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I've worked with musicians for many years now. I started working with The Garden of Delights lightshow at the Fillmore West. I developed the Omegatron projection system which was used in discos around the world and as a personal form of art and mediatation...I performed in A Journey Through Time which was a 33 projector, Cinerama style show which used the music of the Moody Blues. We first performed "Journey" at the first New Earth Exposition in San Francisco. Then I started a small music sales and production company, and later I started a crystal and mineral business, where I traveled extensively in Brazil. I co-founded and was president of a non-profit org. dedicated to doing education and research in the fields of music, light, color. and positive imagery and performed extensively in our specially built theater and around the western part of the US and Mexico. I've worked in the the IMAX format, multi-image, film and video. I am a video editor and special effects person. Along with this I'm currently a caregiver, which has provided me time to explore making my own music.....

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Asian Rapsody New Age Oct 2, 2005 1447
Norman's song New Age Oct 2, 2005 1117
Pink Nirvana Live at the Virtual Fillmore Rock Oct 6, 2005 970
Set the Controls to the 12th Dimension New Age Oct 28, 2005 936
A Heartbeat Away New Age Oct 30, 2005 1555


Title Genre Released Plays