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Here She Comes by gepo 22 hours ago
Agree with Chris about the feel and tones. Got an easy going island feel.
Booze Cruise by Xolv 22 hours ago

Definitely like this version better. Got me tapping my toes and nodding my head....Nice playing.
Psalm 13 for soprano and orchestra by georgeptingley 15 days ago
This reminds me of the crass saying "get a room" BUT.....this needs a studio !! Olesia's vocal is stunningly beautiful. And, as always George, I love your music. Best from across the bay.
Quite The Opposite by falconep 15 days ago

What caught my ear is the melody. Quite beautiful. The tune exudes a soothing warmth and an emotional maturity. Definitely a plus.
Don't Wanna Know by Jacalore 15 days ago
You've got an authentic blues vocal going on this. How your vocal is placed in the mix is perfect too.
That you on guitar too ?
Sunrise by Dyl 15 days ago
Dyl, Petra, Both of your voices have qualities that are unique and the blend is a pleasure listen.
When We were Young. by Dorothy_Wilson 23 days ago
well, I stumbled onto icomp tonight to take a quick look and thought this sounded interesting. My take?
Lovely voice. Pitch perfect all the way through. Her performance is certainly professional quality.
One Too Many Virgos by Beatle128 1 month ago
Smashing song.
As Light As A Feather by guitar55 1 month ago

Gorgeous !
Lattice Window by Mike_Lynn 1 month ago
Hi Mike, totally romantic and that's a good thing. Enjoyed listening.
springthing by eagle 2 months ago
Beautiful track for your lyrics and vocal. I really marvel how you do it. You have a rare gift. Very much enjoyed hearing you old friend, and also being introduced to Mike's music too.
The core of the earth by Narananda 3 months ago
Aside from just being beautiful, I find a story. Perhaps? Of primitive man, to warlike behavior. (My interpretation with the canon shot and the sound of horse hooves. The sound of hammering being the reconstruction of the damage war has caused.) The brass repetition, makes me think of the "glory" of war. The ending, perhaps, is more of a wish, or prayer, that aggression finally fades away on it's own, like something that naturally runs it's own course.
Another TIme by RadioSeanovan 3 months ago

Most of the time I can find something that I could suggest to do a little differently.....but not with this tune.
every time we say goodbye by eagle 3 months ago

Lovely done
For Anna, Bianca and Carina by Xolv 3 months ago

Very tasty.
The Planet by ShadowofNine 4 months ago
Definitely a high velocity tune. Great for action thriller. And, a cool piece just for the listen. Instruments are so well balanced in arrangement that there is no lag in it maintaining interest. Cool stuff.
Tales From The Cosmic Oyster by Beatle128 4 months ago
I'd be thrilled to come up with lyrics and music like this. I certainly hope you are. I don't think I could think up something like a cosmic oyster....although I feel we may live in the same one.
To Adore You Again by RadioSeanovan 4 months ago

Lovely feelings expressed with a nice clean style. Nice to hear original well written lyrics.
vibrando by Xolv 4 months ago

Give me a Bossa Nova any day. What can I say ? This is so cool.
In the Hourglass by gepo 4 months ago

Very pleasant tune. Lyrical. I can almost hear words for it. The tone of the guitars are soft and give it a personal feel. As always, I like your playing.
What It Is by k6 5 months ago
@shadowofnine, @Toveco, @Dyl, @KCsGROOVE,@falconep, @Xolv, @gepo, @pharmakeus, @grathy, Hello and thank you so much. Been off icomp for so long and wonderful to see you. Everyone of you have been much like family. Real support. Hopefully I'll have more time to peruse the site and catch up on tunes you all have been doing. Probably a huge task !!
And Chris, thanks for the "leaning left" comment. I've been poking at the mix all day here and hopefully fixed it and a few other things. For some reason icomp is running like dialup right now for me.....takes ages to load a page. Thanks to all and thanks to icomp for having us !
What It Is by k6 5 months ago
@Patrizia, un millón de gracias
What It Is by k6 5 months ago
@toveco Thanks Tom !!
Out Of Time by toveco 11 months ago
Nice nice nice work !!!
What Took You so Long by gepo 11 months ago
Hey Gepo.....always enjoy your music. Something down to earth but full of dreams.
In Spite Of All The Danger by Beatle128 1 year ago
Back for another listen and this time...leave a comment. What an exciting time for music and the bands playing it. You got it down to perfection.
Deserved Present remix by Xolv 1 year ago

