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I have been singing and songwriting since I was 16 . The first record I bought Was Runaway By Del Shannon in 1961 although I was force fed a diet of Elvis and Roy Orbison by my elder brother. The second record I bought was I want to Hold Your Hand in late 63. Then I heard the Byrds All I really Want to do and in the same year Like a Rolling Stone and this changed my life. I still think it is the best rock song ever made. I bought a Hofner guitar. learned to play and started writing songs in 1964 with my friend Duncan Mckie. In 1968 I bought a Harmony Sovereign Flat top in a music store in Yeovil, England and at the same time bought Frank Zappa's We're Only in it for the money , because I liked the Pepper spoof and began a lifelong dedication to Francis and the Muthers. My friend John Jenkins (Woofer3)introduced me to Little Feat and the Band, Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull around 1970 and we started to record my songs on a Grundig 2 track tape recorder. In the early 80s I started to work with Glyn Carter recording music using the latest Atari ST and Cubase the mysterious MIDI system. Then I got married and distracted for 20 years. John contacted me on his birthday in 2005 after not seeing him for 10 years and revitalised me. I wrote Close Enough To Touch a few weeks after speaking to him as a nostalgic tribute to a past love from my college days. Since then Glyn and I, with occasional live collaborations with John, have been re-recording old songs and writing new songs regularly ever since

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Close Enough To Touch Collab Rock Jul 6, 2005 6590
After All This Time Rock Jul 7, 2005 1408
Dreaming Again Rock Jul 10, 2005 1153
After All This Time( slow version) Rock Jul 10, 2005 1125
Something You Can't Touch Collab Rock Jul 12, 2005 1635
That's the way that things are Collab Rock Mar 28, 2006 1123
Sitting in the Darkness Rock Apr 19, 2006 1406
Dancing To A Memory Rock Nov 6, 2006 949
Knowing the Love has Gone (2) Collab R&B Nov 16, 2006 1255
Soap Factory (written by J Jenkins) Collab Pop May 14, 2007 1269
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan cover) Pop Jan 30, 2008 865
It's Good To See You Again Collab Folk Aug 6, 2008 7029
Queen of Pain (Approximately) Collab Rock Jan 29, 2009 964
First Time I Saw Your Face Collab Rock Feb 25, 2009 3496
I've Been Waiting II Collab Rock Apr 1, 2009 983
In this Lonely Crowded Town II Collab Alternative Apr 1, 2009 1223
Too Late Now Collab Other Apr 30, 2009 890
Call this Loving Collab Alternative May 20, 2009 811
We're No Angels Collab Rock Jul 7, 2009 1168
It's the Same Old Love Song Collab Pop Jul 28, 2009 925
Something You Can't Touch 2 Collab Alternative Nov 2, 2009 889
The Fire Next Time Collab Rock Jan 13, 2010 828
High On Sci-Fi Collab Alternative Apr 7, 2010 928
Sitting in the Darkness II ( of this Spanish Apartment) Collab Ska/Reggae/Dub Aug 10, 2010 783
We're No Angels Collab Music Videos Aug 12, 2010 921
Wall of Black Collab Alternative Sep 28, 2010 753
Next Time I'll Know Better Collab Alternative Jan 26, 2011 1381
Heading Into New York Collab Rock Mar 23, 2011 933
Paint you Blue Collab Pop May 24, 2011 748
Words Get In The Way Collab Country Sep 20, 2011 1451
No Point In Staying Too Long Collab Alternative Mar 6, 2012 728
Now You're Gone Collab Alternative Oct 28, 2014 431
Groundhog Day Collab R&B May 26, 2015 466
Westgate Square Collab Folk Jul 18, 2017 355


Title Genre Released Plays
And it Was Yesterday Folk May 19, 2010 480