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Quietly There by falconep 7 months ago

i listened all the way to the end.
Drift by Engine 7 months ago
Not at all awful.
Atarwi by Aamp 7 months ago

i listened all the way to the end.
Silver lining by sookin01 1 year ago

Not utterly awful.
Whispers of the North (Gordon Lightfoot Cover) by Larzman2 1 year ago

Substantially better than the crap i make.
Steel Strings Guitar ( Virtual ) by telo12 9 years ago

Glow by ptttBud 9 years ago

It makes my head bounce...???
Physics Jingles Outtakes by KeithPetrower 9 years ago
Learn the Greek Alphabet (Greek Alphabet Song 2.0) by KeithPetrower 9 years ago

It was sooooo Nice like Ice, and then you had to ruin it with the clich[e] at the end...! ( -2 from a perfect 63 )
piano by BILLYTHEKID 9 years ago

i hate it when they just stop like that...!
Piano by maphe 9 years ago

Minced frogments remixed by MIR 9 years ago

Very cute; Just the sort of thing that i image would be the elemental construct of what i call 'The End of Music'
Which i envision as a good thing...???
The End of Music Box would simply generate music ( like this ) all day long, and somehow be connected to your brain or skin electrical conductivity ( ? ) and when it sensed you liked what it was playing, play more of it, with slight variations, and when it sensed that you didn't like it, it would veer off in another direction...
Smooth Jazz by LaFayette 9 years ago

In the blink of an eye by gregbaird 9 years ago

Really nice guitar playing...
The song needs to be drawn out until she's left home at 34.
You and Me by gregbaird 9 years ago

i really like the guitar playing,
But you need to let someone else do the singing...!
( It wasn't "Bad" Singing, but it was just difficult to discern what you were saying/singing - a nice song like that needs to be understood...???! )
The Raw Thoughts of A Damp Sock by chrstphre 9 years ago
Yeah, you're right. i've only just started composing, and i'm actually hoping to begin with actual tunes soon. But this layering is lots of fun. And the Rattle ( and other very distinct sounds that really stick in your head ) need to be used sparingly.
Longing by videoscore 9 years ago
***** Bonus Points: ( ***** )
Future Sound by pharmakeus 9 years ago
i liked it a lot until you came to the lyrics 'This is future sound', like terrorists that refer to themselves as terrorists, it diminishes their credibility when blowing up things.
Also: Are you familiar with The Radio Jazz of Ken Nordine, i think that your songs would benefit tremendously by a little layering of your voice...???
Bongo Bongo Bongo! by pharmakeus 9 years ago
Very sweet, it was so relaxing that i forgot i was listening to it, and only when i thought of turning some music on, did i become aware that i Was listening to something...!
That may sound awful; But i am going to work my way through your collection... i especially like the alcoholism songs, and i never touch alcohol...!!!
Anyways... It really is very nice stuff...!
Empty Pockets, Empty Bottle Blues by pharmakeus 9 years ago
i love this song...
i love songs that are intelligible,
and this one is both intelligible & intelligent...!!!

Taking Over by Naaji 9 years ago

It had all my hamsters squeezing the bars on their cage and humming along...
This Aint the way we think by Lapskin 9 years ago

What would the world be like if we started hearing this on commercial radio stations...???
My Little Trip by Lapskin 9 years ago

Very nice, The urgent scrambling of mice along a train track...???