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I've been writing and playing music for most of my life. While I don't play out live anymore, I still enjoy fleshing out my musical ideas in a personal studio setting. My first tape machine was a 2-channel Sony 530 reel-to-reel, which I loved. Worked my way through a Teac 4-channel, a Fostex 8-channel, early Cubase/Mac G3, and now fit comfortably into a MacBook Pro and Garageband.

Some of my pieces are new realizations of older songs I've written, some are brand new compositions. Some are neatly packaged pop songs (for me at least), while others are experimental, odd cover/quote pieces. In the old days, it was important to record things that I could reproduce in a live setting, solo or with a band. Nowadays I don't really care if I could play the stuff live.

I hope somebody, somewhere, gets a little kick out of giving my stuff a listen, now and then. The songs don't mean much in the grand scheme of life, but they are important to me, and represent that place inside my soul, where I go to when I'm cold (now reads: when I'm old).

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Bhowani Junction Pop Mar 18, 2011 710
Expat Latin Oct 13, 2010 550
@10 Rock Oct 6, 2010 474
Over It Jazz Sep 9, 2010 417
I'll Wait New Age Jul 7, 2010 469
The Difference World Jul 7, 2010 474
Tia World Mar 4, 2010 564