Love this. Feiten and larsen quality. Lovely tune so well composed and played.
fugue no.1 [48 preludes and fugues book one] by woofer3 1 year ago
I love a fugue. When I try to play one my eyes and fingers get crossed.
Monkey Business [10-01] by woofer3 1 year ago
Not only did I chuckle, I also realize there's a real message of thoughtful observation as well as being an enjoyable listen.
Grasshopper Boogie 071013 by georgeptingley 1 year ago
Saw your link on facebook and thought 'd jump right over. Fantastic. I'm across the bay from you tapping my feet !
Compromessa by falconep 1 year ago
Nice chords in this. Sort of a Bossa Nova feel which I find most pleasant to listen to.
Lhassa suite by Narananda 1 year ago
Wonderfully dramatic. I get nose bleed at high altitude. But, seriously, this is quite spectacular.
Prince William - [03-01] by woofer3 1 year ago
The indomitable Woofer strikes again. Always enjoy your work.
D E C A D E by Donatus 1 year ago

Bravo maestro. A prelude to another decade I hope.
April Blues Again by bingsolex 1 year ago
Sweet stuff. Hit the spot !
Water Lillies by Xolv 1 year ago

Cheerful upbeat. Reminds me of Classical Gas
Theme to Live by by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
Evocative. Thought provoking. Introspective. The first time through I missed the cheering. I call this art.
Dreams by dirigent 1 year ago
Beautiful. A presence of Bach.
Joy of Man's Desiring by Orfeus 1 year ago
Quite beautiful
Madness in C Major by gepo 1 year ago

Good to hear you. This was certainly different. Reminded me of a Grateful Dead concert on New Years. I think I just had an acid flashback. I'm a fan Gep. Love to hear what you got. And thanks ! Jere
your x factor voice by woofer3 1 year ago

I love how you do the falsetto in this. I probably shouldn't say this but...you could be on the XFactor yourself !! Hahaha, love it John.
You Know What To Do by Beatle128 1 year ago
Definitely not a wasted thanksgiving. I really enjoy the authentic sound you do.
Elegy for violin and piano by georgeptingley 1 year ago

One can imagine Durer's Melancholy. Delicate, pensive, expressive, consumed and surrounded yet there's a playful melodic line that dances, trying to gain the attention and show the sadness, regret a way to live with it.
Abstract by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
you shuffle faster than I do. Nice piece. A growing bubbling brew. The variety of voices give it a lot of color.
What Did You See by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
well done musically with a real message
John is a Johnny Thing by Xolv 1 year ago

Very tasty
Tibet by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
Quite a beautiful work Dave. Really enjoyed it
Cherry Blossoms by guitar55 2 years ago

Very enjoyable. Very cool jazz.
Deep Down by gepo 2 years ago
Yeah, Gep, I like this
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep by ShadowofNine 2 years ago
that's great. the music fits it wonderfully with an exotic tone.
TwF - The Circle of Life As One (Go) by MoorNoki 2 years ago

Wow, what a voice you have. Lovely tune and ever so pleasant to listen.
Secret Agents of Phrygia by pharmakeus 2 years ago
Bizarrely wonderful song Chris. Most enjoyable.
Victory by ShadowofNine 2 years ago
Great work Dave, don't know why music supervisors aren't knocking down your door.
Love the crisp clean sound. As usual, the development is superb.
Jupiter's birds by Narananda 2 years ago
A trip to the tropics !
This Dream by carolinehboone 2 years ago

I'm rarely here anymore but thought I'd take a look and am delighted to see you're still making music with lyrics soooo well written. Lovely tune.
A Study In Complex Simplicity No.5(The Girl.) by guitar55 2 years ago

The Club On The Corner (My Jacket Still Smell Of Beer,Smoke And Perfume) by guitar55 2 years ago

First class musicianship. Love your guitar phrases. A sign of an experienced player.
The title....reminds me of another one you did. Waiter There's a Fly in My Soup.
So, this is exquisite playing Michael. No reason this shouldn't be played on easy listening/jazz stations. I think we are lucky to have you here on icomp.
Flipper by Narananda 2 years ago
I think I swallowed some water. Beautiful, Like a trip in the mind. Very cinematic.
Absolute by ShadowofNine 2 years ago
Nice bright feel to this. Enjoy the subtle variations. Definitely a positive tune.
River (Joni Mitchell Cover) by nadiestar 2 years ago

Wonderful !
Those Eyes by gepo 2 years ago

Downloaded this one Gep. Going onto my ipod. Thinking of trying to write some lyrics for it if I can come up with any. Many thanks, Jere
Funk/Rock by guitar55 2 years ago

Got some serous guts to this !! Loads of driving force.
I Know Who I Am... by ShadowofNine 2 years ago
I like the rock with the choral sound. There's a pleasant juxtaposition to it.
Free and Easy by gepo 2 years ago

