New album Brighter Days released, free to download! October 14, 2017
You read that right, the album's done. In case you're wondering what happened to track 10, read on...
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What should music sound like? September 1, 2017
Or 'how to alienate your core fan base'.
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Embracing constraint June 11, 2017
The challenges - and benefits - of limitations in the creative process.
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A new chapter? November 27, 2016
An update for the people who remember me.
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New music is coming... July 31, 2012
The time has come for my most beloved and heartfelt project yet...
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Lies To Children is released! December 21, 2010
The new EndTimes album Lies To Children is now available!
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Christmas comes early for EndTimes fans! December 16, 2010
Read on for exciting news about the new EndTimes album, Lies To Children, including a release date!
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Lies To Children returns! November 24, 2010
After a four-month hiatus, EndTimes are back... One track per week until Christmas!
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Lies To Children is on hold July 20, 2010
The new EndTimes album, Lies To Children, is paused for the time being.
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Releasing an album on iComp July 1, 2010
There's no upload from the new EndTimes album Lies To Children this week. Instead, some thoughts about the process of releasing an album here.
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New EndTimes album coming soon... June 1, 2010
Metal lovers rejoice! My band's Lies To Children project will finally see the light of day in the very near future...
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Effective criticism August 5, 2008
Or, how to leave comments which benefit everyone.
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Clipping: why your master track hates you June 21, 2008
A closer look at those clicks, pops and crackles which plague digital recording.
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Mixing in 3D June 17, 2008
A technique for visualising music, and its application to mixing. Warning: contains tortured analogies, and excessive EQ love.
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Money January 20, 2008
More and more people on iCompositions are starting to try to sell their music. If you're one of them, here's some food for thought before you jump in both feet first.
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Shadows is done... December 16, 2007
After a little more than a year, my album is done... and you can have it for nothing.
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In defence of the Macbook Speaker test October 29, 2007
People often ask why on Earth I use these nasty little speakers to analyse mixes. So I thought I'd take a stab at explaining myself.
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Criticism and forward motion July 27, 2007
How I try to learn and grow from criticism; or, the reason why I don't generally fix songs and upload new versions.
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Stars March 10, 2007
I've decided to stop using stars. Here's why.
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