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The Place of Dead Roads by arctictransmissions 4 months ago
@RiGee I checked out your Aussie mate. Yea, I am following him now! I follow you already at my rock site The Bent Eights.
Yes I Did by falconep 11 months ago
I like the thick synth that is panned slightly to the right.
In Retrograde by BlancFroid 11 months ago
Good arrangement and production. Most cool indeed.
In the pocket.
Teetering Peninsulas by revoltington 11 months ago
Dumb cover art.
Take On Me by ScottHorwath 11 months ago
Sometimes not sure what to say. On the headphones with this and just liking it.
Nonentity by BlancFroid 11 months ago
But I'm Not The One, Am I? by falconep 11 months ago
I want to do some spoken word stuff too, too add something to my synthy noodlings. I am not Rick Wakeman on keys so I cannot hold an interest too long, but this is a good idea. I had upped one but removed it and need to redo the reading. Must think of the reading as the "vocals". Nice and spacey. But not too far out.
Looking for a reason by MetropolisGorai 11 months ago
I like the main guitar too. Nice.
Paid In Full by falconep 12 months ago
Pretty interesting stuff.
Bambi Burger by AnEnglishState 1 year ago
Seems there is a cultural reference here (not to the Disney animal character) I am missing because I am out of the loop totally anymore. I can say this, it is a great arrangement and mix and production. I listened through my monitors and I want to give it a new listen through my headphones because I can hear some slick panning going on. Good stuff.
Sad Story (Acoustic) by gonzalez6389310 1 year ago
Ambience is cool. Like Led Zeppelin's Black Country Woman where you hear an airplane fly over because they recorded it outside. A lot of people hate that song but I always liked it. Good stuff here Joey.
Blood Lightning by BlancFroid 1 year ago
When and if I ever start uploading again -after a weird situation I and with some rude members and a moderator- one thing I am going to steal from you, loosely, is your method of turning the song art into an EP or 45 rpm type cover. It really gives the song more personality. It also always says you use some loops. I do not really use loops but I like what you are doing. Are the loops mostly for the drums and percussion parts? I dig your stuff and your work method. I am also under the account called thebenteights. My rock music site. Really cool stuff you and izrok (?) do.

Bill Dan
something [cover] by eagle 1 year ago
Really a good job here.
Heart Of Gold by zincshed 1 year ago
Nice use of the MIdi files. Good vocals.
Flutterbye by ScottHorwath 1 year ago
Nice indeed. Good job Scott.
Breathing by AnEnglishState 1 year ago
Hallelujah and welcome back prodigal preacher. I like it.
Sons of Donny by revoltington 1 year ago
Old school prog.
Spooky Creeps by drodbar 1 year ago
very nice indeed. I like the tiny little guitar that comes out in the center now and then. A little like King Crimson in places I think.
herfra hvor vi staar by irok 1 year ago
Actually your vocals are pretty good. Like toveco says you can push them up a bit even. I think I feel the same way. I am too shy about my voice to even post a song with it, but we are probably not that bad, or at least good enough. Pleas, more vocals. The danish language make it sound real... Black Metal like... it i probably about eating pop tarts while stoned or something.
The Circle is Blue by BlancFroid 1 year ago
The opening synth chords are beautiful. very sound track like. I like the way you keep most of your stuff to two and half minutes. Good idea and discipline and I am inspired to do the same. you fit in lots in that short time. Like the Music for films stuff by Eno.
Controlled Burn by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Right off sounded like Angelo Badalamenti. I have those sound tracks and need to get them back out after this.
for no reason by irok 1 year ago
Byes, you're really doing some cool stuff here. This would work well with some deep, brooding vocals. Some sort of vampire or night stalker themed lyrics. Like the Edge style guitar harmonic stuff. Groovy and grim.
Gretel by pharmakeus 1 year ago
When the vocals came in I just felt the piece had a dark Nick Cave sort of vibe. This is well mixed and a good song. You guys are onto something. Keep up.
EMOJI by Gadzooks 1 year ago
pretty good.
Cruel Wonderland by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Nice arrangement and mix here. I appreciate a standard type arrangements of the sections. Even a bridge/middle 8 in the right place. Good job. Sort of wanted more when it ended.
Big Swinging Lizard by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Sounds like you are using your drum machine pretty effectively and it sounds real enough. This is very inspiring actually. At about 2:30 it turns into something like The Mars Volta. " her amygdala knows nothing of pain".Awesome.
Digging for Fish by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Great listen again. In the vain of the early synth songs by Eno and Tangerine Dream. Cool title and cover art as well. How do you get the art to look like an album cover? What size do you save as?
Chunky Lava by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Some of this would fit into a 70's style european B-movies, like a Euro-spy thriller. I almost think that is your intent. Wish I could do stuff like this. Sounds fun.
The New Nightmare by Eugod3000 1 year ago
Cool how'it jumps a bit off the beat ever so slightly here and there. Good stuff from the old days.
Carry On (VIMH) by becwil 1 year ago
Eastwest is a Kontakt Library maker, right? These samples are awesome actually. So ahrd to get vice samples.
No snow 120 by irok 1 year ago
Good rock stuff. Has a Brit pop/rock sound form the 80's or so.
Into Spirals by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Excellent synths! And great cover art as usual.
Night World by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Very 80's synth pop style. A good thing.
Palance by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Great chords and pads. It does actually conjure up Jack Palance in some way.
Fog Machine of War by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Nice. Is that you on the guitar there? Sort of Brian Eno like, from Music for Films for example.
what by irok 1 year ago
Not too dull. And here is an example of how some lyrics and vocals -referring to your recent blog post- could turn this into a real "hit". Simple arrangements and controlled performances are great.
more sound by irok 1 year ago
Does have a Joe vibe and a little surf feel as well. Good job.
Take The Cannoli - Godfather 45th Anniversary by falconep 1 year ago
Interesting. How was this done? Some samples from the movie or what? Sounds like some weird backwards tape effects in there. very strange in places.
SHREDIVARIUS VI by SebastienGabriel 1 year ago
Reminds me of the days of Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records. High level.
Lucky Man (Tribute) by ScottHorwath 1 year ago
Great singing here.
Dua Lipa - Want To - COVER by SebastienGabriel 1 year ago
You can muster up a really lush and nice pop-rock sound. I liked the cover you did of Ramble On as well. This sounds rather "Berlin" like, as I do not know the original song. You are belssed with a flexible and capable singing voice. Good work.
Whodunit by RazbaqueDirge 1 year ago
Ai had to the it because it was a combination of hip hop and Lovercraft. But not sure I would call it hip hop after hearing it, but I am I.d not sure what hip hop is I think. It is very middle eastern in mood and fascinating. I am surprised to see you use Sony Acid. Do they still update that? I used to use it too and went on to Ableton Live which is sort of similar but has an easier workflow for me. This was most interesting. The type of thing that makes me want to go and do something.
YESTERDAY by RiGee 1 year ago
wow, almost like Leon Redbone.
Pinch Me by falconep 1 year ago

