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Whad'ya Gonna Call It? (Needs vocals) by dbailey 7 years ago
I'd love it if you put your own touch on it, Ian!
Sea Circle (Video) by 8MonthMalfunction 8 years ago
Really great Ian, thanks so much for letting me contribute to this great song! And nice to see that little tyke getting hooked on guitars already.
The Unseen by Toni1 10 years ago
What do you mean "at no cost," 8mm?! Didn't you get my bill? smiley

Sounds great, really enjoyed backing Toni's voice on this one, thanks for the opportunity.
Lock And Load by FrankAxtell 10 years ago
Holy cow...!!!!!!!!!!!
5G-Stars (Electric Guitar) by JTC 10 years ago
Pretty heavy guitar tones on this one. Cool piece!
Rag Improv #1 Lazyday Rag by JodyGrenier 10 years ago
Ahhhh... I always love a good rag, what a joy to listen to. Wonderful playing.
Rock-A-Jody : Drive It Like You Stole It by JodyGrenier 10 years ago
What a fun little boogie! I especially like the sound effects. Nice playing, I'm going to have to check out more of your stuff.
Hyper Octave Blues by Hyadis 10 years ago
Definitely a different take on the blues... not sure I'd call it blues, but I guess that's up to everyone's own interpretation. Really cool guitar tones and leads, though!
A MAN WE ALL KNOW (collab) by Barretok 10 years ago
Really nice mix, guys, and good performances! Definitely has an original feel, too.
Milky Boulevard by moorlandt 10 years ago
Really interseting sound here, can't think of who it reminds me of, but it's cool nonetheless. Good overall mix, although I agree with Ashley, like to hear the bass a tiny bit more.
I SEE THE PIECES by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago
Defintely sounds a bit like J J Cale, and has that Cale laid back style groove.
Western Philosophy Blues by MusicLeft 10 years ago
Cool groove and awesome guitar tone!
Have a good Day by MusicLeft 10 years ago
Wow, very nice tasteful playing. This is the first time I've listened to any of your music, I'll definitely have to check out some more of your stuff!
No Escape From Amy (My Vocal Debut!) by PiranhaLake 10 years ago
Oh yea!!! Great job, Dave. Not bad for a first singing effort. Love the instrumentation. This one's just fun, especially since my sweetie is named Amy.
Mustang Sally + RC by MikeRC 10 years ago

Really great version, guys!!! Great performances, wonderful instrumentation and solid mix.
C'mon Get Ready by psexnyc 10 years ago
Nice chord progression and catchy song.
A Million-Two by Boris_the_Bull 10 years ago
Once again, very nice piece of songwriting Borris.

Imadesentana by guitar55 10 years ago

I'm not familiar with Imadesentana's music- I'll have to check it out. Nonetheless, nice piece. I like the guitar sound and open, airy playing.
Magic Garageband Slow Blues by artneuro 10 years ago
Sounds like Magic Garageband is a whole lotta fun! Could end up being a great practice tool, too. Great performance, sounds like you had lots of fun laying it down.
Should Not Be The Same by Dyl 10 years ago
Very nice arrangement guys.
I'm In Love with Another Lady by TheTiler 10 years ago

Another really wonderful piece, Bill, and I love your voice!
CHASE YOUR BLUES by Wallace_Landreth 10 years ago
Wow, beautiful. Can I be in your family?
HOO DOO by Wallace_Landreth 10 years ago
Oh yea, you got it baby. Big time!!
Rag Royale (a high class kind of rag) by georgeptingley 10 years ago

Wow, what a beautiful piece. I love ragtime pieces and you play so well. This is just a joy to listen to.
whole lotta love [COVER] ( Led Zeppelin ) by aarghh 10 years ago

I have to say that I had my doubts- it takes big ones to try covering the zep, but you guys pulled if off and made a pretty proud version. Hats off.
Flamenco by ASB 10 years ago

Very nice playing, and nice tone on the guitar.
58 Bottles of Rockabilly Beer by DaveM 10 years ago

Convergence by Chirpa5150 11 years ago

Really cool piece- short and to the point.
Boiled Sweets by Dickl 11 years ago

Reminds me of Roger Waters. Really nice instrumentation and production job.
Trash.inami via..... by Gipsy 11 years ago
Gorgeous playing and a kick a** guitar tone!!
Lady From Rome by laf6354 11 years ago