Fun tune Gep.
Lilies of the Valley by MonikaEvans 2 years ago

I love it.
Piano Quintet (Mov't One) - Allegretto by soulima 2 years ago
A pleasure to listen John. Thank you.
SAD SONG by SISTERS 2 years ago

Mmmmm, nicely put together....like magic. Lovely Anne. Wonderful vocal and wonderful musicians.
This Boy by Beatle128 2 years ago
This song showed up on the recent top 50 list for me...not the random song list. Hey, I'm not going to complain since it's one of my favs. Great work John.
StrandedInTheWake OfYourGoodbey by eagle 2 years ago
Enjoyed your song and vocal. Lovely voice. But...it runs in the family doesn't it ?
Heaven by ShadowofNine 2 years ago
Very tasty Dave. Light, airy, positive feel. Love the transitions.
Same Old Lonely Song by Beatle128 2 years ago
Well, I had to sign in to say thanks John. Enjoyed this. Fun to hear you break in and then go into the new version. You've got the sound down so well that it takes me back to those times when the Beatles first came out. Loved the sound then and love the sound you do. Happy Seventh John!!
Oh.... and yes, Cees has been there for lots of us as a few others I can think of. Every one who's made and still makes Icomp a positive experience. You included.
BOUNCE by BigDaddyCee 2 years ago

Mmmmm, Very tasty. Lots of room for a good vocal. Thanks for the download. I'd love to come up with lyrics for this one for you. Then...see if we can find Barry White.
I've Seen The Light by ShadowofNine 3 years ago
Brain melding
History Of The World Part Two by k6 3 years ago
@ShadowofNine ME TOO !!
aria by that80sboy 3 years ago

Solid song Marc. Just sat back and enjoyed it!!
my girlfriend is an alien by that80sboy 3 years ago

How'd I miss this ?
Ballet Exercise #15 by wescurry45nion 3 years ago

Holy Canoli !! Is this you playing ? It's perfection and gorgeous music.
Hurting for Home by MikeHuntingford 3 years ago

Definitely is a catchy melody. My ear enjoys all the layers of sound. The ending just lets you down nice and easy.
FADE INTO YOU by SISTERS 3 years ago

I've always thought you two make music magical. Just lovely Anne and Bob.
Scarecrow by MonikaEvans 3 years ago

I love the way you weave songs together. The layers are intricate and feel infinite. I agree with mre in his comment above, about the details you put into your music. Well, you know I've been a fan from the first. XX
A saucerful of secret delights by Narananda 3 years ago
I feel like I'm sitting in a movie theater. Now would be a great time to have surround sound in my room. Fantastic work. A treat after not hearing what you've been doing for so long and finding out where you have gone with your music. Phew, that was a whole journey!!
Free Me & Hold Me by Nightingale 3 years ago

I listened the other day a couple times and really like what you're doing. Guitar and vocals sound good. I'll check out your soundcloud page.
Into The Light by ShadowofNine 3 years ago
Ohhh, this is perty. The voices are captivating.
Girls Like You by Lesmond 3 years ago

Fun tune, really enjoyed.
But I Don't Care by Beatle128 3 years ago
Love IT !!
Bobby by benjaminflint 3 years ago

Great song.
C'est La Vie by Donatus 3 years ago

Thank you Theo. Lovely.
NOCHEBUENA by Patrizia 3 years ago

Beautiful !!
Dark Blue for solo piano by georgeptingley 3 years ago

Definitely a beauty. Easy to imagine a ballet to this. Tender and hopeful.
Deep Sea Dive by guitar55 3 years ago

This is great Michael
Dying To Please by feelinstevie2014 3 years ago

Top rate stuff man. Very much enjoyed !
Condor by ShadowofNine 3 years ago
There's a lot going on in this. Tribal rhythm, jazz. Very easy to listen and imagine visuals. Going for another listen.
In Memoriam Robin Williams by georgeptingley 3 years ago
Beautiful George.
The missed train by Narananda 3 years ago
I didn't miss the train....I got swept along by it !
THE COLDEST NITE OF THE YEAR by jibes 3 years ago

Your style is great for this tune.
My Last Song by toveco 3 years ago
All great playing. Tommy, maybe you have to use nylon strings now like me !!
Hope you take this song to next level and make lyrics. Everything sound like pro work !!

Time Brutal and Tender for violin and piano by georgeptingley 3 years ago

Mordor by ShadowofNine 3 years ago
A ready fit for Movie Magic or just a great imagination.
Merlin at work IV by Narananda 4 years ago
Definitely a French cow. Only gives chocolate milk. I really enjoy the ambient sounds.
Mountain Nights by dirigent 4 years ago

This would be wonderful to loop and just let it play over and over. Mysterious, ethereal.