Love the Ventures and their girly girl covers. Good stuff.
Satan's Thermos by BlancFroid 1 year ago
when that guitar comes in it sounds a little like some old Tangerine Dream.
Stones by fuzzynormal 1 year ago
Ha... great. well recorded acoustic and vox. This is a nice self contained little piece of music.
Key to Your Kidney by BlancFroid 1 year ago
wonderful pads. what I really like about your stuff -outside the music- are your creative art art creations. very stylish.
Frozen Coffee by arctictransmissions 1 year ago
Sure, I gotcha Sammy. Some stuff like this is almost borderline "throwaway" material where I am just noodling with the software. I plan on remedying this in the future with these things by either making them shorter or stringing a couple together. Thanks.
Looking by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Who,is doing those synths? Amazing. Good stuff.
Distorted by sammydix 1 year ago
Wow. Great. Kinda spooky. And that is a good thing.
Walk Away Wedding by ScottHorwath 1 year ago
That cover art reminds me of the Yradbirds except no blonde guy for Keith Relf. Lovely keyboard work. Wish I could play half as good as that.
Black Lipstick by BlancFroid 1 year ago
is that Lydia Lunch in your cover art? You seem like a Lydia Lunch guy. Great sounds. I try stuff like this with Reaktor, Massive and Absnthbut it never sounds too good to me I delete it. Keep at it I guess. You stuff often sounds really clean and airy. I do not know how to do chords well on keyboard too, only single notes or two note chords based on guitar chords in my mind. This is what I am trying to do sometimes. Good job
Sweet Veronica by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Yea, cool. Almost like some sort of Joy Division song. How are you doing the drums? Ideal or software? Sounds very real. Very cool brass part in the middle. Good job Pharm.
Hey KC, I am Bill, used to be here as billdancourtney. Back under a couple new names with new stuff coming and I am so happy to hear you doing new cool and well mixed material. What drum software are you using? Or maybe not any. Sounds so real. Addictive Drumms or Superior or the Loif Pro stuff? Guitars are panned nicely. As always... Good job buddy!
Calling Dr. Love by cacciamai 1 year ago
I was never a Kiss fan except for a handful of their early songs, like Strutter and Cold Gin and Firehouse. I think those are the names. And Dr. Love (as we called it back then).

I have a ukelele here next to me and know a lot of the chords. I just thought there was going to be this Ace Frehly type Gibson Les Paul power chord and I heard that uklelele and it freaked me out. I got over it quickly smiley
all synths 140 2016 by irok 1 year ago
Most fantastic.
Calling Dr. Love by cacciamai 1 year ago
Hmm... ukelele.