I've been playing guitar for a year now. I started playing after the loss one of one my best friends.I also wanted to some day play songs like Andy Mckee. I can already play drifting, so my dream is slowly coming true.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Time of your life cover Alternative Jan 2, 2011 382
Sarah and Carey Folk Feb 11, 2010 333
The Things We Do To Make Us Happy(Good Version) Folk Apr 25, 2009 490
Sleeping in the Rain -(near complete) Folk Jan 20, 2009 422
Wedding Day Folk Jan 19, 2009 318
Sleeping in the Rain Folk Jan 18, 2009 287
The Things We Do To Make Us Happy Folk Jan 18, 2009 311
Campin' (Acoustic Solo) Ambient Sep 15, 2008 409
Dreaming of a Better Day Ambient Sep 2, 2008 319