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Native Urge by scaustrita 24 days ago

I love this.

Buckets Of Rain by Dyl 24 days ago
It does kinda have a cajun-ish feel somehow. Great guitar my ear is IN yer guitar. smiley

I saw Bob here in KC last year (maybe two years)...prob my fav album of his.

I dig the home-grown details. smiley
Verity by thenownows 24 days ago
Hey, nice tune, man! It's a little dylan-ish but way more modern and rustic smiley I dig it. Great lyrics...simple but just so good.

Well done, dood.
BAD RUMOURS (band version) by KCsGROOVE 24 days ago
I like yer voice on this, has little more gravel in the gizzard or something...adds another level, i think. i like the bass playin especially...lots of space and stops...well done, Erwin!
Not Ashamed to Smile by EvilFactman 28 days ago
Everybody is too cranky in general, Factman...depressing.

I'm glad yer postin stuff again.

Mixed Signals by Calchas 1 month ago
I like how that's a heavy riff - like alice in chains or something heavy - but it's in a not-metal tune,

Good mix on this too, man.

Interesting tune...kinda like Jethro Tull maybe?
Lets Inertia On and On by revoltington 1 month ago
I always meant to ask what kind of guitar you play, I know!

I don't hear any issues with chords. I always assume your chords are like Eb9add6dim and stuff like that... smiley

Cool work (music and art)!

Cascades by tomdevine 1 month ago
That would be a cool way to work...building around a vocal. I'll have to check that out.

That's a THICK bass sound there, Tom...I dig it.

Well done, indeed.

Bluebird (Paul McCartney and Wings Cover) by markeaux 1 month ago
I almost wore this lp OUT! The triple live "Wings Over America" is still one of my fav records of all time...largely cus of the song selection.

Really nice job on this, Marcus!
Win or Lose (Arcade Mix) by Neumuzik 1 month ago
Kinda has an almost surfy vibe to it, Neu...

I like the guitar solo sounds and progression...gets all revoltington-ish for a few secs!

Away From You 2 by ShadowofNine 1 month ago
DAMN!!! That woke me up. smiley

Good to hear from you, Dave!

Complicated (Switchback Mix) by Neumuzik 1 month ago
Cool song, Neu! Have you ever heard of the Godfathers? This reminds me of some of their best, more-sunny stuff (especially the slide part)...slap some vocals on this!
every time we say goodbye [duet] by eagle 1 month ago
This is really nice...laid back and chill...

I SO enjoyed this!

OTE -- portuguese -- o amor em paiz -- once i loved by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
very exotic, Emma. smiley

That's one of the best thing about icomps...when else would i get a chance to listen to something so different?!

I enjoyed this on this early saturday morning before everyone else gets up.

Quad Bass by LaFayette 1 month ago
Wow! I'm not much of a jazz guy but this is it at it's best...when it's really innovative. very cool, patrick.
The Super-Unremarkable Man is in Exile by JHarley 1 month ago
and it's a really good, professional=sounding recording too.

I like the switchin back and forth b/w major and minor chords in the middle...

i turned 50 a couple months is trippy.

How 'bout postin the lyrics, John?
Cowboy Tom Buckles Down That Hatch by sammydix 1 month ago
Each time I attempted or pre-listened to this, it was like a mental journey...kinda wore out my brain! It is a GREAT song, Sam.

I definitely agree on the "adventurous mood." It's kinda like a post-apocalyptic "Far Cry" theme?

I'm glad I just had to sing 'cus the playing is trippy! smiley
The Peak by Lagusaya2 1 month ago
Don't forget taxes...taxes suck too.

It IS huge, Stan. Writing gospel-type tunes is hard indeed. You did a great job on the harmonies too, Amigo.

Brushfire by Dyl 1 month ago
See, I like to think I'm a music expert, but I'd never heard this song... smiley

Dyl does such fine work (I mean LISTEN to the mix!) so I was glad to do it.

Dyl, I definitely like that lead guitar you did at the end better too; good choice!

The Slush Fund Ramifications by revoltington 1 month ago
so i'm a melville fan and the book is really deep in nautical terms. A "slush fund" was the money a whaling ship's cook could make at the end of a voyage of 6 months to a year. If food got cooked on a whaling vessel, it was boiled only (fire risk) and fresh water was at a premium so they'd use the same water over and over. After 18 months, this water had a greasy, nasty slush on its surface. The cook skimmed it off and sold it as candle tallow...thus, a "slush fund."

todd's music is a more obvious explanation, of course.

cool playin, man. very clean production.

