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Wormhole by macman424 11 years ago
There are two basic chord progs in the piece:

C5, Eb5, Am/C, Ab/C
[C5, Am7, C5/G, C5/E] x2, Fsus2

These are alternated and set in different time signatures including 3/4, 4/4 and 9/4.
The Groove - MT3.1 by macman424 11 years ago
Thanks for the comments. The assignment isn't due until wed. so I may have time to change up a couple things. I had never really gotten into using pan much, but I can check it out. As for creating a more stereo sounding bass line, I hadn't even thought of doing that, but it sounds like a good idea.
The Alliance by maestro_skillz 11 years ago

Those extra beaths you put in the flute part really added an extra dimension. Well done!
Reflective: Longer and Better Sounding Version by maestro_skillz 11 years ago

Great stuff. I might have the background a bit softer, but that could just be personal taste. Which instruments are real in this piece? It's always good to find another violinist who realizes there's more out there other than Tchaikovsky.
You Know, You Know by macman424 12 years ago
Thanks for the kudos. Sorry it took so long to get a reply out. There's a big piece in the works.
orchestral 1 by greeny 12 years ago
I played the piece and when it ended i said "That's it?" I think you had something going, but you need to expand it. Put in a melody and more instruments. If you're working with a standard orchestra you have at least 50 parts you can do. Still, it was a good opening.
woodjazz by woodguy32 12 years ago

Excellent work. Sounds like it would come from some jazz club overlooking the water. Constantly kept your attention.
Vette of Gold..You remix.. zip file link by woodguy32 12 years ago

Guitar sounds great. Perhaps would have been nice to have a bit more varied parts for this type of song or some more tracks. Excellent concept. Keep it up.
Downtown Sedna by macman424 12 years ago
Thanks for the input. It's great to hear from people.
Beautiful Machine by TENSE 13 years ago

Great job! Vocals sound really nice. In the break (about half way through) are the vocals done by Victoria (through applescript) or maybe my ears are hearing things? Ohwell. It doesn't really matter.
I dreamnt Nintendo by lango 13 years ago

It's a good start. There are a couple of things though. Am I missing something? Is there supposed to be more to the end other than the shaker going for about a minute? Also the violin... or rather lack of a real violin. Violin is one of the hardest instruments to synthesize because of the different types of tone it can produce. I would definately try to put in a real one. That's pretty much why the 2 in performance. Also, is the violin supposed to be a lead? It's a bit quiet - of course - that could just be me wanting violin louder in any case. Overall, I'd have to say it's good background music, and fairly "nintendo-esk"
Planet Metal by aktm 13 years ago

you got some 1337 skills there.
Sailing on an Orange Sea by macman424 13 years ago
Thanks for the input! I checked the site before I posted my stuff, and it says its targeted towards GB users, but doesn't say it's for them exclusively. Also the 424 doesn't have anything to do with Front 242. It's just my house number. smiley
3am Jam (hi-bitrate version) by themactech 13 years ago

great piece! keep up the excellent work.