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SchwanSongs is the creative musical outlet of a computer and a man collaborating to capture and extract a world of music swirling in the man's head. The music is purely instrumental and melodic, with each piece trying out a different genre, often ambient, rock & roll, blues, classical, smooth jazz, world, or electronica. The music more often incorporates realistic sounding instruments, as opposed to industrial/techno-synthesized computer blips.

Music is meant to transcend language and cultural differences and stir the soul of the listener. The sincere hope is that this music will do just that, without suffering too much from the writer's countless years (i.e. zero) of training in music theory and composition.

Musical influences come from a lifetime of classical music, 60s-80s rock music, and classical/folk music from many countries (South America, Russia, Japan, Ireland, ...) Some influential names in music are: Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Loreena McKennitt, Yamasaki Hako, Enigma, J.S. Bach, Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, Beethoven.

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Title Genre Released Plays
Ember and Cherry Blossom New Age Feb 26, 2006 2744
Ember (kassia-fied) New Age May 4, 2008 1504
Ember Remembered Jazz Jul 2, 2009 1631
Carla's First Ember New Age Sep 6, 2009 2144
Carla's Second Ember Jazz Sep 16, 2009 1261
Temporal Tantrum Rock Jun 2, 2010 878