Surrounded By Animals (New Mix) by thebenteights 1 month ago
first, that pic is kinda disturbing..."c'mere. little white monkey and take this orange i bought at price chopper yesterday..." smiley

really clean, soaring sound, man, but i hear what sammy's saying on the low end...

i like the "whoop-whoop" sound! smiley
Lethe (The Song Of Er) by Calchas 1 month ago should trade wax with my son! smiley He loves all that jethro gabriel prog. I respect those muchly. this is right up there. prog just has a certain earnestness about it. nice job, indeed.

I Don't Want to Fight by BewareTheFish 1 month ago
Great playin'...silky...kinda in a steely dan groove...
Saxing It Up With The Piano by Dorothy_Wilson 1 month ago
I had sax by a piano once...
Deep Dark Wood by nexusone 1 month ago
Hey, Nex,

My limited tech ear says it needs to be louder...

my stoney other ear likes yer approach. nice guitars...

you gotta sing though.
The Neighborhood Song by gold6821 1 month ago

it almost sounds like you have an electric piano in there at some points...yeah, i think i hear it?

what are you recording this on?

I dig the tune and your delivery/approach the most.

When The Circus Comes To Town by Dyl 1 month ago
cool vibe guitar...vibin around in dere... dig the slow drums john bonham on rock n roll and kenny jones on you better you bet...very cool.

like yer vox too...yer gettin old and mellow.

Ascension Prelude by ScottHorwath 1 month ago
Nothing conveys emotion like a piano, huh?

Beautiful piece, man.
Kill Every Golfer On The Course by falconep 1 month ago
Nice! I hear the radar golf in there. smiley

Well done, man, well done.
IT IS THE RHYTM by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
I like the flute, Cees! Kinda like "goin up country" smiley

You guys sound awesome...really in tune with each other
The Miracle of Space and Time (Ennead #8) by mfwmiles 1 month ago
i just...errr...broke the law...out on my back porch...and am now listening to this again. You gotta deal me in next time, bro miles.

i love the fact that this was onerous to record and
perform...makes it better.
Everybody Must Get Laid by Neumuzik 2 months ago
this is cool, Neu. what's the next step?
62 slow by irok 2 months ago
@Calchas You gotta grab it and build on it, man. that's irok's MO.

He always posts up cool stuff.
Stop Kissing That Girl by Dorothy_Wilson 2 months ago
This is very cool...different...I enjoyed it.
While Time Fades Away by stevel 2 months ago
Very original sound, man...
Losing Ground by Dyl 2 months ago
Your tracks are so ****ing LOUD, Dyl! smiley

It IT very kitty litter...pj harvey association.

This sounds as good or better than anything you get from a professional source. Very fine production, man.

La Fa Yet With You by LaFayette 2 months ago
It sounds like i'm in the room, Patrick. Your keys are so cool...

Very chilled.

Flying (Closer to You) by tomdevine 2 months ago
sssweeettttttt, gents. smiley I dig this muchly.

Jeez, Marcus...nice job on the melody and lyrics!

You guys sound good together indeed.

Struttin' by GoofyDawg 2 months ago
I love it, Goof. I think that's called "gettin older." smiley

That could carry a LOT of lead guitar...
The Jump Off by ldecarmine 2 months ago
Time machine back to the 80's! Cool!
It's Rotten To the Core by dalerandle 2 months ago
Wow!!! That's in yer face! Ha!

Fat sounds, Dale. Needs a diet and cardio.

Enchanted Pathway by falconep 2 months ago
well done...very visual and textured...
The Crucible by Calchas 2 months ago
I kinda has an old school flavor because of its seriousness, i think... like a movie soundtrack piece... great lyrics, lots of thought.
Skinning the Skunk by pharmakeus 2 months ago
Very cool, pharm. reminds me a bit of that band midnight oil maybe (maybe just cus yer all aussies) smiley

I DO really like the bonham beat and i like how your current stuff is a little cleaner around the edges than most of yer older stuff (i'm one to talk, i know).

Cool sounds, Mang.

Hurt (Cover) by rcandrews 2 months ago
Very somber. great timbre throughout int he strings and voice (interesting how vocal cords vibrate like strings, huh?)

Well done. Very good listen.
I Will (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
I like how on the original paul does the bass with just his voice. smiley

You ARE da man (officially), Mark...especially on beatles stuff and brewchugger drums. smiley
MARY JANE (band version) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
This is one of the best of yer live band recordings, Cees...very full sound...

Cool chorus especially. Yeah! Get off the MJ, people!
Sarah, Keeper of the Gates of Flaming Lies by revoltington 2 months ago
it IS kinda yes-like. drums are cool!

