefs,

This, her debut album, is to be her launch pad. (for cd go to www.amandachapman.co.uk)

Recently, Amanda is grateful for the opportunity Icompositions creates.
"...to contribute, collaborate and discuss music with people over the globe at the click of a button is totally amazing & awesome!"
Fellow collaborators include STEVEC & ZALLAZ, look up in artists for more details.

"Thanks to everyone who listens to my tunes; I appreciate the critique, the inspiration, the motivation and the support. Good Luck to each and everyone of you!"

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Miss You More (music vid) Music Videos Nov 15, 2007 1094
MacJammin Electronica Nov 15, 2007 1419
miss you more Rock Mar 27, 2006 2192
Casino Royale (JAMES BOND THEME) Rock Feb 2, 2006 12239
SEX:the art of seduction Rock Nov 3, 2005 2954
Golden Girls (TV THEME COVER) Rock Oct 22, 2005 8742
THE CONSCIENCE Folk Oct 20, 2005 1947
YOU MAKE ME WANNA SCREAM!!!!! Electronica Oct 17, 2005 3237
TOURIST (would they really care) Collab Rock Oct 17, 2005 3195
music in me Rock Sep 30, 2005 1492


Title Genre Released Plays
I Don't Wanna Stay Anymore Dance Dec 14, 2010 953
Above the law Rock Oct 2, 2010 588
Gimmie the Money Pop Oct 2, 2010 607
Brick - Remix Explicit Rock Mar 11, 2008 1001
Bounce - Doc Remix Rock Mar 10, 2008 1169
Unlikely Rock Jan 29, 2008 774
Mother Hubbard Rock Jan 8, 2008 664
Sleeping Alternative Jan 7, 2008 1021
Free World Alternative Mar 4, 2007 1010
Out the Front Door Rock Mar 4, 2007 919
If You Don't By Now Alternative Feb 25, 2007 875
Bounce Remix Pop Jan 13, 2007 901
Bounce w/ Amanda Chapman Rock Nov 6, 2006 1003
Snake in Paradise w/ Amanda Chapman Rock Nov 5, 2006 1162
The Payoff w/ Amanda Chapman Rock Nov 5, 2006 1205
Into The Heart featuring Amanda Chapman Rock Oct 15, 2006 1934
Sex: The Art Electronica Apr 7, 2006 1848
I´m a little girl Pop Apr 2, 2006 3232
Ungrateful (version 3) Rock Feb 19, 2006 3524
Inside Yourself featuring Amanda Chapman Rock Jan 1, 2006 2230
Snap Krackle Pop! (remix) Rock Sep 28, 2005 6434
Brick w/ Vocals by Amanda Chapman Rock Apr 7, 2005 1574