Johnny Katchoolik is an independent musician & recording artist of many colors, personalities, sounds, and eccentricities. His sonic adventures began with the guitar but quickly progressed to include the bass, keyboard, percussion, synthesizer, various software & electronic instruments, and who knows what else Katchoolik will fancy next. Katchoolik thrives on breaking the rules, chopping up the conventional elements, inventing new concoctions, and exploring as many sonic dimensions as possible. For Katchoolik, an artist who inhales and exhales music 24/7, music is a way of life and an expression of the self. Although Katchoolik has performed with various progressive and alternative rock bands during the days of Seattle grunge, the Katchoolik of today composes and records solely in the Ghetto Sound Studio - his true playground and sanctuary, and thatís where quirky ideas and offbeat creations are surgically extracted from his cerebral cortex. Color your life with music!




Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Red Wind Drifter Folk Oct 15, 2007 1023
Potato Crusher Metal Jan 11, 2008 1319
Kavorka Jazz Jan 12, 2008 1028
Kingdom Of Ends Jazz Jan 23, 2008 918
Kung-fu Hillbilly Jazz Jan 27, 2008 1578
Cup Of Gonadotropin Jazz Feb 5, 2008 863
Cauliflower Ear Jazz Feb 7, 2008 789
Gefilte Fish Jazz Mar 9, 2008 1480
The Albanian Sugar Collector Electronica May 14, 2008 1163
Sometime City Jazz May 20, 2008 1075