I've been producing music for a fair old whiley (amateur bedroom stuff), love it.

Started DJing back in 1990 but rarely play out anywhere these days though, gotten a bit lazy. Prefer to produce than play.

Influences: Vitalic. Sly & Robbie. Lemon Jelly. Beastie Boys. Jacques Lu Cont (remixes. Joey Beltram. Jose Padilla. Manu Chao. The Dead Kennedies. Damon Albarn. Big Daddy Kane. Fila Brazillia. Air. Royksopp. Herb Alpert and John Barry to name but a few of many.

Really appreciate getting any feedback on my music and will keep on uploading the back catalogue for your enjoyment. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate, I'm always keen.

Peace, Dan

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