I dig that full on stop (I woulda stuck crickets in there tho) smiley

The Power To Connect (AITW) by becwil 2 months ago
I like that kinda major movement in the middle...that's one of the most powerful thing music can do like that. Well done!

Back On My Way by brewchugger 2 months ago
@BigJimSlade thanks, amigo! that's using the mexican tele i got last weekend. it's a little more...woody...soundin?

@becwil thanks for stoppin by, Bec!
3rd Winter (Chapman Stick) by TapicusMaximus 2 months ago
My son is all in to later King Crimson and this reminds me a bit of that...freakin whole other level than what I do!

Impressive and...otherworldly.

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Who doesn't like the Who? Point 'em out to me and i'll throttle 'em!

Dream Of A Shadow by Calchas 2 months ago
You've kinda got an Ian Anderson vibe goin on this...LOVE me some Jethro Tull (got 4th row seats to see them in September!)

I can hear the close effort you put into yer tunes, shows.

Dear God by Lagusaya2 2 months ago
Hymnal, Stan (is that a word?)

Good to hear from you!

Heart Breaker (Led Zeppelin Cover) by markeaux 2 months ago
Doooooood...I love me some Zep. Very chilled version...I like the "people talkin..."'s a little less frenzied than the original. smiley

I'm gonna send ya some more stuff to dickwit.
What's Done Is Done by RadioSeanovan 2 months ago
This is a good song, man! I think the vocal needs a touch of echo or overdrive...something to add an edge. It's a bit too clean for the sentiment (if that makes sense).

Really good tune though.
Crazy - Ver 2 (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 2 months ago
What a song...i like the electric piano on it. Nice singing too!
How Deep is Your Love (acoustic Bee Gees cover) by artist08 2 months ago
Dood...the beegees get a bad rap but barry wrote a BUNCH of really good songs. He was a mofo songwriter!

This is really well-done, man...great singing and playing and a very tame. chilled production. Nice!

Koala Dose by pharmakeus 3 months ago
I like this new vein yer swimmin in, Pharm...dig the backwards soundin details in there...

This is truly raw and exciting
Save My Soul by EvilFactman 3 months ago
It's good to see you postin again, Factman. How's retirement treatin ya?
Idiot Child by rcandrews 3 months ago
Dood! You sound like Tom Jones singing this (high praise in my book!)

This is freakin awesome! Very professional sound.
In The Room (remix) by Gadzooks 3 months ago
I liked this tune the first time you posted it but this IS better fer sure, Stan...

Nicely tune.

Black Cicada by pharmakeus 3 months ago
"a deranged neil young leading television" ha!

I like this proggy side of you, pharm...what a trip!

I will listen more than once to this tonight.
A Matter of Scale by BlancFroid 3 months ago
clunky is good! i'm not much of an ambient guy but i like this...

Nice work, blanc...

Neurotronic One by artneuro 3 months ago
Magical Mystery Tour...Blue Jay Way...please don't you be very long...but maybe also some talkin heads..."off kilter" blanc said it. smiley

Very cool, art and nice art to go with it. smiley
Steve Caustrita's Riparian Way by scaustrita 3 months ago
Dood, i was lovin it out there. kansas is beautiful cal was something else. smiley

Cool tune, Steve!
Painting Rainbows by Mike_Lynn 3 months ago
That's the traditional Mike sound of them vocs, Steve smiley Signature sound indeed.

I like the arpeggio keys. Nice tune, Mike!
Doing It Right by BigJimSlade 3 months ago
Great vocals especially, Cleetus! It DOES have an Iggy/Ramones sound. Blow them cobwebs off yer self! smiley
Ya Dig? by sammydix 3 months ago
You DO have some pretty elastic boundaries, Sam... smiley

Dig that piano on there...freakin professional as **** sound, mano.

That's overwhelming in a good way with all you got goin on in this!
CAN'T YOU SEE (bandversion) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
I like the sound of this...just a tad raw in its it a woody sound...

i think this is one of yer best, Cees!
Phantasmagoria Blues by Dyl 3 months ago
LOUD recording too! Great job on that!

Phantasmagoria Blues by Dyl 3 months ago
I dig yer vocals on this a bunch, Dyl. Reminds me a little of that "Love and Rockets" album. I'm kinda gettin into that voc treatment a little too. Great piano!

The stones WISH they sounded like this, man. smiley

****ing GREAT recording!
Going Home (OTT) by becwil 3 months ago
"It does not have the obligatory break down in the middle and rebuild"

regular songwriting is hard enough...i can't imagine doing instrumental...whole new set of challenges. smiley

Well done, Bec!
Real Bad Girl - Super Demo by thebenteights 3 months ago
it kinda has a jack white quality to it maybe? SO many of my tunes are like 1 min long and need more fleshing out smiley

I like this recording!