Cool catchy rock song! I agree, the drums are a bit weak, they could definitely stand to be beefed up with some eq on the low end. Same goes for the bass as well, can't hear it very much.
Cuban Whistle Crisis by nealbowen 11 years ago

Wicked bass playing~!!!!
Why? by DonovanFraser 11 years ago

Man, Really good stuff! I'm enjoying listening to more of your music. And great production here, awesome sound and mix.
Friday 13th............... by woodguy32 11 years ago

Fun as usual woody, and always entertaining!
Our Voice (New Mix) by johanevander 11 years ago

Cool song guys, but I agree about the vocals, not so much about the performance, but they clip in a few places. The solo is great, but I'd like to hear it blend in sound a bit more with the track, it has a very separate sound from the rest of the song.
Over the Rainbow by Shred 11 years ago

cool rendition. nice playing and great sound!
Awaken by RayLaVeau 11 years ago

Wow, awesome awesome song. Exceptional job, both of you! I love the singing and I'm definitely a fan of Ray's I'll have to check out more of your stuff, Geechi3!
Touch Me Again (version 2) by artist08 11 years ago

Pure pop about boys and girls and people feeling people insde... Well done, though. It has a unique rhythm section sound, and you sing well on the track. Also, I like the mix on this version better.
The Great Decider by TheMarsupial 11 years ago

Very nicely done. Catchy melodies and good song structure, it flows well and doesn't drag at all.
F**K you Mr. President by DonovanFraser 11 years ago

Yea@!!!!!!! This is the song that I've been wanting to write for six years now... As for the musical quality of the piece, since this is a music site and not a political site, great mixing job, awesome bass and rhythm track. You obviously put your heart into this one.
Welcome Home by DonovanFraser 11 years ago

Awesome!! Great tone, great playing, and very cool concept. I also like the GW samples and agree that the lead guitar could be bit louder in spots. Perhaps a tiny bit of reverb and eq tweaking would also help give the vocals more presence, but overall, a really cool piece. I like it!
Why You Gotta Act Like That by likz 11 years ago
I have to ask, just what is the point here? You seem to have a good handle on production and mixing a good quality audio recording, but don't you have anything better to sing about than ***ing b***es and h**s and ***ts? Is it purely for shock value, or do you really think that it's ok to talk about and treat women this way?
Storm Surge by tjvacchio 11 years ago

Really great rhythm guitar tone!!!!. The lead guitar gets a little muddied up in the mix, but otherwise, great playing!!
Monday Afternoon by tjvacchio 11 years ago

Good use of loops, you've arranged them into a nice song structure. Now perpaps you could find someone on this site to add lyrics and vocals, or better yet, go ahead and give a go yourself!
Complex City by Luc 11 years ago
It started out with a pretty cool groove, although one of the initial loops was clipping, but then it just wandered off and never came back. You have some neat looping ideas in here, but many of them could make up their own song. Jumping from style to style without returning to any of them again makes the piece lack continuity and gives it no tonal or thematic center.
Your Decadence is the Abstinence (remix) by Mystified 11 years ago

Really good songwriting and excellent production here, and great sounding instrumentation and vocals.
Buzzy Bee by mikecreamer 11 years ago

I listened to it over and over and kept hearing different things in there. Just flat out cool, man, as cool as can 'bee'
My Way Home by Mystified 11 years ago

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever heard. Few people on the planet have a voice as clear and pleasing as yours, Misty. And of course, incredible, tasteful guitar work.
Yellow Jacket by TheTiler 11 years ago

Really cool mix of styles here in this piece, some classical influences mixed in with the fingerstyle. I like it!
Mozart's 40th Symphony on Acoustical Guitar Betsy by TheTiler 11 years ago

Fabulous rendition, so gorgeously played and embellished. Beautiful work.
Bad Love Blues by Splifford 11 years ago

bluejawa is right, you sound alot like Mick Jones. Great rendition here. Good playing and production. Me like.
Hope by Luc 11 years ago
Fun little collection of loops, although I guess knowing that you played drums, I think I wanted to hear them more.
Anger Management (w/Ray La Veau) by JD 11 years ago

Man, this is really good!!!! I'd like to hear the guitar just a tiny bit louder, though. Otherwise, an awesome composition with excellent production.
Dont Miss the Best of It by RonaldRinger 11 years ago
I'll be honest and admit that it's not my cup of tea, but I'll give you credit, nice job putting it all together. And again, welcome to iComp.
Blind by Conor 11 years ago

