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My Spoken Word and Poetry Here at iComp... September 12, 2014
from the very first to the most recent, in reverse order.
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Just my instrumental music... April 18, 2014
… for those who might be interested.
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Experimental Neo-classical Music at SoundIn April 13, 2014
Used to be called Improv Friday...
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Art Colony - Profile of the Week March 27, 2014
My art on display at The Art Colony this week with a Q & A interview
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WikiLoops (thanks to Sisters' Anne Cozean) November 12, 2013
Was listening to one of Sisters' wonderful tracks and WikiLoops was mentioned - I went over to see what it was about and...
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Halloween and all that jazz... November 2, 2012
Links to photos and songs I've made for Halloween.
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Links to all of my classical music... September 6, 2012
Covers, interpretations, original compositions and improvisations, collaborative and experimental work.
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Links to all of my songs for Graham June 29, 2012
Being such a force for good in my life, Graham has often been the muse for much of my work. Here's a list of all of the songs I did for Graham on our anniversary and/or songs I composed with him in mind (most recent to longest ago).
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Links to all of my spoken word pieces here at iComp December 4, 2011
Someone asked me to point him to my spoken word pieces and I realized it would be difficult without a single place where they were all listed.
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Another wonderful video to share from YouTube July 23, 2011
A single very talented singer performs gregorian chant in an Italian cathedral with incredible acoustics - you owe yourself the experience!
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People have been asking where I've been... March 9, 2011
... I've been here, I've been there, I've been nowhere.
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Swahili, Spanish, Swedish, French... so far October 15, 2010
I love languages and here are some of my songs in languages other than English for those who share this interest
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In love with technology! Yet again... ;) September 11, 2010
Using Netflix instant watch films on my iPod from bed!
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New Single debuted today, Thursday Sept. 9th! September 9, 2010
Collaboration with composer Paul Ramsay is up and available for listening!
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Minor surgery tomorrow so no Carla's Friday Improvs August 20, 2010
Yes, Kaiser loves me! Yes, Kaiser loves me! My doctor tells me so...
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Changes to Carla's Friday Improvs are in the works... July 30, 2010
Need to go in new directions or it'll be too limiting and boring for even me
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New Music Video on YouTube July 3, 2010
Music Video by Carla J. Patterson on YouTube - come have a look!
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Special Guest Joel Cohen on Carla's Friday Improvs Friday July 2nd! July 1, 2010
Mail Artist/Musicians get together for an hour of performing this Friday on Ustream....
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Carla's Friday Improvs will be early tomorrow, June 4th 2010! June 4, 2010
Due to a doctor's appt I can't change, I'll be broadcasting early tomorrow.
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Beauty should be shared... June 1, 2010
... Videos for those who love to be visually and aurally stimulated at the same time!
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No Carla's Friday Improvs on Friday, May 28th! May 28, 2010
There will be no show tomorrow.
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Few things truly anger me but... May 21, 2010
... there are people who rant about things inaccurately and that just galls me to no end
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Exciting times! May 16, 2010
Thanks to a new medication, I am composing again in force!
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The Oh Death Project so far May 16, 2010
It all started for me with Lapskin...
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My first song here in Swedish! :) May 7, 2010
Hoping all those who speak or understand Swedish will check this out...
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The Happy Inebriate Finds His Way Home - for Lapskin April 16, 2010
This is a song I made which reminds me of my friend Lappie
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Ejamming on Carla's Friday Improvs April 3, 2010
Experiments R Us
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Special guest Djev Asnew on Carla's Friday Improvs 3/26/10! March 28, 2010
Ejamming FINALLY works for both of us
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Carla's Friday Improvs 19 March 2010 March 20, 2010
Special in-house guest Jonah Ben-Amotz!
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My Godfather Peter died yesterday afternoon March 19, 2010
Why is it always in the middle of the night when you feel like singing?
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Yeah baby! Just when you get down about one thing, a good thing brings you back up! March 11, 2010
Someone new to play with, this time from Improv Friday at Ning Network
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Still no Carla's Friday Improvs this week due to asthma March 5, 2010
The Asthma wars continue...
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Asthma Wars - a new series by Carla J. Patterson February 26, 2010
Carla realizes singing is very dependent on oxygen in this episode...
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No Carla's Friday Improvs being broadcast today due to ill health. February 19, 2010
No show today.
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Live Benefit Show in Memory of my Sister-in-Law on Friday, January 8th! January 5, 2010
Friday, 2 pm (California time) at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/carla-s-friday-improvs
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Carla's Friday Improvs back on track - January 1, 2010! January 3, 2010
Recovered from tech difficulties (at least temporarily!) and happy to be back
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Carla's Friday Improvs CANCELLED for today December 25th, 2009! December 25, 2009
Computer problems again!
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Carla's Friday Improvs 12/18/09 December 19, 2009
Good show with good music - sorry for those who had to deal with the technical difficulties!
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Carla's Friday Improvs starts today at 2PM PST! December 11, 2009
New name, new logo, same show for the most part
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Rest in Peace, Jessica December 9, 2009
The pain and the struggle is over for Jessica - relief and sadness in equal measure for us
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Stuff I loved on YouTube today... December 7, 2009
iComp and not iComp
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Improv Friday West is now going to be called Carla's Friday Improvs December 5, 2009
Same bat time, same bat channel...
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Time is a finite thing... November 30, 2009
Juggling desires, obligations, interests, and health - in other words, being human
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MYOKOM featured artist this week is me :) November 9, 2009
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The Fun Theory November 6, 2009
- using music to change people's bad habits...?
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Tears of Joy October 30, 2009
Some good news
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This Veil of Tears October 13, 2009
Family crises and what they mean to my iComp participation
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So much music, so many talents here at iComp, I am in love :) September 17, 2009
It seems every few days I discover someone's artist's page for the first time and find something incredible to read, listen to, experience...
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Consemble - an experimental music project created by Paul Ramsey August 27, 2009
Paul Ramsey is an artist and musician I have worked with a little bit through groups outside of iCompositions. I've mentioned him a few times but never put links to his project here on the site - will remedy that now.
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Improv Friday West at Ustream July 28, 2009
An improvisational TV show hosted by Carla J. Patterson - an Artists 24/7 experience
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Something unusual, even for me :) July 27, 2009
My latest collab is one which has taken me somewhere new and exciting musically - come have a listen!
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Beautiful and Amazing Links July 24, 2009
Links to some of the amazing things I've heard or seen recently
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I'm going to be mugged! Thursday, July 30th at 5:00 PM PST July 16, 2009
Getting the word out on my mugshot, which will be on a day other than Wednesday.
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Improv Friday West and Viktor's Vault Update! July 10, 2009
Please note the times in your timezone! Viktor's Vault - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/victor-s-v Improv Friday West - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/improvfriday-west
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Viktor's Vault and Improv Friday West Again this Friday (tomorrow!) July 3, 2009
URLs for the two new ustream shows by Djev (o0o) and Carla (carlajpatterson)
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Timing June 30, 2009
Just when I have a million ideas in my head, I have to keep myself from singing!
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Two New Collabs - Both Up Tonight :) June 24, 2009
Great to work with such talented people and be so happy with the results
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Collabs June 20, 2009
A list of collabs I've done so far and a few notes about how they came about
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Artists 24/7 June 20, 2009
A new way for iCompers to share their music, their ideas, and their time...
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Summer Solstice June 20, 2009
Music for summer solstice - structured or improvisational...?
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