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Hello my friends. I was born Jim Mason in 1968 in Ashland, Ohio. Ashland is a small town 60 miles south of Cleveland, but it had a very strong music education system. In the first grade I became the lead recorder player in my class, and by the sixth grade I was playing the trumpet in the jazz and marching bands, but in my heart I wanted to be a bass player and I couldn't convince my mom to get me a bass guitar, so when I was around fifteen my brother Andy brought me a bass guitar, and my life has never been the same since. My bass teacher, Neil Ebert, convinced me to start playing the upright bass, and within a year I was receiving scholarship offers from various universities.

So in 1986 I went off to the University of Cincinnati, and I graduated from the College Conservatory of Music in 1990, with a degree in jazz studies. I soon discovered that a degree in jazz studies would get me nowhere in the real world, so I joined a popular zydeco band and taught private lessons. In 1995 and in 1997 I was able to go on a Department Of Defense tour with the zydeco band, where we played on military basses all over the Mediterranean (including Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey). To this day that was the most exciting time in my life, and I met my future wife during this period, Patti Mason.

Even though I was having a lot of fun I was feeling pretty empty from a creative point of view, so I left the gig scene and moved back to Ashland, Ohio, where my parents owned an abandoned farm house. In the process of rehabbing the house, I had a strong urge to write songs. Being a bass player I had to recruit many of my old Cincinnati buddies to help me record the album. So in 2000 I finished my first c.d. which I named Disheveled - Non sequitur. Although I was pleased with this accomplishment, I thought it was very difficult to organize that many people and I felt I never had control of my own recording, so it was not very long before I decided I would have to learn how to play the other instruments.

So too make a long story short I learned how to play the guitar and also how to record using computer software and created my new album " One Eyed Jimmy Jive ". I actually wrote the music in the year 2000, but it took me that long to get it all together. One Eyed Jimmy Jive is what you call a concept or a theme album. It is about a young man who plays the machine gun and the ups and downs of his newfound fame. It is really a character study of the all too erratic and fragile musical ego, which i could study firsthand. please click on my website to listen to one eyed jimmy jive.

i am currently recording songs when inspired, and hope to get inspired enough to complete another c.d. please listen to one of my newest inspirations, starving babies.

I urge all people to support your local independent artist. Many artist like myself are proudly giving their music free of charge on the internet and all we ask for in return is a kind word or even some constructive criticism, to give us the confidence to continue in our art.

God Bless,
Jim mason

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Upper Middle Class Blues Blues Oct 21, 2010 1281
To Love and Not Be Loved Pop May 17, 2007 933
ROUND AND ROUND Rock May 12, 2006 1045
STARVING BABIES (featuring wushuman) Funk May 1, 2006 1116
STARVING BABIES Rock Apr 26, 2006 1529