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World Ways by heartsandbones 12 years ago
Ian, thanks for the feed, yes, things out, timing, that why I am calling this first cd works "Mistakes and Messups." More important for me to create than be perfect, good feeling, freedom. I like you tunes too!~M
The Beautiful Crisis by underdog 12 years ago

Tight, builds well, full body, a drive with light tones, kind of music I like and write. Nice job. Crit: The harmonica sound 4/5th of the way could be carried on more. Also as you build towards the end, crank it more, 2 more somethings, a heavy beat and a lead from that harmonica sound. Your song doesn't end strong like the music implies, make the fade more interesting, leave something behind, like a beautiful crisis!~Mheartsandboneselectronica