INNER PEACE by Lagusaya2 3 months ago
This brought a smile to my face, Stan. smiley

I like the more finished production to brings out the composition much more.

I hope you're doing well!

"DIE BY THE SWORD" by PaulOwenMusic 3 months ago
"soundtrack for a boss fight" smiley

I'm not a metal dude so much anymore but this ROCKS, man. SO well done on the synth following the guitars part. Very impressive indeed.

You've made a new fan tonight.

Get The News On You by gold6821 3 months ago
I dig me some Boz, man... smiley

You might have a little clipping on the bass drum in the intro?

I like the vocal treatment...less is more.

I'm a fan!

House Dust Blues by Xolv 3 months ago
That blue dog plays like a mother****er...

Dirge by toveco 3 months ago
I enjoyed this, Tom.
Made in Hamburg Revised by bingsolex 3 months ago
Bing, you gotta be a tele man, right? You got such great tone...

I love it cus it's not overdone...the electric piano is genius.

I enjoyed this.

I'll Be Here In The Morning by Dyl 3 months ago
"Acoustic" in the very best connotation of the word. warm. heartfelt. soulful.

I really dig this, Dyl. Well done, Amigo.

Mus-tard by oakenbras 3 months ago
Bb is hard, huh?! I learned "Maybe I'm Amazed" in Bb on the piano years ago...i remember that vividly.

This is kinda bizarre, Oak, but I LIKE it. Kind of a medieval time traveling piece? Cool vocs or pads in there...nice!

BEEN RUNNING (#2) by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
I too am a fan of yer band, KC. I like the kinda stoney, loose sound of this. This is one of my favs of "the band."

Nicely done, boys!

Break It To Me Gently by Larzman2 3 months ago
Well done, Larz. I love me some acoustic blues.

"why cain't i be yer lovin man?" the eternal query...
Oh Man!!! (remix) by Straydog23 3 months ago
Cool story-telling vibe to this...
Antivenom by ConcordiaDiscors 3 months ago
Decent? It ROCKS! Well-done, man.
Divine Intervention by Neumuzik 3 months ago
I like the churhcy organ at the beginning smiley
Inside This Skin by Calchas 3 months ago
I appreciate the work you obviously put into yer lyrics...poignant.
O, Captain Morgan by pharmakeus 3 months ago
This really IS a very clear mix, Pharm. Not that yer others aren't but this is more so. Maybe it's the keys percolating?

I love me some nautical tunes.

Take Me All The Way by Figurochi 4 months ago
Mott the Hoople it does! Nice, man! smiley

I like the staccato...syncopated guitars and that's a BAD *** solo, brother!

Cool tuneage, Fig.

The Technicolor Engine Room by revoltington 4 months ago
So i get forced to run this baffling array of outer space alien, and they've strapped these headphones on me and this is the tune they're blaring in at 120 db...i'm runnin around like a chicken with his head cut off...

Cool tune, Brod. dig the toms.

Fool On The Hill (Beatles Cover) by markeaux 4 months ago
I was originally a lennon fan when i started listenin to the beatles...then i heard this paul's dark. i kinda turned off paul and back to john later on but i spent a long spell as a mccartneyite. this song was why.

nice job, Gents.

SHE MOVES by Cinderella 4 months ago
It's almost kinds bluegrassy too if the temp were faster maybe? I could definitely hear some banjo in there.

Like someone already said, it's catchy and that's the key thing.

Great job, Cindy and Trev!

My Sweet Sun Shine by FreeEarCandy 4 months ago
That's a really fine recording of the acoustic...wish mine sounded so good. what's yer process on that?

i like the vocals too...kinda timeless sound.
Lipsync (The Kitchen Sync Mix) by Neumuzik 4 months ago
"kitchen sync" you funny. smiley

This is kinda like aussie 80's. I DIG the chord changes after the synth bass!
Nice conciliatory tune, Cees...interesting chords in the bridge... i too can sense the fun you had making this.

really great sounds, man.

Brewing Change (OTT) by becwil 4 months ago
"Spa ready" smiley

I can appreciate all the detail you put into this, Bec...great production!

GoodDog by oakenbras 4 months ago
Domestic...and yet exotic. That 2nd part reminds me kind of "the master musicians of jojuba" bells sound...

Is this what's going on inside my dog's head? No wonder she acts like she does! smiley
Crazy (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 4 months ago
Ah, really nice, Zinc! Carly has a GREAT voice!

Willi is the master, ain't he?

Vintage Blues by sammydix 4 months ago
SO good, Sam...