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Multi-Kord sound check by jalanix 1 year ago
Hi Stan - Yes I don't have much time either, but I want to get back into collaborations. I have have had some fun times on this site, but have been away for quite a while. Looking forward to some new music. Cheers - Jeff
RAISE YOUR EYES by Lagusaya2 1 year ago
Also a great song! Thanks for sharing
OVER THE WALL by Lagusaya2 1 year ago
Nice tune with good lyrics. Loved it.
Suspence by cove 1 year ago
Nice mix... lots of cool tones gong on here. Well done!
Multi-Kord sound check by jalanix 1 year ago
The galloping goose is in fine shape after almost 70 years. I will go tune it up soon and make sure.
Candle Lights by gepo 1 year ago
This is a good base track... Moody. Would love to add some stuff to this...
Our Time With You by GregDavies 1 year ago
Congrats! Good job on the acoustic on this.
Running by Astronomer 3 years ago
This is just fabulous. You are a real talent.
Sailor Man - Original Song by SweetRosebud 3 years ago
Good stuff. Dig it.
Said & Done by jobu 3 years ago
Very nice harmonies! Great sound.
Magnatone with Keys by jalanix 4 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys. Yes I am a huge fan of Mr. Knopfler and have been listening to him quite a bit lately.
Rookie by Astronomer 4 years ago
Damn. That is awesome. Glad I stopped by to Icomp... it has been a long while. Nicely done. Cool doubling of the vocal track.
Little Lines by Astronomer 4 years ago
Awesome. I like it. Now I need to go listen to some recent music.
Princess Patchunga and the Blue & Green Elves by pharmakeus 4 years ago
cool! Love the playfulness of the phrasing. Reminds me a bit of Jeff Beck in places when the aggressive guitar comes in. Very fun.
Coming Home by ShadowofNine 4 years ago
Awesome. You can get lost in that soundscape. Agree that the double bass drum is great.
B****** and Wine by Stebbo 4 years ago
Nice. Love the pop feel to this. It reminds me of Ben Folds a little bit. Well structured song.
Anyway by nlsn 5 years ago
Hi Pete - My Harmony that loves the mic is this model:


I see these come up every once in a while on craigslist for about $200.
Anyway by nlsn 5 years ago
Wow thanks Nelson... and thank you for sending me the song! The magic of a song is in the words and vocal melody and you provided a very fine example here. Nice! I am always up for collaborating with this awesome community. Cheers - J
Archtop with Steel by jalanix 5 years ago
Hi Pete - Old Harmony's are dicey man... there are many that are pretty warped, but this one plays great. I found it in a trading post swappo type place in Santa Cruz.
Fireflies & Gasoline by sallan 6 years ago
very nice. great feel and imagery.
She Loves Goodbyes by lazyjane 6 years ago
awesome. This is good original stuff.
I'm a Little Concerned by lazyjane 6 years ago
this is good. Nice phrasing with the vocals. It kinda reminds me of Ben Harper a little bit. Lyrically very good. Nice job. Refreshing.
Sunday blues by w1av 6 years ago
Excellent! Love it. nice relaxed feel. Definitely some visions of Miles there.
You are so Beautiful (cover) by jalanix 6 years ago
oops... no loops. Just myself and the J45. I will perform this with a friend at a memorial today for my old friend Debbie.
Sailing Across A Sea of Light Pt II by NormanGoodman 7 years ago
Nice jamming!
Like a Star (Cover) by jalanix 7 years ago
Thanks guys... Yes this song is by Corrine Bailey Rae... I should have mentioned that! Cheers - J
Without Me by Cinderella 7 years ago

