Brian began playing bass in 1987 in his home town of Humboldt, Iowa. He always showed in interest in music and performing for an audience. He started music lessons on the piano in elementary school and trumpet and French horn in junior high school. But his attention turned to rock-n-roll in junior high when he was influenced by pop radio. He started thinking about playing the electric guitar, but two of his friends already had guitars and the band they wanted to start needed a bass. From then on he took bass lessons from his high school band director and played in jazz band as well as various small combo groups. Brian attended Northwest Missouri State to major in music education. He played all of the university bands including several small jazz groups and the Northwest Jazz Ensemble which performed around the Midwest from Wichita to Chicago.

After graduating college with a degree in recreation management, Brian took a break from music and concentrated on different careers. However no occupation proved to be a strong suit for him like music. After about four years off from music, Brian started seeking serious bands. He has played with area groups like The Ray Alburn Big Band featuring popular Kansas City vocalist Kathleen Holeman as well as the Classic Touch Orchestra. He as also played with local up and coming artists Shannon Dawn, and Lance Combs and has opened for Tim Suttle (Satellite Soul) and Cynthia "Mama J" Johnson.. Brian has also recently worked as a sound engineer for popular Vietnamese recording artists Dam Wing Hung & Hong Ngoc as well as national recording artists T. Graham Brown and Doug Stone. Whn Brian isn't composing, he is playing Christian rock with The Jason Watson Band, and acoustic rock for Half Price Budha.

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Finally working on my own music May 17, 2011
I'm finally creating music and sharing it with others.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Stardust Dreams Ambient Jul 8, 2011 412
Liquid Groove Ambient Jun 11, 2011 328
Sweet Dreams Ambient Jun 10, 2011 313
Venus: Jewel of the Sky Ambient May 24, 2011 627
Titan Touchdown Ambient May 22, 2011 359
Dancing on a Comet's Tail Ambient May 21, 2011 461
Aurora Dreams Ambient May 20, 2011 342
Nebular Motion Ambient May 17, 2011 407
Her Favorite Color is Yellow New Age May 17, 2011 568
What If... Ambient May 16, 2011 518
Andromeda Ambient May 16, 2011 525
Escape Velocity Ambient May 16, 2011 333