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Hosted by jlgerk, fatchance, alanatomic and lummie, iCWeekly is a LIVE show all about the goings on around the internet, with a focus on music; how it's made and why we make it.

Music is only one aspect of what iCWeekly is all about. iCWeekly also brings to the table subject matter that makes a difference to its listeners, allowing them to participate in the conversation. The listeners of iCWeekly are encouraged to participate in the show, not only through the chat sessions during the live shows, but also by making their voice heard via Skype.

Join us every Sunday, at 11am eastern, for the LIVE Show.

We'd like to thank Bernie for the great caricatures that you see above. For more information about his artwork please take a look at his site.

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Show Notes for 3-3-13 March 4, 2013
This is how it ends. We discuss Java and Flash vulnerabilities, Lindsay Lohan and possible jail time, Justin Bieber's worst birthday, iTunes U, Soda Bans and our FREE software picks.
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Show Notes for 2-24-13 February 26, 2013
This week we talk about celebrity deaths, companies being hacked, the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, Ron Jeremy's recovery and much more. We also discuss the end of iCWeekly, along with our free software pick...
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Show Notes for 2-17-13 February 18, 2013
Meteors fall everywhere! The Pope resigns. Facebook breaks the Net!. 3D Printed Organs. Monty Python gets together to make a new movie. All this and more, along with our FREE software picks!...
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Show Notes for 2-10-13 February 12, 2013
iPhone Tips, Stupid High School Rules, Nanny State Rules, Crashing OSX, What now has 17 million digits? and more, along with our FREE Software pick. Check out this weeks iCWeekly, with 1/3rd less fat...
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Show Notes for 2-3-13 February 6, 2013
DNA Storage, Istagram wants Your ID, No Toilet Paper for You!, Swedish Police Bust Up The Game, Boyz 2 Komrades and our FREE software picks are all in this weeks iCWeekly.
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