Gitarrenunterricht October 29, 2017
Gitarrenunterricht Regensdorf e-gitarre privat akustische gitarre lernen raum z├╝rich
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New Band, new demo recording session Aug 2010 August 4, 2010
doc Spoons on Drums, Matt Savnik on Keys and yours truly john Lyons on vocals / guitars
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New Live Videos from December 28 2007 gig at Salzhaus, Winterthur, Switzerland January 6, 2008
Live concert trailer
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Videos from my gig Dec7. 2006 December 14, 2006
hi there, a freind of mine shot video of our gig and then i uploaded some clips to You Tube....
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trying some alternate guitar tunings April 3, 2006
i have been experimenting lately with partial alternate tunings on my guitar(s). Most recently on my acoustic i have been playing with the 1st string (high E) tuned town a whole setp to D. this gives a cool open G sound when you play the top 4 strings open. Read More...
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new gear April 2, 2006
bought some new gear recently. Want to find out what i am using?
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a little history and hello everybody March 31, 2006
just stumbled on the place 2 days ago and I really am digging it. So far it seems like just what I have been missing as a place to not only organize my own material but have others offer feedback , collaboration, tips and also listen to cool msuci from other artists - so like the Mickey Dee's jingle goes - "I'm Lovin' It""
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