This is great! Love the relaxed feel.
Ocean by dcrugebregt 7 years ago
Nice song, Donny. Love the melody on the chorus. Top notch song writing.
East Wind Rolling by pete 7 years ago
Pete! this is cool. I dig it. - J
See You Coming by Naaji 7 years ago
Awesome grove, Naaji
I N K by RedthruNthru 7 years ago
Great song guys. Beautiful progression.
Can't help lovin' that man of mine by Vixen 7 years ago
Cool! Very smooth. Huge sound on the Sax.
HEY! by nlsn 7 years ago
Nice! Absolutely right natural feel on this. Perfect for a Sunday morning. - J
sweet angel by dcrugebregt 8 years ago

Lovely, Donny. Beautiful song. Keep em coming. We should do a collab this summer. Cheers mate. - jeff
America Rocks by dcrugebregt 8 years ago

This just rocks. Where did you have this done? Did you use that fabulous Princeton that you used have?
dragon fly by dcrugebregt 8 years ago

Nice! Wow it is great to see you here my old friend. Nice job on this. Please record more and post... We should do a collaboration! Cheers - Jeff
Solo Blues by jalanix 8 years ago
Thanks guys... Working on this more this morning... Love this wacky C tuning...
Quando vado via by MusicLeft 8 years ago
Beautiful! Thanks for this - Jeff
God's Golden Eyes (Cover) by jalanix 8 years ago
Hi Alan,

That is a direct line from the board to the video recorder. I will have to listen with headphones, but I believe I did try to enhance that Audio a bit in GarageBand... But all I recall doing was adding a little bottom end. The HopMonk Tavern in Sebastopol has the most amazing sound system and people working the board. They offered us 7 different, independent mixes on stage! By far the best sounding place I have played.
Song for Jessica by jalanix 8 years ago
Thanks to Chrissie, John and Alan for contributing and helping me finish the song. Being able to work with such close friends like this amazes me every time I go through it. And thanks also to all of you for your kind comments on the song and in support of Jessica. - Jeff
In Your Eyes {Acoustic Cover} by RAVENS 8 years ago
Sweet! This is really powerful. I dig it. - J
NO Name - (Jalanix & Geo) by fatchance 8 years ago
Dude man! what a nice jam on this! Nice bold clear tones on that slide work. Love it. Thanks for jamming on my tune my friend. I will crank this tomorrow in the car for sure. Cheers - J
For Johnny by jalanix 8 years ago
Thanks guys. You should have heard Johnny. He was a fabulous player.
Walk Out This Way Again by nlsn 8 years ago
I did indeed come up with this groove on the guitar sitting on the beach in Ventura. Huh?!
Werewolves of London by pharmakeus 8 years ago
one of my all time favs! Love this song... Nice version. - J
Walk Out This Way Again by nlsn 8 years ago
Nice job! Thanks for taking the no name song somewhere. Love the clear baritone vocal lines you have added. A great way to start my Thanksgiving. Thank you. - Jeff
No Name Tune (collab) by jalanix 8 years ago
Thanks guys! Yes one and all... Take the song somewhere! I am done with it for now... I can change it for anyone... shorten/lengthen a verse. Whatever. Cheers - J
Homeland by ScottCarmichael 8 years ago

