I started out playing in the high-school band playing the sousaphone. A couple of years lugging that thing around got old so I took up bass guitar and started a high school band. We started out playing top-40 covers but eventually switched to more progressive rock. It was the 70s after all and the only other alternative was Disco. A couple of years of playing clubs was fun but, of course, life responsibilities got in the way of that. Sold all my gear and focused on computer programming. Time went by and I missed playing music. About this time PCs came to be and software for music composition started appearing so I purchased a music based PC and Cakewalk music software. I stayed on that platform for about a decade. Moving away from Philadelphia to North Carolina found me in another series of bands playing bass again but I still worked on my own compositions. I also wound up building a recording studio in a detached garage on our property. I've recently upgraded to a dedicated music laptop with Acid Pro and Sound Forge as my software tools of choice. I like a broad sweep of genres from singer songwriter to Ambient and progressive instrumental music. I also enjoy Jazz Fusion and some blues. I don't really have favorites but if I must pin down a few there is Vangelis, Andreas Vollenweider, Jean Luc Ponty, Return to Forever and all the solo work the members of that band have done. I like Kate Bush, David Sylvian as singers. I enjoy the music of Bill Nelson, Robert Fripp, Eno and well, you get the idea, the list could go on and on.


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New Synth in the arsenal and saying farewell to others August 21, 2008
purchased new synth and sampling favorites off several others to make room
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Greetings July 22, 2008
First posting to this blog.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Adrift Ambient Oct 26, 2010 404
Escape Velocity Ambient Oct 26, 2010 365
Stepping Through Veils Ambient Oct 26, 2010 353
Desert Dawn New Age Oct 26, 2010 410
Orbital Drift Ambient Oct 19, 2010 370
Meditarranean Vibe Merchant. Ambient Oct 19, 2010 406
Air Glide Ambient Oct 19, 2010 648
Stargazing by Firelight Ambient Oct 19, 2010 361
Sunrise Greeting Ambient Oct 19, 2010 355
Vision Experiment Ambient Sep 24, 2010 384
Fields Of Laughter Ambient Jun 24, 2010 518
It's Good To See You Jazz Aug 21, 2009 587
Warrior's Dream Rock Aug 17, 2009 373
The Restless Wind Alternative Jul 31, 2008 704
Nights With The Elder Collab Ambient Jul 21, 2008 797


Title Genre Released Plays
Deimos Rising Electronica Aug 10, 2008 1142