The songwriting, recording and production job are all very good, but I have to agree with the previous person, the performance itself is just pretty flat and it's lacking in emotion and passion.
KissMe Swing by Gipsy 11 years ago

Mmmmmm... guitars, guitars everywhere! Can't ever get enough guitars!! Really nice job. Enjoyed listening.
ROBO LOVE.. a 3D video Tale.. loads quick - no excuses..lol by woodguy32 12 years ago

Just brilliant! The music goes so well with the video!
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry cover) by UncletupeloFan 12 years ago

Just have to say that I really enjoyed it! Nice singing.
Somethin' ain't right by montyguitar 12 years ago

yea, really nice blues, gottta love the sound of a strat! Nice song and great voice!
devoL - unplugged by lilichi 12 years ago

Lili could even make a calculus textbook sound erotic. What a powerful piece of music. I think I want Lili's voice on my answering machine!
nadia by mariusdj 12 years ago

I like the groove and rhythm of this song. Very nice mixing job!
Lights of Gomorrah (2006) by jtkattner 12 years ago

Your voice reminds me of Roger Waters, and so does the song. I like it, but I'd be curious to hear what a little piano would do to it. On the other hand, I kind of like it the way it is. The only thing I'd say is that the shaker is a little off time, not sure it even needs to be there.
Deuce-O-Beck... Tribute to All My iComp GUITAR HEROS by woodguy32 12 years ago

Really cool track, Wood, I like it! Beautiful guitar tone and very nice feel overall. Think I'll listen to it again!
Messin' With The Kid (thoddi & daddio collab) by Daddio 12 years ago

I really liked your harmonica addition to this version. I guess it is a little loud compared to the vocals, but that's easy enough to fix. Nice playing, though!
Driftin'Blues (Charles Brown) by jipes 12 years ago

Great classic blues playing and an awesome voice! Beautiful and simple, the way it should be.
FUNKIER by Wallace_Landreth 12 years ago

You and your son have definitely made a fan out of me!!
TRYING TO FIND powermac by Wallace_Landreth 12 years ago

Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible creativity, truly tasteful guitar playing and a whole lotta fun!
Take Me Away by guitarjockey1115 12 years ago
Awesome riff, it's going to be a great song, I'm sure when it all comes together.
If I Knew The Pixies by guitarjockey1115 12 years ago
A little more midrange in your guitars would help them stand out above the bass more prominently, and take center stage, especially since you don't have vocals. Alot of times rock/metal guitars drop the mids so that they don't compete with the singer, but here you could easily afford to bring that up, they're kind of being lost in that boomy 200-500k range. Lessen that a bit and bring up around 1k. Otherwise, your playing is good.
Little Red Rooster (gallo rojo) by Barretok 12 years ago

Wow, what a cool original take on a classic blues song. Very interesting style.
restless by BILLYTHEKID 12 years ago
Your drums are pretty darn good, especially for one take. They slip a little bit in a couple of spots, but overall, they sound good and the part is interesting enough for the song. Cool piece, and nice guitar parts.

Beautiful song, and I think it appropriately captures the feeling of fresh tracks on a blue bird powder day.

Awesome piece! Great energy, great guitar playing, great rhythm parts, and really cool ending. I wanted to hear the lead guitar more in the mix, though, it begins very strongly, but then seemed to get lost under the groove of the rhythm guitar, bass and drums in the B section.
HMMMMM... by BILLYTHEKID 12 years ago

Really nice piece! I dig the slap bass and solid groove, it contrasts nicely with the airy rhythm guitar, and great energy on the guitar solo, although it seems a little burried, perhaps a bit of eq would help bring that to the forefront where it deserves to be. I would have liked the solo section to be longer. Also, really nice drum parts.