This is a very touching song. Sat back with my wife and we listened carefully as we read the lyrics. Thanks for posting the song. We think the photo is great. Cheers - Jeff
Same Shaker by ScottCarmichael 8 years ago
Hey! nice to see you here again. I like the relaxed delivery here. Very nicely done. Sounds great as usual. Cheers - Jeff
Decade of Dedication by Nuuute 8 years ago
Very nice Dennis! Congratulations my friend - Jeff
Dawn by tt0511 8 years ago
Rad! That rocks and is well composed... I don't have the headphones on now so I can give it the full test. I would have downloaded it for the car test but it looks like the download is not enabled... Nice tune. Welcome to icomp. - Jeff
Acoustic #4 (Jalanix & Geo) by fatchance 9 years ago
Nice Job! What a nice surprise to see this collab complete! Love the slide... We guitar players gotta keep that slide work going... That is something to work at and master... And thanks a ton for the nice comments in the song description my friend. We gotta do more of these! Cheers - Jeff
Acoustic#3 (jalanix & Geo) by fatchance 9 years ago
Geo, what a great surprise this morning to hear this with the morning coffee... This is excellent my friend. Very tasty playing... and I like that it remains acoustic... So simple, two acoustic guitars. And I love the title as it captures a very relaxed and right mood of the playing you have added to this. Thanks man! - J
Blind Willie McTell by jalanix 9 years ago
Thanks guys... Mick, thanks for the comments... yes that bass playing is really bad because the mix from the board did not have a strong enough bass signal... like none... I had to lay that back down on this at home to fill it out. Maybe I can get our bassist to lay down some decent bass.
Doctor Doctor (UFO Cover) by Nick_W 9 years ago
OUTSTANDING!!!!! UFO will always be one of my all time favorite bands. OUTSTANDING!!!!
Hear My Train by RedthruNthru 9 years ago
Ok, this is super cool, Donna. Very nice. Much enjoyed. - J
Gypsy Wings by RedthruNthru 9 years ago
Thanks all for the nice comments. And special thanks to Donna for making my little chord progression such a cool song. Donna's vocals/words are bold and beautiful. Love the phrasing... so natural. Great time and very fun project. - Jeff
Belladonna by RedthruNthru 9 years ago
Nice to hear some BLUES. Donna, you've got it when comes to the singing the blues. Nice guitar work and all around mix. Much enjoyed. - J
The Haunting by RedthruNthru 9 years ago
Super job... Much enjoyed this.
How can you love me back? by jalanix 9 years ago
Thanks for the comments folks... Will add some low end to my mix and see how that goes. Thanks again. - J
In Kerosene Light by Xolv 9 years ago

yes yes yes... very nice to finish the evening with this. Icomp delivered some great tunes this fine evening. This was great last one for me... Very nice playing there. Reminds me of some Brazilian pop that I so enjoy. cheers - J
Empire Falls by pharmakeus 9 years ago
nice. So clean and rich. Great tension in this song. instant favorite. - J
My metal by Slupper 9 years ago

Dude man this is tremendous. Love it. That will be in my car tomorrow. - Jeff
What I Don't Need Now - mix #5, FINAL? for Bridge Creek CD by BridgeCreek 9 years ago

Cool! Nice job. It sound very nice in my headphones... I am sure it will pass the car stereo tests. Nice guitar soloing there, David. - Jeff
Sonic II (for collaboration) by Filmscorz 9 years ago
Cool! We shall see...
Daze in Sunshine by sonic_magpie 9 years ago

Nice rich sound to the mix. Very easy on the ears. Not overdone in any way. Nice production and very creative song. Radio ready. - J
Who Gave the Waves to the Sea? by pete 9 years ago
rock and roll! Yes! Love the break in the middle where Pete hangs on the major line... then the rolling bass comes in. Nice moving along feel. Also like how it walks the line between major and minor... right in the middle most of the time. Would be fun to play live. - J
Sister Serenity by Filmscorz 9 years ago

The first note killed me! WOW! you are the man. Very nice. Instant download. - J
GIVE ME A SIGN by KCsGROOVE 9 years ago
Love how the guitar soloing is totally surrounded by smooth, wide tones. It sits nicely in the mix. Very clear and rich mix. Nice! - J
Take Me Tonight (w/lyrics) by RubyDubidoux 9 years ago
dig that clear vocal line. You've got something there. - J
Harp N Soul Part Doux by RubyDubidoux 9 years ago
Nice blues with super great energy. Love the Bo Diddley beat there and the crazy panning. I think there is some clipping so watch those levels when mixing down. I enjoyed it, so thanks for sharing! - J
Empty Pockets, Empty Bottle Blues by pharmakeus 9 years ago
Enjoyed this quite a bit. Very Nice! Great clean tele like sound there on that guitar... played very nice an easy slightly behind the beat and relaxed. - J
TUFF ENOUGH - LIVE by fatchance 9 years ago
Sweet! That sounded like a ton of fun. Very nice guitar playing there my friend. - Jeff
This Way by Lapotu 9 years ago
Many thanks to John for having me join him is this cool song! - J
This Way by Lapotu 9 years ago
Hi Pete - yep that is a strat running through a 64 bandmaster for the rhythm tracks and running through a 57 Magnatone for the solo. - J
Rocker by jalanix 9 years ago
Hi Alan - no pod on this one. That was all done with my Fender Concert using my Les Paul studio. - J
Rubber Rooms by ElectricLevantine 9 years ago
Cool! I dig it. - J
ABOVE THE CLOUDS by Barretok 9 years ago

