50 something in fly-over country. With the exception of a Radio Shack TRS-80 I have been on a Mac all of my computer life. Bought my first, a Mac II, in October of 1988. 2 MB of RAM, 40 MB HD, 16 MHz processor and a 13" color monitor.18 years and 5 Macs later I am on a new 20" intel iMac. I will now have to test out the new iLife apps.I played guitar for two years when I was 8 years old and have forgotten everything. My teacher was my grandfather. He was a wonderful musician that could play anything with strings. He was in several Big Bands that traveled throughout the Mid-West. He played with Laurence Welk for several years before he had his TV show. He filled in on Bass for Bill Haley and the Comets one night. He was quite a guy. He also invented what is now known as the Steel Guitar. His was the Organ~tar. I still have it. You can see and read about it here.So I do have some music in my blood. For now I have limited myself to using loops but I am thinking about getting the M-Audio Keystation 49e keyboard.I hope you like my comps. Give them a listen and please leave comments.Thanks,macsnob

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Dooms Day Dancing Electronica Aug 26, 2006 1851
Bunky Flues Blues Jun 10, 2006 1380
Vet's Auditorium Live Metal May 28, 2006 1163
Sunrise Walk Rock Jan 2, 2006 1542
Quentin's Groove Electronica Jan 16, 2005 1421
70's Album Rock Rock Jan 10, 2005 1678
iCompositions Birthday Greeting Other Jan 8, 2005 1370
Techno Music Box Electronica Nov 28, 2004 1645
Southern Comfort Rock Oct 10, 2004 1399
You Bet Your Brass Jazz Aug 8, 2004 1299
Angel Face Classical Mar 27, 2004 3212
Geosynchronous Orbit Electronica Mar 18, 2004 1681
BHC4 Axel's Theme Electronica Feb 27, 2004 3581
Electric Pogo Electronica Feb 22, 2004 1657
Please Play Again Electronica Feb 14, 2004 2053
Last Call Jazz Feb 7, 2004 2051
Reaching Euphoria World Feb 6, 2004 2062
Down by the Creek (Remix) Rock Feb 3, 2004 1649
Margaritas On The Beach Ska/Reggae/Dub Feb 1, 2004 1798
Twang Thang Rock Jan 22, 2004 2803
The Dog Has Fleas (Remix) Rock Jan 22, 2004 2538


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1000 plays for another one of my comps! Thank You everyone! January 19, 2007
BHC4 Axel's Theme is the fourth comp of mine to hit 1000 plays.
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Happy Birthday to Me! November 30, 2006
48 today! smiley
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Plays vs Downloads August 2, 2006
I find it funny that there is little correlation between the two with my compositions.
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4 left to download. July 16, 2006
OK people, help me out. I have 4 compositions left that have never been downloaded. At least by the counter on iComp. Some may have been downloaded before the site re-design.
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Down load week July 12, 2006
7 downloads of my comps so far this week. A new high for me.
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