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Bibbity Bobbity Boo—Lyric breakdown/meaning April 27, 2016
borris takes us through the simple meaning of the lyric for 'Bibbity Bobbity Boo' (Thanks again to fishcow for the wicked cool music. (borris only did vocals, lyrics, a bit of piano, and the odd train horn sound effect.)
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Think loops are useless/not original? ...NOT EVEN. March 28, 2016
So many of my songs were done with ONLY LOOPS. Check out these examples, and then start cutting, effecting, and generally messing with LOOPS. √
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Twitter, and iComp plays... February 10, 2016
I've noticed that a link on Twitter will get you many plays on iComp. Just sayin'.
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Cool lyric writing tips from BMI June 26, 2015
Show, don’t tell. That’s what they say...
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Online Mastering? LANDR might be helpful December 2, 2014
I tried a few of my old songs, just to give LANDR a try. Definitely did …something.
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Fadeouts RULE! February 1, 2014
Back in the day when I was together enough to actually upload music I recorded here at the almighty icompositions.com, I remember being repeatedly hassled for my seemingly endless use of what I consider to be one of the most powerful tools used in songwriting.
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6 Traits of a Badly Written Song ...(Link to a Music Connection article) December 22, 2012
Great article from Music Connection about songwriting. Unfortunately, according to this, my songs are almost all badly written.
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It's really quite amazing... (iCompositions.com, that is). November 18, 2012
This is such a unique site in the world of original music. It's a community like no other I've run across.
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Genres October 26, 2005
Schrodinger's Cat Paradox is one of the songs of mine that I like best. I guess I would describe it as 170 BPM fast movin', hard drivin', genre ignoring', fun! I hope you get a chance to check it out and read the funny and interesting comments that some people have left. 'Other' seems to be my genre of choice although I felt that I should choose 'Rock/Pop' for Schrodinger's Cat Paradox. I wish I didn't have to pick though because it's really not rock or pop - really. What genre is it then? Someone said it's Electronic because the effected xylophones sound like video game noises. Would that be Electro, Electronica, Electro Chair or what? Who knows? And I guess I could say, "who cares?" But as you will see from the following brief entry, people do seem to care. Speaking Of Genres by borris/cjacks Right before I was kicked out of Genre School, one of my instructors, told me that the correct genre for my song, Schrodinger's Cat Paradox, must be 'Hasbro Era Fancybeat'. Well, I told him that he was nuts and that it could only be a lavishly crafted combination of 'Future Gameshow', 'Hamster Wheel', 'New-In-Box', 'Space Yodel', 'Humpty Dollhouse', 'Turbo Gypsy', and possibly 'Outlaw Carnival' or Traditional Beat Pirate'. Then I realized that I hadn't noticed the whole 'Hechno-Promtractor' influence and that, in fact, the overall feel was really more like some kind of sped up 'Breakfastbeat', mixed with the slightest hint of 'Ashtray Pizza'. That was all it took.
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