I am digging this quite a bit! Very nice groove. - Jeff
Always by gaelin_brown 9 years ago

Nice production there. Very professional sounding. - Jeff
Twameva by imadesentana 10 years ago

Most excellent my friend! Such a great groove. That made my night. Great composition. Cheers - Jeff
The Muir Woods Project # 1 by JodyGrenier 10 years ago

Wow! This is great. I always love your playing. I also love the Muir Woods (which is near by). So this one really got me. Thanks! - Jeff
brick back girl by xjudson 10 years ago

Cool groove here. One could do some serious jammin on this groove... - Jeff
Black and White Rag by georgeptingley 10 years ago

very impressive playing indeed! very nice. - Jeff
"Surak Blues" by Surak 10 years ago
cool man. Simple blues with just an acoustic. Nice guitar work there Surak - Jeff
Before the Devil Knows Were Dead by jalanix 10 years ago
Thanks very much folks... and thanks again to Alan. I would have tossed this on the pile of song ideas without Alan enthusiasm on this collab. Big fun!
You Smell The Sound of Purple by Bob6stringer 10 years ago
That is really cool. Loved the swirly groove here. - Jeff
I'll fly away cover by Freddy_Boulder 10 years ago

Wow. That is some excellent singing there. You have a great quality to your voice. Thanks for this. - Jeff

Very cool! Love the drums on this. Great natural feel to it. - Jeff
Where Do We Stand by ScottCarmichael 10 years ago

Scott, this is great as usual. Love it. Glad to hear from you again. Very nice guitar playing, Ziti! This is a topper of a great night of songs on iComp. - Jeff
A Sense of Absence (Open Collab) by Filmscorz 10 years ago

Sweet! Welcome back. Downloaded for my next jam! - Jeff
The 7th Bestowal by Justin_Case 10 years ago

Wow. I am floored by this. - Jeff
Eye of the Needle by Baboon 10 years ago

Very nice folks. Nice to hear a full production like this. Very rocking solo there! Real drums! Yeah! love it. Can't say enough about this one as I am sure all the other comments above have already done so. Rock on. - Jeff
Wade in the Water by Xolv 10 years ago

Very groovy. I dig the relaxed feel on this. You got a really unique fat sound on that guitar. Nice! - Jeff
Challenge of Styles by newsynth 10 years ago

This is SO cool. instant fav! - Jeff
I Need Your Lovin' by blues69 10 years ago

Nice job! Very cool blues and nicely recorded. - Jeff
Gipsy by Lapotu 10 years ago

John - this is amazing! You've got it man. Nice to hear a new tune from you my friend and happy 2008. - Jeff
Phrase thru the Haze by fatchance 10 years ago

Very cool song on this morning with my coffee! - Jeff
Letting Go by keithjfuller 10 years ago

Hi Keith. Very beautiful piece. It fits for the Holidays. Welcome to IComp. - Jeff
WE"VE CHANGED by KCsGROOVE 10 years ago

Sweet As Honey - Live December 8 2007 Happy Holidays by NorthPoint 10 years ago

Sounds great. I wish I was there... must have been fun. You guys pulled it off nicely. - Jeff