Nice piece, although it definitley could be longer, I wanted to hear the second section take off and keep going for awhile, but on the other hand, too little is usually better than too much. I really like the piano part in the first section. Nice songwriting.
CHOOSE by BILLYTHEKID 12 years ago

The distant guitar solo here is a little reminiscent of Franz Zappa's imaginary guitar notes in the song "Outside Now" from "Joe's Garage." Pleasing tone and nice piece.
Why Do You Have To Give Your Love Away (For Free)? by artist08 12 years ago

Reminds me of Paul Simon. Nice job, great singing, excellent harmonies, and mixing. Good song, too. Looking forward to hearing more.
(Look at Me) I'm a Star by Boris_the_Bull 12 years ago

Man, Borris, you're really a good songwriter and the Dylan thing... well, let's just say that if you a little older, it might have been you instead of ol' Bob to make it big! I agree with DavidBowles, a little production work would really bring your voice out front and give it the depth and intimacy that it deserves.
Slumbering by Boris_the_Bull 12 years ago

Borris, I've listened to it three times in a row now, and I very much like this piece of songwriting. The meaning of the song really speak to me, and the high singing style works really well for this track. From a production standpoint my opinion is that the snare drum hits are just a little thin sounding and might be beefed up a bit with eq and more reverb. Also, although I think the song works ok with no drums, perhaps to make it so those snare hits don't just come in and out of nowhere, maybe some sort of drum/hi hat track of some sort throughout at least part of the song (after the second chorus?) would help tie that in and really take the track somewhere. My 2 cents, anyway, but again, VERY nice songwriting. I really like what you have here, but the producer in me wants to see it go farther and I think that this song has a ton of potential!!
Corrina Corrina...Iko Iko by Dyl 12 years ago

Right on, boys!!!

the journey out by j0j0 12 years ago

Very well mixed, and a really nice mix of instrumentation.
Mexican Waves (Featuring Fairy Beth) by ronnielong 12 years ago

I really like this song, I think that it has very nice flow and structure. Also, great guitar playing!
The Pub With No Beer! by ronnielong 12 years ago

What a gorgeous bit of songwriting!!
WE GOT THE POWER by doddster73 12 years ago

You mean this isn't the Beastie Boys? Wow, this is ****ing great!! Awesome production all around.
Car by MichaelThuy 12 years ago

Very nice bit of songwriting and really nice instrumentation in there. I really like the acoustic gutiar in the left channel and what sounds like a tonewheel organ in the right channel in the bridge. Overall, great mix too. My constructive comments would be a very slight eq on your lead vocal, just dropping it a tiny bit around 2-3Khz to warm it up a bit. It has nice presence, though.
Richo's Drum Solo by sandman88 12 years ago

Another WOW!~!! Awesome drum sounds, every single drum sounds beautiful. Simply excellent recording engineering.
61 Highway: Solo Slide Guitar by Daddio 12 years ago

I really like it, I'm such a fan of blues and good slide guitar!
Wanna Be Loved By You by dbailey 12 years ago
For some reason, none of my audio files were saved for this version, so if anyone wants to use my guitar parts, I suppose that I can re record them and send them via email.
The Fugitive by dbailey 12 years ago
Thanks, everyone, I appreciate all your comments! Is it metal? Is it rock? Who knows, but you gotta call it something, right?
Wanna Be Loved By You [draft mix] by vaporman 12 years ago
I decided to take a stab at it, so here's my version.


The Slide by TheTiler 12 years ago

I'm such a fan of good slide guitar and this really does it for me. Such a good groove and tight rhythm section. I'd agree, it could benefit from some vocals, but not having them doesn't hurt the track any.
My First GarageBand Upload:) by TheTiler 12 years ago

Man, what beautiful guitar sounds and such tasteful playing. Only just listened to you for the first time today, but I'm definitely a fan of your music now.
Love/ blues/ guitar fingerpicking/slide by TheTiler 12 years ago

Really nice playing and great guitar sounds. Nice sense of depth with the reverb. The only thing I want to hear is a slightly louder vocal track. It's mixed well, but I feel that the singing could be a touch louder, just to bring it out front and give it more presence.
Shove That Butt Up Your A** by gcooke 12 years ago

Yea, you get my vote for the message as well, although I think that the music is well produced too, nice midrange effect on the vocals and tasty instrumentation in the mix. The vocals have a great sense of urgency, especially in the chorus.
The tSUNAMIS-Spiders Web by PiranhaLake 12 years ago

Whoa Dave, what a cool song, perfectly executed with lucious sounding guitars that are layered beautifully, fabulous production and songwriting that really takes the piece somewhere. I dig it!!
happy shoes by whassisear 12 years ago

Great use of loops that are indeed very well matched with each other. Sounds great!!!
A Broken Leaf by jolofsson 12 years ago

Not usually my favorite type of music, from a critical listen, I'd have to say that the songwriting and the production are very good. Very ethereal and revealing song. Good job!!